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Elegant S-Fold curtains are available in classic and on-trend sheer or blockout fabrics and can be hung on single or double curtain tracks. Shop Carpet Court’s beautiful range of high-quality S-Fold curtains online and book a free measure and quote.

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You may have heard about S-Fold curtains on interior design shows. There’s a lot of hype about this new curtain style that’s taking the window furnishing world by storm. Well, the hype is not unfounded. Read on to learn why S-Fold curtains could be the perfect addition to your interior spaces.

Avoid bulky feel curtains with S-Fold curtains

Soft, wave-like folds and a slim profile make S-Fold curtains a popular window covering option over traditional pleated curtains which hold a little more weight and bulk. Mounted to a slim curtain track, the gentle folds hold their shape from top to bottom which gives them a relaxed yet elegant look that sits neatly when stacked open and suits both casual and formal interiors.

Get a free measure and quote for your S-Fold curtains

We are the S-Fold curtain experts at Carpet Court. Browse our range of high-quality sheer and blockout curtain fabrics online then simply book a free measure and quote. One of our friendly team members will come to you with free samples, product details and warranty information. And there’s no need to worry about DIY when our professional installation team hang your new S-Fold curtains while you put your feet up.

Sheer curtains to add a contemporary feel to your living room

Sheer S-Fold curtains will flood diffused, natural light into your interiors. The uniform waves created by the curtain heading undulate to the floor, creating a casual yet luxe look that works beautifully in contemporary living spaces.

Ripple-fold curtains to match any interior design

The smart choice for a timeless window treatment that will endure passing design trends. S-Fold curtains, also referred to as ripple-fold or wave-fold, might be newer to the curtain scene than their traditional pencil pleat, pinch pleat, or eyelet curtain counterparts, but they won’t be out of date anytime soon. Long, clean lines and a lack of embellishment make them an unfussy curtain that will carry across any interior design style. Use them to soften a minimalist or industrial-style living room, or complement the pale creams and tans of the Scandinavian colour palette.

Benefits of having S-Fold curtains

Good looks are only the beginning with S-Fold curtains. There are numerous practical benefits to enjoy as well:

  • Easy to operate - Opening and closing quietly and effortlessly with wand control.
  • On-trend yet timeless - While S-Fold curtains are incredibly popular in the interior design space right now, they have a timeless look that won’t date.
  • Versatility - The relaxed elegance of these curtains makes them suitable for any room whether it’s a formal space, bedroom, or casual living area.
  • Insulation - S-Fold curtains are great insulators, keeping the summer heat out and the winter warmth in.
  • Light control - Sheer fabrics will bring diffused natural light into your home while maintaining privacy. Team them with blockout fabrics for room darkening and night-time privacy.

Add softness to any room with S-Fold curtains

Transform any room into a soft space with S-Fold curtains. Interior designers will often use S-Fold curtains to soften rooms that are heavy with hard surfaces. Picture a stone island bench with modern timber bar stools and polished concrete floors bathed in diffused natural light by wall-to-wall S-Fold sheer curtains. The softness paired with hard lines and surfaces make a dramatic design statement and brings in warmth and a sense of calm.

Save space with S-Fold curtains due to their thin curtain rod

S-Fold curtains are not just slim in their horizontal profile, they also sit neatly stacked when pulled open. But this isn’t the limit to their space-saving capability, they also have a discreet mounting system. While often used with a slimline metal pelmet, many people choose to hang S-Fold curtains straight from a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted track. Even double curtain tracks used to run two S-Fold curtains take up minimal space. In fact, the track for S-Fold curtains is so slim that it will often fit where a conventional curtain rod cannot.

Create the illusion of size in your home with S-Fold curtains

The long, symmetrical lines in the fabric of S-Fold curtains run from above the window right down to the floor giving the perception of height. This means they’re perfect for making a small space or small windows seem larger. If you have more than one small window sharing a wall, a continuous S-Fold curtain running along these windows can make the space seem larger and create flow and softness in your room.

Automate or motorise your S-Fold curtains

Add some extra wow factor and functionality by having your S-Fold curtains automated with motorised operation. Open and close your beautiful new curtains at the click of a button, or even set a timer. Check with your local store whether a motorised mounting system will work in your home or office.

S-Fold curtain tracks provide an effortless glide

S-Fold curtains glide open and closed quietly and effortlessly with a discreet control wand. Perfect for easy operation on all window and door sizes and a particularly good solution for corner windows.

If you’d like to see how they operate for you, enter your postcode into our store locator to find your nearest Carpet Court showroom.

S-Fold curtains provide both light control and insulation

Flood your interior spaces with natural light or darken your room for privacy and a great night’s sleep. With S-Fold curtains, you can achieve total light control with a single curtain in blockout fabric or enjoy 24-hour privacy and year-round insulation with a double curtain combination in sheer and blockout fabric hung on a dual-track.


What is S-Fold in curtains?

The S-Fold curtain style was named for the s-shapes created by the curtain fabric where it joins the curtain track. Also known as ripple-fold, S-Wave or wave-fold curtains, our S-Fold curtains are available in sheer and blockout fabrics.

How do S-Fold curtains hang?

S-Fold curtains hang from a slimline single or double curtain track that is mounted to a ceiling or wall either with or without a pelmet. A double curtain track will accommodate two S-Fold curtains in complementary fabrics such as sheers and blockout.