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Cornerstone Zenith


Give your windows the designer treatment with the superior quality Zenith range of translucent and blackout blinds. Beautifully styled to suit modern interiors, Zenith gives your home a look of distinction.

Give your windows the designer treatment with the superior quality Zenith range of translucent and blackout blinds. Beautifully styled to suit modern interiors, Zenith gives your home a look of distinction.

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Please refer to your product guide or store for the best advice on how to care for your window coverings.

Cornerstone Zenith Blinds

You may be aware that Carpet Court is Australia’s largest flooring retailer with over 200 locally owned and operated stores, but did you know that the majority of stores also have an extensive range of custom made blinds? Check out your local Carpet Court store when you are next shopping for vertical, panel glide, roller, roman or venetian blinds as well as the ever-popular plantation shutters.

Not only do Carpet Court have a range of blind styles, they also stock many different fabrics to complement your home décor.

Carpet Court’s expert team will discuss your needs and help you determine which style of blind and which fabric best suits your needs. Consideration should be given to your lifestyle, home design, budget and what functionality you require from your window dressings. Is privacy the most important issue or do you want to control the amount of sunlight coming in? Is effective insulation a concern for you? Do you have pets and young children?

Whatever your requirements, the friendly staff at your local Carpet Court store will help you choose the right blinds for your home, and you can start by booking a free measure and quote online.

Because of their specific properties, some fabrics are available in certain blind styles but not others. For example, the delightful Cornerstone Zenith fabric comes in a blackout and a translucent material available in roller, roman or panel glide blinds.

Panel Glide Blinds

A panel glide blind is well suited to homes with large windows and door openings. It is a modern version of the vertical blind, controlled by a wand and with broad fabric panels. Because it opens across the door or window, unlike roman, venetian or roller blinds which raise upwards, it is often selected as the blind of choice for sliding, french or bifold glass doors.

Panel glide blinds slide across the window or door cavity to stack neatly against the wall, providing full access and visibility through your doors or windows. Panel glide blinds can also stack inside the door or window cavity but the outside mount method is most commonly used and recommended.

Carpet Court’s stunning and diverse range of blind fabrics means that you can have panel glide blinds with blackout features, sunscreen features or in a regular fabric. Because of their size and substance when a panel glide blind is closed it can bring a certain style and statement to your room. When opened they are neat and unobtrusive, allowing the view through the door or window to steal the show.

Which colours does Cornerstone Zenith come in?

Carefully blended neutrals are the on-trend colour schemes of today’s modern home decors. Regardless of whether you’d like your window dressings to be a feature or to blend seamlessly with your walls, Carpet Court’s fabulous blind fabrics can meet your needs.

Choose from a range of striking, subtle and fashionable colours to create a beautiful ambience in any room of the house. The colour palette of the Cornerstone Zenith fabric is exceptionally pleasing with a choice of bold colours or gentle, earthy tones along with subtle shades of neutral whites.

For the classic, unobtrusive door or window dressing the lighter shades of Cream or Chalk quietly blend with many home colour schemes, while Latte and Stone have more depth of colour. Storm is a shade within which the distinctive textured pattern is most visible and Coal is the colour to bring deep, dark and striking vibes to your room.

The benefits of blackout blinds

The Cornerstone Zenith fabric is available in a 100% blackout blind which is manufactured with a 5 pass acrylic coating making it effective, durable and easy to clean. Blackout blinds provide total light exclusion for rooms where it is needed such as bedrooms and home theatres.

Perfect for shift workers who need to sleep during the day, blackout blinds eliminate not only light but also heat and UV rays, keeping your bedroom pleasantly cool and dark. The construction of the blackout blind means that you also have ultimate privacy when lights are on, as not even a silhouette can be seen through a blackout blind.

The benefits of translucent blinds

Translucent blinds are an effective way to protect your floors and furniture from penetrating sun glare, blocking up to 95% of harmful UV rays which can cause fading and damage.

Translucent blinds provide privacy during the day whilst allowing diffused light into the home. They reduce glare and can help to control heat, especially when combined with a regular or blackout blind.

What are the features of the Cornerstone Zenith material?

The superior quality Cornerstone Zenith fabric contains a distinctive texture with an intermittent horizontal grain, most obvious in the darker fabric shades. Providing more interest than a plain fabric, its subtle features are more or less obvious depending on the lighting conditions.

This stunning and stylish fabric is sure to create a modern feel in any room of the home or office. 

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