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Colonial Plus

Material cost

Please select a colour first and then a room size below for an estimate of material cost only.

Please note that any costs provided on this website are intended to be a guide only. For carpet and flooring, these are based on preset room sizes and do not include underlay, installation or freight.

For an accurate quote, please contact your local store.

Colonial offers the perfect balance by cleverly combining the natural elegance of Australian wood with the contemporary look of laminate. The unique groove design mimics the character of solid wood and each plank offers a distinctive design feature.

Type Laminate
Length 2050mm
Width 156mm
Thickness 9.5mm
Budget N/A

Warranty Information

All Quick-Step laminate flooring is sold with a 25 year residential wear warranty from the date of purchase.
The warranty covers wear through of the surface of the floor (show through of the HDF core) in an single area greater than 1cm² within 25 years. Quick Step laminate flooring installation instructions must be followed closely when installing your Quick-Step floor and Quick-Step laminate flooring care & maintenance guidelines should be followed at all times after your flooring is installed. Installation instructions can be found inside each pack of Quick-Step flooring and care & maintenance guidelines can be obtained by contacting your Quick-Step retailer (place of purchase) at any time.

The full brochure can be viewed and downloaded here.

Care Instructions

Keeping your internal environment “laminate friendly” is important. The area should be well ventilated, occupied and protected from extreme sunlight and extreme swings of humidity and temperature. Failure to provide such an environment can lead to fading, excessive expansion / contraction (gaps) or noisy floors. More detailed information on caring for your laminate floor can be found and downloaded here.

What are the unique features of Quick-Step Colonial Plus laminate flooring?

Quick-Step Colonial Plus laminate flooring creates a perfect balance by bringing together the natural splendour of four popular and elegant Australian hard woods, which are created with incredible realism and variation between the planks for a super realistic finish. Plus the unique groove design creates a seamless appearance of solid timber floors in your home.

What hardwood grains feature in Quick-Step Colonial Plus laminate floating floors?

The unique groove design in the Quick-Step Colonial Plus laminate floors mimics the character of solid wood with a distinctive design feature evident in each of the floating floorboards.

Colonial Plus floating flooring in Sydney Blue Gum feature a fairly straight grain texture with a reddish-brown hue to create an rich, elegant impression. Beautiful Blackbutt is also generally straight-grained with a warm, golden brown shade which appears both sophisticated and robust. In Jarrah there is an interesting wavy grain in rich medium red to dark red shades, creating timber-look floating floors suitable for the most elegant of homes.

Always a favourite, Colonial Plus laminate floating floors in the ever-popular Spotted Gum features a distinctive flowing grain in which blends a stunning mixture of pale and dark, earthy brown shades.

Can laminate floating flooring be installed on top of my existing floor?

Yes, this is possible, but bear in mind that the exact installation method depends on which type of floor you want to install your laminate floors above.

Some floor coverings are best removed first, but if you currently have a damp-sealed floor covering such as PV, linoleum, VCT etc, it won’t need to be removed, but a Quick-Step levelling underlay should be installed first.

If you want to install Quick-Step Colonial Plus laminate over a wooden subfloor, you will have to remove every existing floor covering first. It’s important to note that no signs of moisture, mould and and/or insect infestations should be present, the subfloor is level and that any loose parts have been nailed down.

While floating floors are often a DIY project, if you intend to install a floating floor above an existing floor it may be best to utilise the experts at Carpet Court to ensure a professional finish. We are always happy to provide advice and information, so if you have specific questions please contact your nearest local store by calling 1300 CARPET.

Whoops. I’ve stained my laminate floating floors! What should I do?

No matter how careful you are, we know that accidents can happen. That’s why Quick-Step Colonial Plus laminate floating flooring is specifically designed for the way we live today.

Should a spill occur, we recommend you clean up the stain as soon as possible. Don’t wait too long to remove as much dirt as you can by rubbing a clean paper towel or rag over the stain. Follow this with a quick vacuum or sweep to remove grit or potentially scratchy objects, and then give the floor a wipe with damp mop or cloth.

If you’re dealing with more difficult and persistent stains, such as marker, paint or even scuff marks, water might not do the trick, but acetone definitely will. Just put a little acetone on a rag and rub the rag over the stain but take care not to get the acetone into the joints of the laminate boards.

Your new floating flooring will come with a warranty and manufacturer’s maintenance and care instructions. Always follow these instructions when cleaning up spills and stains.

Will Quick-Step Colonial Plus laminate floating floors last?

Created by the meshing of four unique layers, the Quick-Step Colonial Plus range is perfectly solid, with an exceptional level of durability designed to withstand all the rigours of daily family life wear and tear.

Can I install of Quick-Step Colonial Plus laminate floating flooring in my kitchen?

Yes of course. As with all the floating floors in the Quick-Step laminate range, the Colonial Plus collection has a scratch and wear resistant 'Scratch Guard' surface layer, which makes it the perfect choice for your kitchen as well.

Of course, as the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, the laminate floor in your kitchen will have to be cleaned more frequently and more intensively than in some other rooms. However, there's really no need to wash the floor; in fact, we recommend against this. The sealed surface structure prevents dirt and dust from attaching to the floor so usually a quick sweep with a microfibre cloth or indoor broom will generally be sufficient.

For expert advice about installing laminate floating floors in your home speak with a friendly Carpet Court representative at your local store. They will be happy to discuss your requirements to determine the best product for your environment, lifestyle and budget. To arrange a free, in-home measure and quote, click here

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