With a well-earned reputation for being supremely luxurious and resilient, timeless wool carpets are always a popular choice. But advanced technology and manufacturing techniques have created modern synthetic carpets which are also beautifully tactile, incredibly resilient and just as visually stunning as traditional wool.

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  1. carpet_antilles_twist
    Carpet Antilles Twist
  2. carpet-atwood-ii-Baccio
    Carpet Atwood II
  3. carpet_coastal_hues
    Carpet Coastal Hues
  4. Defined Charm
    Carpet Defined Charm
  5. carpet_far_north
    Carpet Far North
  6. carpet_hawksview
    Carpet Hawksview
  7. carpet_everstrand_lucky_charm
    Carpet Lucky Charm
  8. carpet_natural_formations
    Carpet Natural Formations
  9. carpet_parklife
    Carpet Parklife
  10. carpet_lifestyle_passionate
    Carpet Passionate
  11. Carpet_Shetland_Bay_Silver_Frost
    Carpet Shetland Bay
  12. Carpet_Universal_Eggshell
    Carpet Universal
  13. carpet_wayfarer_pacific
    Carpet Wayfarer
  14. carpet_borneo
    Carpet Borneo
  15. carpet_audition
    Carpet Audition
  16. carpet_studio_style
    Carpet Studio Style
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Do carpets need to match the curtains?

How to choose the best carpet?

So how to choose which is the best? Visit the professional team at your locally owned and operated Carpet Court store to see their range of flooring products and receive expert advice on the best carpet for you. Factors you should consider when choosing new carpet include how much foot traffic it will receive, whether it will be subject to the daily activities of pets and small children, how much direct sunlight it might receive, and whether the home is in a cold climate and therefore requires good insulation.

Of course there are other factors to decide, besides the practicalities. Today’s wool, wool blend and synthetic carpets come in a huge choice of designs, textures and colours – providing great options to create an aesthetic which works beautifully in your environment. Do you want your flooring to make a statement, to be a standout feature? Or should it quietly provide a tasteful base for other more dominant features in the room? If you have trouble deciding, some Carpet Court stores provide an interior design consultation service which you can utilise, but all stores have knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff who are well equipped to help you make those decisions.

How often should you replace carpet?

Carpets are a great flooring option if longevity is high on your list of flooring must-haves, but to continue performing well they should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, and cleaned regularly. With care your carpets will last for many years, providing a warm, soft and stylish base for your home.

The time to replace carpet is when it has worn or become a trip or slip hazard in the home or business environment. Carpet on staircases should definitely be replaced before it becomes worn or ripped to avoid an accident.

How to clean carpets?

How much is carpet installation in Sydney?

The cost to install carpet in Sydney is determined by the size of the space you intend to carpet. The easiest way to find out what new carpet would cost installed in your home or business environment is by obtaining a free measure and quote from Carpet Court.

Our range of quality flooring products includes commercial carpets, carpet tiles, quality carpets to suit any budget, floor rugs, natural timber flooring, laminate flooring, all forms of vinyl flooring and much more. The installation cost of any of these products is largely determined by the size of the space being covered.

Chat to the helpful team at your local store about the range of carpeting products available and how Carpet Court can help by supplying and installing new carpets in your commercial or residential properties.

Where to buy carpet in Sydney?

Carpet Court have a huge range of carpeting to suit every style and taste, budget, home design and commercial environment in Sydney. With over 200 stores Australia wide and a huge number in Sydney, Carpet Court have fantastic bulk-buying power, enabling them to provide quality carpets and flooring products at competitive prices.

A vast network of stores provides you with the ultimate convenience and the magnitude of Carpet Court’s huge range of floor coverings means you have the best possible choice.

To find your closest Carpet Court store use the handy store locator tool. Enter your suburb or postcode to see a list of the nearest exciting showrooms to your location.