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Comet II


Make your windows the star of any room with the spectacular Comet range. Styled with finesse, the earthy colour palette is enhanced by the intricate textural finish, giving both the blockout and translucent blinds a unique designer aesthetic.

Make your windows the star of any room with the spectacular Comet range. Styled with finesse, the earthy colour palette is enhanced by the intricate textural finish, giving both the blockout and translucent blinds a unique designer aesthetic.

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Care Instructions

Please refer to your product guide or store for the best advice on how to care for your window coverings.

What’s the Best Way to Use Carpet Court’s Comet II Fabric?

Comets are fiery balls of rock, ice, dust and gas hurtling around in the hemisphere and occasionally zipping across our star-filled night skies in a spectacular fashion. On rare occasions they collide with the earth’s atmosphere, usually breaking up upon entry, but sometimes hitting the ground with great impact.

Carpet Court’s blind fabric which has aptly been named the Comet II, is one such fabric capable of attracting attention and creating a lasting impression with its striking presence.

What are the features of the Comet II fabric?

Aside from its obvious star quality, the Comet II impresses with its unique textured pattern which is neither linear nor entirely scattered, but slightly resembling a night sky where a hint of lighter foreground sits randomly against a rich background.

Available in both block-out and translucent blinds, the Comet II is well equipped to meet your every home-styling need and is available to be custom-made into a panel glide, roman or roller blind providing style choices to suit a variety of windows and budgets.

The translucent Comet II fabric provides the benefit of a sunscreen where it is most needed, protecting floors and furniture from the suns damaging rays. A translucent blind also gives privacy but allows a diffused light to keep your rooms light, bright and welcoming during the day.

Combining the translucent roller blind with a block-out roller blind – either mounted separately or on a duo bracket – provides the ultimate in privacy, temperature control, light control and aesthetic beauty.

If you have large windows or glass door openings the panel glide blind may be your choice of blind or if you are drawn to the soft folds of the vertically-lifting roman blind, that may be the blind best suited to your window canvas.

Which colours does Comet II come in?

Inspired by a palette of eight neutral yet powerful colours, the Comet II colour scheme will enhance your home décor with its heavenly qualities and cosmic power.

The bold depths of Charcoal and Pewter provide the greatest light and dark contrast within the textural fibres, perfect where a strong statement window canvas is desired. Stone and Bisque are the rock-like components of the comet which, along with Moose’s comforting brown shade, introduce slightly earthier hues known for their ability to blend so easily into a natural palette. Pebble, White and Snow are your options for blending with your myriad of whites which give your home a fresh, crisp appeal popular in today’s modern décor.

Current home decorating trends are favouring neutral colour palettes brought to life by expert touches and accessories. Carpet Court’s sensational block-out and translucent Comet II range is in demand by home stylists who love to create a mixture of moods and impressions with contemporary neutrals, subtle tones and interesting textures.

How would a Comet II translucent roller blind fit with a block-out roller blind?

Combining a translucent blind which can be mounted inside a window cavity and a block-out blind mounted on the wall or architrave of your window cavity can be an effective way to dress your windows and glass doors. Taking into account the space available, the blinds can be forward or backward rolled off the cylinder. Carpet Court also have different sized cylinders to cater for every space requirement.

A duo bracket can fix two blinds to one bracket, providing an alternative to the separate mounting method.

Can I have a translucent roller blind with a panel glide or roman blind?

Provided there is space available within the window cavity for the translucent blind and outside the window cavity for a panel glide or roman blind, this is not a problem. Panel glide blinds slide across a track and can stack in front of the wall alongside the door or window if required.

Roman blinds lift vertically but mounting them on the architrave or above the window cavity allows for the presence of a translucent blind within the cavity. A pelmet can be used to provide finishing touches and added insulation.

Are blinds with chain controls a safe choice for my family?

Australian safety standards regulate the use of fixed chain retainer brackets to ensure the utmost safety within the home. Retainer brackets secure the chains against your wall or frame to prevent tangling and hazardous risks. Your experienced Carpet Choice installer will ensure compliance with all mandatory safety regulations. To find out more, book a free measure and quote today.

How should I clean my Comet II fabric blind?

Carpet Court recommend using a professional blind cleaning service. When your custom-made blind is installed care instructions will be provided in the event that you want to undertake spot-cleaning yourself.

Further information on how to care for your new blinds can be obtained from your nearest Carpet Court customer service representative by calling 13 CARPET.

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