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Living Room

Living Room

Your living room flooring makes quite a statement in your home. Have you noticed how much cleaner and tidier your entire home looks when all you’ve done is vacuum the floor? The floors are such a dominant feature in a room, it is important to choose the right product to create the look and mood that you want but which also suits your lifestyle. Carpet has the ability to create a glamorous, formal living room ambience or a relaxed, friendly, casual-living kind of vibe, depending on the fibre, colour and type of pile you choose.

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  1. Carpet_Alpine_Retreat
    Carpet Alpine Retreat
  2. carpet_antilles_twist
    Carpet Antilles Twist
  3. carpet-atwood-ii-Baccio
    Carpet Atwood II
  4. carpet_audition
    Carpet Audition
  5. carpet_avallon
    Carpet Avallon
  6. Carpet_Avant_Garde
    Carpet Avant Garde
  7. carpet_bakers_creek
    Carpet Bakers Creek
  8. Carpet_Barron_Falls_Honeycomb
    Carpet Barron Falls
  9. carpet_borneo
    Carpet Borneo
  10. carpet_charming
    Carpet Charming
  11. carpet_classic_soft
    Carpet Classic Soft
  12. carpet_coastal_hues
    Carpet Coastal Hues
  13. carpet_country_texture
    Carpet Country Texture
  14. Defined Charm
    Carpet Defined Charm
  15. carpet_doncaster
    Carpet Doncaster
  16. carpet_dreamtime
    Carpet Dreamtime
  17. carpet_edge
    Carpet Edge
  18. Carpet_Eramosa_Tropical_Cyclone
    Carpet Eramosa
  19. carpet_essex_place
    Carpet Essex Place
  20. carpet_far_north
    Carpet Far North
  21. carpet_first_avenue
    Carpet First Avenue
  22. carpet_ginkgo
    Carpet Ginkgo II
  23. carpet_glenwillow
    Carpet Glenwillow II