Carpet for your Room

Carpet for your Room

Carpet Court is Australia’s largest flooring retailer with over 200 locally owned and operated stores. When you are installing or replacing the flooring in your home, it is nice to know that you can select different flooring products for a variety of rooms in your house from one flooring retailer. Perhaps you would like a floating timber, laminate, hybrid, vinyl or bamboo floor in your living areas and carpet in your bedrooms. As your one-stop flooring shop Carpet Court can easily supply and install both products. While carpet is also a highly popular choice for living areas, we can also consider the benefits of carpet in specific rooms in the house.

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What should you consider when choosing carpet for your rooms?

It is important to select the right carpet product for the specific requirements of each room. Consider things like how much foot traffic occurs in that room. If it is a room such as a hallway, staircase or family room then how a carpet performs in relation to wear, crush and stain resistance will be important.

If it is a room where spills are likely to occur, such as a children’s playroom, family room or meals area, the ease of cleaning along with the degree of soiling and stain resistance are key performance criteria against which to assess various carpets.

Are you carpeting a formal lounge and dining room where there is little traffic and aesthetics is crucial? If so, the fibre and pile construction are important here too. For a formal room, a twist carpet provides an elegant and sophisticated ambience. A loop pile may be better suited to a casual family room, but then it also depends on individual taste.

Answers to these questions will help you determine which type, style, fibre and colour carpet will be ideal for specific rooms in the house.

What carpet can make a room look bigger?

The beauty of choosing carpet for your home is that you have a greater range of colours to choose from than you do with some hard flooring products.

When you are trying to achieve a specific look with carpet, such as making a room look bigger, it can be helpful to use Carpet Court’s innovative Style Visualiser to envisage how a particular carpet colour may look in a room.

What to consider when choosing carpet for your rooms

While the colour of the carpet can have an effect on how big a room looks, you may also want to consider the type of carpet pile, being either loop, plush or twist. Plush carpets have a sleek, uniform look which, when combined with a light colour, can make a room seem bigger.

Imagine a room carpeted in the heavenly Cloud Walk collection in the fresh, uplifting shade of Pearlite. In a plain, plush construction the durable synthetic Triexta fibres in Pearlite can create a sense of endless, light, fluffy clouds floating across your floor.

Just as dark paint can close a room in and light paint can give an impression of more space, carpet will do the same, especially in a room where there is little natural light. Combining a light carpet such as Cloud Walk’s Pearlite with crisp, white paint will certainly create a sense of space in any room.

What is the best carpet for high traffic rooms? 

Synthetic carpets are manufactured to withstand the wear and tear that occurs in high traffic areas of the house.

Polypropylene is a highly durable synthetic fibre often used in rental properties because of its ability to withstand frequent cleaning. Polypropylene is not known for its softness however, so it may not be the best choice for a long-term home.

Hardwearing nylon carpets are designed and manufactured with superior resiliency and elasticity so they will retain their shape when crushed underfoot or stretched by furniture.

Advancements in technology and manufacturing means that both nylon and polyester carpets are now available in incredibly soft and luxurious piles while retaining their durability and resilience. They also have built-in stain resistance as spills and soiling usually occurs in rooms with the highest foot traffic such as family rooms.

Of course quality wool carpets have stood the test of time and remain an excellent, natural choice even in high traffic rooms.

What is the softest kind of carpet for your room?The best carpet for high traffic rooms

While synthetic fibres are renowned for their superior resistance to wear, soiling, fading and crushing, innovative technology such as that used with Triexta fibres means that these carpets are incredibly soft and comfortable underfoot.

The divinely soft Adeline synthetic carpet is made from polyester. It delivers luxurious pampering to your deserving feet while creating a sophisticated, designer ambience in a choice of ten delightfully on-trend colours.

How can you get a quote for your room?

The best way to ascertain which of Carpet Court’s many carpets are within your budget is to ask for a free, in-home measure and quote. Book a free, in-home measure and quote online or phone 1300 CARPET to speak with your nearest store in either VICNSWQLDACTWA, NT or SA today.