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Get inspired by the Colour Play Trend 

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Colour Play is all about having confidence in your own style and treating your interiors with a sense of fun. It will inspire the individuals who like to be just that – individual. There are no real rules in Colour Play, except perhaps, ‘more is more’ and ‘if it makes you happy, then it belongs.’

Colour Play enables and encourages people to be creative, brave and unique in every room of their home. It’s inspired by current fashion trends – where pattern clashes and unexpected colour combinations have become almost mainstream. Colour has had a big renaissance in fashion, from high end through to high street, so it’s natural that this will flow through to our interiors.

Colour Play is undoubtably a response to the popularity of the pared-back, minimalist Scandi look that has been popular for a few years. It also flies in the face of the Marie Kondo craze, being exuberant and fun

Get the Colour Play Look

Colour Play is bright, unrestrained and maximalist. Imagine a mix of checks and florals, brights and pastels, old and new – they all have a place here. It’s artistic, creative, joyous and as the name suggests, playful. The Colour Playroom is not for someone who takes things too seriously and you can adopt as little or as much of the look as you like. The Colour Playroom is heavily accessorised with pops of colour through furniture, art and accessories.

Just as it is in clothing fashion, home styles are cyclical and what goes around comes around. We’ve seen a lot of restrained colour and material palettes in recent years, and whilst they are still very relevant and popular, there is a new wave of colour hungry consumers who take delight in discovering new and unexpected colour combinations and creating looks to suit their individual style.

How to complement the Colour Play Trend

The Colour Play lounge and home office/creative studio space features the beautiful and versatile Carpet Court Laneway plank vinyl floor in White Oak. It’s the perfect bright base on which to layer colour and pattern as the light will reflect up off it to make them really sing. 

In both the lounge and the studio space we chose vibrant rugs from Carpet Court’s Botanical range, which picked up on the colours in the blinds, wall paint, wallpaper and the furniture – they were critical in pulling the look together.

In the bedroom we selected the dreamy pink Bubble Gum from Carpet Court’s Hideaway Lodge range. Not only is it beautifully soft underfoot, the colour is perfect for promoting rest and a sense of sanctuary in a bedroom. It is also the perfect counterpoint to the vibrant walls and intense pattern of the wallpaper.

Our choice of window furnishings reflected the spirit of the Colour Play look, which is one of confidence and of a desire to stand out from the everyday. Carpet Court’s Dawn Mini Roller Blinds provided a clean, sophisticated look, but the choice of mid-green Apple Fizz took us into wonderfully colour confident territory. The Apple Fizz also worked beautifully with the outside greenery.

As Colour Play is all about the mix, then it stands that it will work across all architectural styles.  Modernist homes with loads of natural light will look incredible, but more traditional rooms will also benefit from the injection of colour that Colour Play brings.

Styling tips for Colour Play

  • Proceed with confidence and always remember that you are decorating your home for you and your family to enjoy, not for others.
  • Look for interesting shapes and colours.
  • Consider re-upholstering antique and vintage styles of furniture in bright colours.
  • Remember that florals, checks, plaids, patterns and stripes can be combined beautifully.
  • Bright flowers will always add another layer of colour – choose unexpected varieties.
  • Use open shelves to display your much-loved treasures.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix furniture and accessories from different eras, this is key to creating the look.
  • Mix modern and traditional art.

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Get the Look

  1. Laneway Vinyl in White Oak
  2. Roller Blinds in Apple Fizz
  3. Botanical Rug in Aztec Cream
  4. Carpet Hideaway Lodge in Bubblegum
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