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The Cordoba range of panel glide, roller and roman blinds are styled with a distinctive vertical pattern that elongates your windows and adds visual depth and intricacy to the design. Choose from a striking colour palette and two unique patterns.

The Cordoba range of panel glide, roller and roman blinds are styled with a distinctive vertical pattern that elongates your windows and adds visual depth and intricacy to the design. Choose from a striking colour palette and two unique patterns.

Type Blinds
Features Blackout, Transparent
Blinds Type Roller, Roman, Panel
Width N/A

Warranty Information

Please check your warranty information with your retailer.

Care Instructions

Please refer to your product guide or store for the best advice on how to care for your window coverings.

The Versatile Cordoba Blind Fabric

With over two hundred locally-owned and operated stores across Australia, Carpet Court are sure to have the perfect solution to your window-covering dilemma. While we are recognised as Australia’s largest carpet and flooring retailer, we also have an extensive range of quality window coverings designed to enhance any home décor.

Browse online or visit one of our many showrooms to help you decide whether venetian, panel glide, vertical, roman or roller blinds are the perfect window covering for your home or office. We also have plantation shutters – a classic, timeless and versatile product which is a popular choice for many due to its fashionable presence and durable qualities. At Carpet Court we provide expert advice and home styling tools to help you choose which product will best suit your home, lifestyle and window canvas.

Interior designers and home stylists are currently favouring neutral, earthy colour palettes providing scope for textures, patterns and styles to make a statement in home décor trends.

Available in several stunning, natural shades with a contrasting vertical pattern to provide interest, our Cordoba blind fabric creates a chic yet sophisticated ambience in any room.

While panel glide, roman or roller blinds in the exquisite Cordoba fabric will create a tasteful ambience in keeping with your chosen décor, they will also provide privacy and insulation while protecting your floors and furniture from damaging UV rays.

Depending on your requirements and the age and style of your home, roman or roller blinds may provide the look and functionality you require but particularly suited to large windows and glass doors is a modern take on the classic vertical blind - the bold and the beautiful panel glide blind.

The Cordoba fabric is ideal for panel glide blinds

In the delightful Cordoba fabric, panel glide blinds provide an upbeat tempo and a sleek, modern vibe to today’s open-plan, spacious homes. With a selective colour choice you can create a point of interest alongside an expanse of neutral wall without resorting to costly solutions such as wallpaper or textured paint.

When not in use panel glide blinds slide across and stack neatly against the wall, providing maximum access to your glass doors and allowing the full capacity of natural light through your windows.

Unlike vertical blinds, panel glide blinds are controlled by a wand, not a chain, making them safe and secure in the family home.

What colours does the Cordoba fabric come in?

The Cordoba fabric is available in several shades reflecting the natural environment. For a bold statement where the imprinted pattern is most visible, choose from the deep, dark and mysterious shades of Ash or Ebony. The pure beauty of Ivory and Snow offer a subtle presence to meld seamlessly with your décor while Shark and Fog bring some depth and contrasting tones with a slightly more understated impact than the darker shades.

Each of these tasteful colours will complement the colour palette of your room providing a refined backdrop to your home decorating style.

What sort of material is the Cordoba fabric?

Your panel glide, roman or roller blind in the Cordoba fabric is a blockout blind, designed to provide practical benefits such as blocking light and heat. Cordoba blinds will help to insulate your home from hot and cold temperature extremes and prevent floors and furniture from fading in UV light.

Equally suitable for living or sleeping spaces, this versatile fabric will enhance the ambience of any room. The textured material has both a lined vertical pattern to give the impression of height and a contrasting leaf-like design creating a sense of softness and gentle movement.

The linear pattern is well suited to the style of a panel glide or vertical blind.

What are the benefits of vertical blinds?

Carpet Court’s vertical blinds slide and stack neatly within the window or door frame, as opposed to the panel glide blind which stacks alongside the window or door frame. Both blinds provide unencumbered access to glass doors or window openings.  

Vertical blinds are an affordable, practical and popular option for many homes and businesses. They allow maximum airflow through the open window or door while filtering light and providing some screening benefits. The capacity to open them fully or partially provides complete control of the amount of light, heat and privacy you desire.

Across a sliding door a vertical blind operates easily via a chain control. Our chain-controlled vertical blinds are installed by professional installation experts and comply with mandatory Australian safety standards. They use a fixed chain retainer bracket thereby ensuring ultimate safety for your family.

Requesting a quote

There is much to consider when you install blinds or curtains in your existing or newly-built home or office. When choosing the style, fabric and colour, consideration must also be given to your budget.

When you arrange a free measure and quote online, you can discuss all the window dressing options with a friendly Carpet Court representative once your appointment is made. When they attend your home at to provide a free measure and quote, you will have further opportunity to ascertain which style, colour and fabric blind will best suit your home, lifestyle and budget.

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