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Carpet Court have a huge range of carpet to suit every home design. When shopping for floating floors, blinds and carpet NSW homeowners find Carpet Court to be the best supplier when it comes to convenience and choice.

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Do carpets need to match the curtains?

How much does carpet laying cost in NSW?

There are several components that make up the cost of new carpet. Taken from a carpet roll which is measured in linear metres, the carpet is priced per square metre, which is one component of the total cost. You then need to consider the cost of pulling up and disposing of the old carpet, the cost of the underlay, and installation. As the carpet layer’s cost will vary depending on the scope of the job it is best determined by obtaining a quote.

The professional team at the locally owned and operated Carpet Court flooring stores near you can provide you with a free measure and quote so that you have a fixed price for the carpet you prefer, including all the variables. That’s the easy part! Before buying and installing carpet NSW homeowners have a difficult decision to make, because the range of carpet designs, fibres, pile types and colours at Australia’s largest flooring retailer is huge!

Beautiful, luxurious and timeless wool carpets are a popular option but modern synthetic fibres such as solution dyed nylon carpets trend just as strongly. When you’ve browsed the entire range of flooring products, confirmed that stylish contemporary wool carpets or soft and luxurious nylon carpets are the best flooring options for you, enlist the help and advice from the amazing team at Carpet Court to finalise your decision.

Do carpets need to match the curtains?

From the range of flooring options available at Carpet Court it might be a floating floor such as timber flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate or multi-layer hybrid which is the best flooring solution for your home. In a range of woodgrain styles and colours, floating floors are unlikely to match your curtains and carpets don’t need to either – although the tones should be complementary.

The flooring is the basis of your interior theme - the foundation from which you blend other textures and colours to complement each other. Or, it is the neutral base which quietly supports the other dominant facets of your interior design.

If you choose contrasting, neutral or complementary colour tones for your carpet and curtains your décor will flow nicely.

How to clean carpets?

How to clean carpets?

It is important to consult the manufacturer’s care and maintenance guidelines when cleaning your carpets, especially when cleaning up spills which may stain. Carpets are a substantial investment in your property, so it pays to vacuum them regularly and treat any spills promptly to ensure long term visual appeal and performance.

An occasional professional steam clean is recommended to remove ingrained dirt, dust, debris and stains. Depending on the wear and tear your carpets receive, this can be done once or twice a year, or on an as-needs basis.

The highly experienced, knowledgeable and helpful team at your local Carpet Court store are happy to provide advice regarding all aspects of carpet cleaning.

How long does it take for a carpet to dry?

Many factors influence the time needed to dry carpets. Wool carpets and synthetics such as nylon carpets may differ in the amount of drying time they need. The depth of the pile and the construction – loop, twist or cut – can also make a difference to drying time. The greatest influencing factor however is the drying conditions. If the weather is warm and you can create airflow from open windows or fans, carpets will dry quite quickly, within hours. In cold weather it is best to assist the drying process with ceiling fans and indirect heating.

Which is the best carpet supplier in NSW?

Carpet Court have a huge range of carpet to suit every home design. When shopping for floating floors, blinds and carpet NSW homeowners find Carpet Court to be the best supplier when it comes to convenience and choice.

What else makes Carpet Court the best? We are Australia’s largest flooring retailer with over 200 stores Australia wide, our stores are locally owned and operated by experienced, knowledgeable and helpful teams, the prices are budget-friendly and the quality of the extensive range of flooring and window furnishings is top notch.

To find the closest Carpet Court store near you, use the handy store locator tool. It is quick and easy to click here then enter your suburb or postcode and see the nearest showrooms to your location.