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As the largest flooring retailer in SA with over 200 stores Australia-wide, Carpet Court enjoy fantastic bulk buying power and pass those savings onto their customers. This means you can easily find beautifully soft and luxurious bargain carpets for your bedrooms!

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How to buy carpets for home?

When choosing new carpets for your home you want to shop at a store with a vast selection of floor coverings to choose from. Consider whether you want carpet throughout your home, or whether a practical flooring solution for your living areas might be also be vinyl flooring, laminate flooring or perhaps even timber flooring?

At Carpet Court’s network of owner-operated stores throughout SA you will find an extensive range of flooring solutions including luxurious, resilient and stain resistant carpets in contemporary and traditional designs and colours. And right alongside is a diverse collection of timber flooring products, including popular laminate flooring and affordable vinyl flooring. It’s a tough decision!

When you’ve considered the options, timeless, comfortable, long-wearing carpets are a great choice if you want to add value to your home while improving insulation and comfort under foot. In modern styles made from incredibly resilient, high-performing wool or synthetic fibres, stylish new carpets can transform your home with fresh and stylish appeal. But which of the many carpets available is the right one to buy?

Consider your home environment and your lifestyle, along with your budget when deciding on the right carpet for your home. Of course if you need help with your decision the expert team at your local SA Carpet Court store is on hand to provide all the advice and information you need to ensure you choose the best carpet for your needs. 

The Carpet Court flooring gurus can show you their range of affordable carpets and help you with important information for the ongoing care of your new carpets, such as guidance regarding carpet cleaning.

How to maintain carpet?

How much for bedroom carpet SA?

As the largest flooring retailer in SA with over 200 stores Australia-wide, Carpet Court enjoy fantastic bulk buying power and pass those savings onto their customers. This means you can easily find beautifully soft and luxurious bargain carpets for your bedrooms!

Of course the prices vary depending on the size of the area to be carpeted and which carpet you choose. To narrow down your options before you obtain a free measure and quote, browse Carpet Court’s stunning carpet selection online. Choose your favourite colours within the affordable carpet designs and enter an approximate room size to see an estimate of the cost of the carpet for that room, minus the installation and underlay costs of course.

When you’ve narrowed down the fabulous choices, visit your local store – click here to find the closest to your location – and check out the feel and look of the carpet in person. The final step? Obtain that free measure and quote to finalise the cost then book it in! You’re on your way to revamping your bedrooms and creating the warm and luxurious boudoir you desire!

How to maintain carpet?

Your beautiful new carpets will come with the manufacturer’s care and maintenance guidelines. As different carpet fibres require different cleaning methods, it is wise to follow the directions if spills occur.

Carpet cleaning is simple if you give your carpets a regular vacuum to remove dust and dirt particles, pet hair and regular household debris. Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter is a great way to remove allergens if you have family members suffering from asthma or allergies, and a thorough steam clean by a professional carpet cleaner once or twice a year will help to prolong the life of your carpets especially in high traffic zones such as living areas.

Many of today’s modern stain resistant carpet fibres are also manufactured to be colourfast and fade resistant, but if yours are not it is wise to maintain your carpets by protecting them from direct UV rays with sun-filtering blinds or curtains from Carpet Court.

How to dry carpet?

How to dry carpet?

That depends how wet your carpet is. If your carpets are saturated, it is best to contact a professional for help but if you’re trying to dry the carpets more quickly after steam cleaning or spot cleaning then a fan, aircon or a space heater will help. If the weather is warm and sunny open doors and windows and allow as much sun in to aid the drying process with warmth and airflow.

Where can I buy quality carpet in SA?

Carpet Court have many carpet shops throughout the whole of SA owned and operated by knowledgeable, experienced and hardworking local South Aussies. Their combined industry knowledge is a great help when trying to choose quality carpet from the extensive range of floor coverings available.

If you’re unsure where the nearest Carpet Court showroom is to you, simply click here and enter your postcode or suburb to discover the closest stores to your location. Visit the team and chat to them about installing gorgeous, value-adding, super luxurious yet affordable carpets in your home today.