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Fabulously fresh and cool, the Casper range of custom panel glide and roller blinds is stunning in its simplicity. Elegance abounds in the subtle swirls and textures, adding visual depth and designer to your windows.

Fabulously fresh and cool, the Casper range of custom panel glide and roller blinds is stunning in its simplicity. Elegance abounds in the subtle swirls and textures, adding visual depth and designer style to your windows.

Type Blinds
Features Transparent
Blinds Type Roller, Panel

Warranty Information

Please check your warranty information with your retailer.

Care Instructions

Please refer to your product guide or store for the best advice on how to care for your window coverings.

The heavenly Casper blind fabric

If you are shopping for quality blinds for your home or office, you can’t go past Carpet Court’s extensive selection of custom-made roman, vertical, venetian, roller and panel glide blinds. With over two hundred locally owned and operated stores Australia wide, your local store is sure to have the perfect blind best suited to transform your home or office.

Sometimes when we redecorate one area of our home, we find that remaining areas look tired and shabby, or out-of-date in comparison. Once you’ve installed stunning new blinds throughout your interior you may find your floors are in need of an upgrade too.

Carpet Court are the largest flooring retailer in Australia, so we can help not just with your new blinds, but with your new floors as well. See our range of luxurious carpets or peruse our extensive selection of timber, laminate, bamboo, vinyl or hybrid floors and transform your home with fresh new blinds and stunning new floors.

One of our light filtering blinds highly popular due to its simplicity and elegance, is the Casper fabric. Casper is available in four heavenly designs, all in white, and made from a durable polyester, cotton, and viscose blend.

Some fabrics are manufactured in limited styles of blind due to their unique properties. The gorgeous Casper fabric is available in a roller blind, also known as a holland blind, and a panel glide blind.

What are panel glide blinds?

Panel glide blinds make a bold statement in any room. They are similar to a vertical blind but with a chic, modern impression due to their wide panels and uncluttered appearance. Unlike vertical blinds, panel glide blinds have no chains and are operated by a simple wand, making them the ideal blind for a home with young children. They slide across the door or window cavity to stack on top of one another in a tidy, space-saving manner.

In the delightfully fresh Casper fabric your panel glide blind will create a cool, contemporary feel while providing privacy, filtered light and protecting your home’s interior from the sun’s harmful rays.

Fully open, a panel glide blind allows maximum visibility through your door or window. They are the perfect accompaniment to a sliding door or window as their sideways opening style allows easy access and doesn’t block airflow.

What colours and patterns are available in Casper?

A light filtering blind in the Casper fabric is available only in white as the name would suggest. The crisp white colour complements Casper’s distinctly modern yet simple designs and perfectly blends with your contemporary home style. In differing decor Casper provides a zesty, fresh vibe to any home or office.

Like an elegant sauvignon blanc, Casper brings freshness to your room in a crisp cool way. In the Dandelion pattern it introduces a subtle texture and pleasing simplicity, while the Ribbons design has swirling movement and enhanced white colour tones. Hatch and Swirl are textured, linear designs adding a sense of fun and friskiness to your decorating style.

Requesting a quote for your custom-made blinds

When you order custom-made blinds from Carpet Court you can relax knowing they will be measured and made to fit with your specific windows and doors. If you choose to purchase ready-made, off-the-shelf blinds from other retailers there is an element of risk even though they are deemed to be for standard window sizes.

Your Carpet Court custom blinds will fit your doors and windows exactly, to the centimetre, leaving no unsightly gaps for light and heat transmission to occur.

When you request a free in-home measure and quote with one of Carpet Court’s window specialists, you can also discuss the co-ordination of your blind’s accessories like tracks, pelmets, wands and bottom rails on roller blinds.

Sometimes, when a window dressing specialist sees the environment in which your intended blinds will be installed, they may offer further options to best suit your lifestyle, home design and décor. Obtaining an in-home measure and quote provides further opportunity to discuss these options with Carpet Court’s friendly and helpful staff.

Once made, your beautiful new blinds will then be expertly installed by Carpet Court’s tradespeople, so you can be assured that your budget won’t be blown by unexpected issues which can arise when you attempt installation of ready-made blinds yourself.

To arrange a free in-home measure and quote, phone 1300 CARPET, or visit your local Carpet Court store.

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