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At Carpet Court, you’ll love our large range of high-quality curtains and blinds in sheer, light filtering and blockout fabrics. Shop with us online or in-store for one of Australia’s largest collections of on-trend and traditional window furnishings.

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Get the luxury look with soft, flowing lines that elevate your interiors, adding warmth and light. Custom curtains give you the freedom to create something in the style of your choice for any size window or opening. You choose the fabric and set the scene. With so many beautiful fabrics and styles available, you might need a little help. So, we’ve put together all the information you need to get you well on your way to stunning curtains that endure for years.

Find the largest quality range of curtains at the best prices

Get the look you love at Carpet Court with our traditional and contemporary curtain fabrics at affordable prices. Sheers or blockouts. S-wave or pencil pleat. We have it all. Choose your style, fabric and finishing touches from Australia’s largest range of curtains and blinds.

Explore the best light level with our light filtering, sheer and blockout curtains

Light Control. Those are two words you’ll hear a lot in the realm of window furnishing. It refers to the ability to let in as little or as much light as you like. For bedrooms or home theatres, you may want room darkening curtains. In living rooms, most people go for natural light with sheer fabrics like voile teamed with crisp, textured fabric like linen curtains to add privacy at night.

Combining blinds with sheer curtains is another popular option right now. The blinds can be adjusted to any position to block glare, blackout the room, or disappear completely so the sheers can shine.

Explore the large range of light filtering and blockout fabrics at Carpet Court to find the perfect solution for your home or office.

Custom made curtains which will add the wow factor to your room

If you’re looking to elevate your window coverings, the team at Carpet Court know how to help. Book online for a free measure and quote. Our friendly team will come to you and offer expert advice on how to add the wow factor to your interiors with custom curtains.

We will bring you free samples of the latest on-trend and traditional fabrics and discuss which styles will work within your space. Windows and doors of unconventional sizes are our specialty.

Types of different curtains available at Carpet Court

There are numerous types of curtains available at Carpet Court. Below is a list of the four most popular types on the Australian market:

  • S-Wave curtains - Sometimes referred to as S-fold, the s-wave curtain style earned its name because of the wave-like S pattern it makes where it joins the curtain track. These folds gently undulate all the way down the curtain fabric. This is a particularly popular style right now.
  • Eyelet curtains - Eyelet curtains are hung on a rod via a series of round eyelets pressed into the fabric along the top of the curtain.
  • Pinch pleat curtains - Pinch pleat refers to curtains that are “pinched” together by a sewn-in pleat at intervals along the top of the curtain fabric. This style of curtain is traditional yet timeless and a popular option for formal living areas. Pinch pleat can be mounted on rod or track systems.
  • Pencil pleat curtains - Pencil pleat is a classic curtain treatment where the folds of fabric are gathered along the top to create a uniform line of small waves that resemble a line of pencils. This style can be mounted on either a curtain rod or track.

All the styles above can be made with sheer or blackout fabrics.

There is one more option that is a clever hybrid between the soft, flowing lines of curtains and versatility of blinds, and that’s Veri Shades®.

  • Veri Shades® - Veri Shades® are a light filtering sheer curtain that offers day and night-time privacy. It is wand-operated and can be changed from day to night setting by twisting the wand. They’re a great option for doorways because you can walk through them at any point, with the fabric folds silently opening and closing around you.

Tips if you are struggling to decide between different products

Do you need to narrow down your list of window covering options to decide? Here are some helpful questions you can ask yourself that may help rule some styles in (or out!):

  • Lifestyle - Do you have a busy family home with kids and pets? Or is yours an executive style home where you love to entertain?
  • Budget - Do you need to look for affordable options or can you stretch to luxurious styles?
  • Interior style - Is your space modern, traditional, Hamptons, boho, coastal? Knowing your style will inform your selections.
  • Fabric properties - Are there any properties your fabric needs to possess, such as insulation or sunscreen?
  • Location - Is the room prone to moisture? Or does it face the sun? What level of privacy do you need?
  • Allergies and asthma - Do you need to consider a fabric that is allergy friendly or even switch to a hard window furnishing like plantation shutters or venetian blinds?

Custom design your curtains for your home or office

Get exactly the look you want! You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to styles and fabrics and there are now more options than ever in Carpet Court’s large range of curtain styles and fabrics.

If you’re looking to create a softer space in your office, sheer curtains in s-wave style are popular right now. Team them with a roller blind if you need more privacy. Veri Shades® are also a great option for day and night privacy.

For the home, you may need a variety of curtains to suit different areas. From kids curtains to casual living spaces and even drapery for formal dining rooms, we’ll have something to suit you.

Trending curtain colours, fabrics, and styles

Earthy warm tones are emerging as a trend in 2022, as well as sheer curtains teamed with blinds to harness all the beautiful natural light of the Australian climate while adding depth and texture to interiors. Curtains are experiencing a resurgence in popularity as people look to soften their rooms and create an illusion of height and space.

Carpet Court works with leading Australian interior designers to produce the latest trending colours and fabrics at affordable prices. Our seasonal trends catalogue and the Inspire section of our website can help you visualise and learn more about selecting curtains that complement your floors and decor.

Go from day to night with our sheer and blockout curtains

Curtains in sheer fabrics are great for diffusing natural night, acting as a sunscreen for floors and furniture, and maintaining daytime privacy.

Blockout curtains are used when you want the option to completely darken a room like a bedroom or home theatre. If you’d like the best of both worlds, a popular solution is to team sheer and blackout curtains together, or sheer curtains with a blockout roller blind.

If you aren’t needing to entirely darken a room but would like night-time privacy, consider double curtains in two contrasting sheer fabrics such as a light-coloured sheer in the middle and darker-coloured sheers on the ends that can be drawn over at night.

Make life simple with our electric curtains

Motorisation and automation for window treatments can not only bring convenience and ease of operation to your interiors, it also brings a fair bit of wow factor. Turn your house into a smart home with curtains that open, close, or draw back at the click of a button.

All curtains and blinds in our range can be motorised. Talk to our friendly team about installing these in your home or business.

Installing your curtains

Professional installation by the experts at Carpet Court means that your beautiful new curtains will fit perfectly. Custom fit curtains ensure optimum performance in light filtering control and insulation and eliminates the possibility of unsightly gaps. All you’ll need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the fresh, new look of your window furnishings.

Book a free measure and quote

Did you know that you can book a free measure and quote via our website? The experts from your local Carpet Court showroom will come to you with free samples of fabrics for curtains and other high-quality window furnishings like Roman blinds, panel glide blinds, vertical blinds, and roller blinds, so you can see them in your home

If you’d like to see more of our products in person, drop by your local showroom. Begin by searching for your closest store in either VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, TAS, ACT, WA or NT.


What curtains are trending this year?

S-wave curtains in whites and warm colours are trending this year along with soft, sheer Veri Shades®. Carpet Court can custom make these styles for your home or office in a variety of sheer and blockout fabrics.