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Shop our beautiful range of S-Wave curtains in elegant, on-trend sheer and blockout fabrics. As Australia’s largest manufacturer of carpet and window furnishings, Carpet Court can provide a free measure and quote for your custom-made S-Wave curtains.

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You may have noticed S-Wave curtains in the luxurious homes you see on TV shows. We all know curtains, but these ones seem a little more sophisticated, as though they are floating on an almost unnoticeable track. Named for their S-shaped wave pattern, S-Wave curtains are often referred to as s-fold, ripple-fold or wave-fold curtains. Whatever their name, they bring a fresh take to a timeless window covering. Hung on their own as soft, elegant sheers that move gently with the breeze, or teamed with blinds or blockout curtains, there are so many ways to adapt this look to your light control needs. Read our handy guide below to find out why you should invest in S-Wave curtains for your space.

Made to measure S-Wave curtains

Getting the look just right requires a professional eye and a quality product. Most windows and doors aren’t quite perfect in their dimensions, so to achieve optimum performance of your new custom curtains, Carpet Court will make them to measure.

It’s so easy to book a free measure and quote with our expert team. Simply hop online or phone your local showroom and one of our friendly representatives will visit your home or office to discuss your window furnishing options. Make sure you discuss all your window covering questions with them including product care details and warranty information.

Benefits of an S-Wave curtain

Stunning, soft looks isn’t all you get with S-Wave curtains. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

  • Smooth operation - Very quiet, effortless, and smooth open and close operation.
  • Perception of space - Often run wall-to-wall and ceiling to floor, S-Wave curtains give the impression of height. They make a space feel bigger and airier. When hung on small windows, they can even make the window appear larger than it is.
  • Soften your interiors - Curtains can soften hard lines and minimal furnishings by bringing contrast with fabric and texture.
  • Mount versatility - The mounting track for S-Wave curtains is very slim which means that it not only seems to ’disappear’ into the roof or wall, it’s also a good option for windows and cavities with minimal space for a curtain rod.

Modernise your home with high-quality S-Wave sheer curtains

It’s the lack of embellishment in the pleats of S-Wave sheer curtains that give them a quiet, contemporary look. This style of sheer window treatment is very on-trend right now making it a great option to flood your room with natural light and transform your interiors into a modern space. But rest assured it’s no passing phase - this elegant, timeless look will endure past seasonal trends.

S-Wave drapery styled for luxurious and contemporary décor

Fabric waves that drape uniformly from top to bottom give S-Wave curtains their signature look and make them a coveted window covering for a luxurious yet relaxed look that complements contemporary decor.

Relaxed, textured looks and creating the illusion of height and space are two big reasons why S-Wave curtains are often chosen for home renovation shows - flooding light into living spaces and providing calm softness in bedrooms.

Cleaning and maintaining S-Wave curtains

It’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your S-Wave curtains and, if you’re in any doubt, call your Carpet Court team to discuss what they recommend. If you would like to clean your curtains yourself, here are our top tips:

Maintaining your S-Wave curtains:

  • Regularly giving your curtains a very gentle vacuum will remove a lot of the particles that cause staining over time.
  • Spot clean any spills or stains as soon as possible using only water or a mild detergent.
  • Cleaning sheer S-Wave curtains:
  • If your sheers are made from a delicate fabric like silk, hand washing is the safest option.
  • If your sheers are machine washable, use cold water and the gentlest setting available and either line dry or, if it’s a warm, sunny day, re-hang them in your windows to dry.
  • Cleaning blockout S-Wave curtains:
  • Depending on the type of blockout fabric you have and the capacity of your washing machine, you might be able to machine wash them on your gentlest cycle in cold water.
  • If you are hand washing your blockouts, use a gentle fabric cleaning solution or some diluted sugar soap and sponge clean the curtains front and back from top to bottom. Keep refreshing your cleaning solution when it looks dirty.

S-Wave curtains - a less bulky curtain

S-Wave curtains offer an excellent view out because their neat folds hold their gentle wave shape from top to bottom. Hanging from a slim line track attached to your cornice, wall, or ceiling, they are less bulky than other types of curtains and sit neatly when stacked, allowing you to open up more of the view from your window or door.

S-Wave vs pleat curtains

Pleat curtains refer to pinch pleat or pencil pleat curtains. These are the most common traditional style of curtain, with pleats that create a gathered look at the top. Less popular these days than they have been in the past, pleat curtains give a casual look and are a good option for bedrooms and informal living areas.

S-Wave curtains differ to pleat curtains because the s-shapes or waves in the fabric are created by the spacing of the hook and tape attaching the fabric to the track header. They aren’t gathered at the top, the fabric remains the same from top to bottom giving a simple, unembellished look.

Best curtains for tall windows

Tall windows and the ripple-fold curtain style are a match made in heaven. The gentle, uniform lines of the curtains create an impression of even more height and space. S-Wave curtains can be hung ceiling to floor or above window/door to floor depending on your mounting options. Either way, it’s their soft vertical lines that work beautifully to enhance tall windows.

Curtains that offer light control

Sheer S-Wave curtains on their own flood natural light into the room and create a calm, soft feel in your space while ensuring daytime privacy. If you need privacy at night, or to darken your room, there are some great options available. You can team your S-fold sheer curtains with a roller blind in light filtering or blockout fabric which can fully retract as desired. Or use a double track to team S-Wave blockout curtains with your sheers to continue your textured, elegant look.

Best sheer fabric curtains for living room

Sheer curtains in the S-Wave style will bring a relaxed elegance to your living room. Daylight will flood in, diffused by the soft fabric of your sheers, and they will provide excellent daytime privacy.

Another popular alternative to sheer S-Wave curtains is Veri Shades®, a revolutionary window furnishing that looks like curtains, but performs like a blind. Veri Shades® offer day and night privacy and are a good solution for large doors, allowing you to walk through them at any point while the fabric folds open and close silently around you.

High-quality curtain tracks designed to work with your S-Wave curtains

Carpet Court will custom-make the curtain track for your S-Wave curtains to your specifications. We create high-quality single and double tracks to accommodate small, large, or even curved corner windows and doors. Tracks are available in top-fix (mounted to the ceiling) and face-fix (mounted to the wall). Our expert team can help you choose which track best meets your needs.


How do you hang S-Wave curtains?

S-Wave curtains are hung from a slim track mounted to your ceiling (top-fix) or wall (face-fix). The curtain fabric is attached to the track via a series of hooks and tape giving a very neat finish that looks the same from the front as it does from the back.

What does wave mean in curtains?

Wave refers to the gentle waves or ’s’ shapes created in the fabric of a popular style of curtain called S-Wave. Also known as S-Fold, ripple-fold or wave-fold, the waves run uniformly from the top of the curtain to the bottom.