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Cornerstone Aria Solarscreen


Manufactured with superior quality solarscreen material, the Aria Solarscreen collection is one of the most efficient ways to control the heat & glare in your home. Designed to block out up to 95% of UV rays, the contemporary colour palette enhances any decor.

Manufactured with superior quality solarscreen material, the Aria Solarscreen collection is one of the most efficient ways to control the heat & glare in your home. Designed to block out up to 95% of UV rays, the contemporary colour palette enhances any decor.

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Cornerstone Aria Solarscreen Blinds

A ‘cornerstone’ is typically a foundation stone in a building, usually set as a single, solid base from which the rest of the building is created. Such is the strength of Carpet Court’s Cornerstone Aria fabric, offering durability and a solid foundation upon which your interior design theme can blossom.

The Cornerstone Aria fabric is available in blockout and solarscreen materials which are both practical and effective window coverings whilst adding beauty and glamour to your home décor. A range of stunning contemporary colours compliment the durable finish providing long lasting, fashionable blinds for many years to come.

Depending on your lifestyle and the design of your home, choose your Cornerstone Aria Blackout blind in a panel glide, roller or vertical style of blind and the Cornerstone Aria Solarscreen in a roller, roman or panel glide blind.

The blackout blind will provide the benefits of ultimate light exclusion in the zones where you most need it, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and home theatres. The solarscreen blind will provide you with privacy while allowing light but simultaneous protection from damaging UV rays and the sun’s glare.

Panel Glide Blinds

If you are looking for a modern glass door or window covering with excellent functionality, Carpet Court’s panel glide blinds in the Cornerstone Aria Solarscreen fabric are a versatile addition to any room of the house but especially suited to large doors and windows in vast, open spaces.

A panel glide blind is a contemporary version of the popular vertical blind but with much wider panels, often chosen for use with sliding, french or bifold doors and large windows. Panel glide blinds are operated by a wand control and can slide across to stack neatly against the wall, providing full access and visibility to your doors or windows. This method is known as an ‘outside mount.’ Panel glide blinds can also be installed as an ‘inside mount’, but ‘outside mount’ is recommended.

You can pair your panel glide blind with a roller or roman blind or another panel glide blind if both solarscreen and blockout blinds are required.

Somehow both understated yet striking, panel glide blinds can blend with your home décor colour scheme to provide an effective window covering which is quite unobtrusive when opened. When closed, the Cornerstone Aria Solarscreen panel glide blind in a bold or contrasting colour to your décor is a stunning, contemporary presence in the room.

Which colours are Cornerstone Aria Solarscreen blinds available in?

Choose from a range of stunning, contemporary colours which will complement any home décor. The colour palette of the Cornerstone Aria Solarscreen blind provides options to meld your door or window dressings gently into your background colour scheme or to provide a striking backdrop or feature in the room.

The rich tones of Bronze, Black and Charcoal add depth and contrast to a neutral décor and are popular choices for their ability to bring a contemporary feel to any room. White and Grey have cool undertones which can bring a multi-faceted approach to the on-trend fusion of many light, neutral shades while the comforting hue which has been aptly named Sand offers a soft, warm hue just as it does along our glorious coastlines.

What are the features of solarscreen material?

Carpet Court’s solarscreen blinds are manufactured with superior materials designed specifically to block out up to 95% of damaging UV rays. While protecting your furniture and floors from UV damage, they are also an effective insulator against heat and cold helping to reduce your energy consumption costs.

Solarscreen blinds are easy to clean, durable, resilient and while they have many practical benefits they are also an attractive enhancement to your home’s interior design.

They allow maximum natural light into your home but restrict the penetration of damaging UV rays and annoying sun glare. They team up well with the Cornerstone Aria blackout blinds in rooms such as home theatres, where light and sun glare are most obtrusive.

Do solarscreen blinds block UV rays?

Yes, in fact the most effective way to protect your expensive flooring and furniture from damage caused by the sun’s UV rays is to install solarscreen blinds on your large windows and glass door openings. The Cornerstone Aria Solarscreen fabric blocks up to 95% of damaging UV rays.

Can solarscreen blinds control heat and glare?

Absolutely. It is estimated that up to a third of your home’s heat loss can occur through glass doors and windows. Effective screening using blinds, curtains or shutters to retain winter warmth and block summer heat can make substantial improvements to your home’s energy efficiency, thereby reducing your costly power bills.

Reducing sunglare by the use of light-diffusing solarscreen blinds adds to the comfort of your living and sleeping areas in the home.

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