Veri Shades® 

Veri Shades® 

Introducing Veri Shades® - the revolutionary new window covering with the look of curtains and the functionality of blinds. Browse Carpet Court’s range of beautiful easy-care Veri Shades® fabric online to match your home décor and style.

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Discover what makes Veri Shades® an exciting new concept in the window furnishings world. This clever hybrid strikes a balance between the soft, flowing elegance of timeless curtains and the versatility of blinds. Here at Carpet Court, we’re excited to tell you more about why we think Veri Shades® might be the perfect window covering for your home or office.

The feel of curtains with the versatility of blinds - introducing Veri Shades®

What window furnishing should you buy when you want the look and feel of curtains but the functionality of blinds? You get the clever curtain - Veri Shades®. Unlike roller blinds or their vertical blind or panel blind counterparts, Veri Shades® is made up of a series of soft hanging fabric slats that have no weights or chains. In appearance, they look like a sheer curtain, however, with the turn of a wand, they transition to an opaque fabric for the privacy of a blind.

Veri Shades® are brilliant window coverings for sliding doors because you can walk through them at any point and they will open and close around you, settling perfectly back into position.

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Create a floating effect in your home with Veri Shades®

Picture long, floaty fabric folds gently moving as the breeze catches them, their ends finishing just above the floor. The soft fabric hangs freely, parting silently as you walk through them. Veri Shades® bring elegance and a sense of space and warmth to your interiors. Made from polyester fabric that has two sides, one mesh for you to enjoy the view outside and the other side curved into an opaque fold, providing privacy with a simple twist of the control wand.

Block out the sun with these high-quality curtains

Only Veri Shades® can transition from a sheer curtain to an opaque curtain at the turn of a wand. Abracadabra privacy! Veri Shades® provide excellent light control allowing you to adjust light levels depending on the position of the sun.

Turn the wand for mesh fabric that brings in the light and turn it the other way for a light-blocking blind. Open the fabric folds as little or as much as desired for light filtering or draw your shades fully open, stacked to the side for an unobstructed view.

You can further tweak light control with the shade of fabric you choose. Soft white and neutral colours create a lighter room while darker colours like Mist Black provide better room darkening capability when closed.

Discover more about this brand new concept in window furnishings

It’s one thing to tell you about what makes Veri Shades® a brand new concept in window furnishings and quite another to experience them for yourself. Find out how Veri Shades® will look with your décor and whether their light control and blockout capabilities will meet your requirements.

We would love to walk you through them (literally!) at your nearest showroom or visit your home for a free measure and quote. Our friendly representatives can answer all your questions about fabrics and warranty periods. Enquire online about a free measure and quote.

Have complete light control with the fitted twist wand

In the turn of a wand, go from a day to night setting. The twist wand functionality of Veri Shades® makes it easy to adjust light and privacy and slide them open or closed like curtains.

Fuss-free features like soil-resistant fabric and the absence of chords or chains make them pet-friendly, suited to relaxed Australian living, and a good option for child safety. What’s more, if one fabric vane is damaged, it can be easily replaced by hooking on a new one in a matter of seconds.

Enhance your décor with the elegance of Veri Shades®

Transform your room with Veri Shades® blinds tailored to your choice of fabric colour and mesh. From contemporary to classic, they will suit any room or style. The variety of track options also provides more scope to adapt the style to your décor. Choose from a discreet single track that blends into your wall or roof or go for more of a statement with a rod style to complete the look of curtains. A rod-style track will work well if you love the look of classic curtains but want your window covering to also do the work of blinds. Or if you are aiming to soften the hard lines of a modern or industrial-style space, Veri Shades® fabric could bring in some softness and contrast.

Veri Shades® achieve the same results as curtains and take up less space

Who doesn’t love a two-for-one deal? With Veri Shades® you can have the performance of blinds with the look of curtains all in one slimline footprint. Blockout curtains alone are either open or closed. And, while sheer curtains perform like Veri Shades® during the day, they don’t provide privacy at night. So, it’s easy to see why this easy-care, dual-function window covering is gaining so much popularity in Australian homes.

Achieve functionality and versatility with Veri Shades®

Get the best of both worlds. The sheer net fabric side of Veri Shades® allows for superior light filtering while still providing a view outside and privacy, while the opaque fabric panel provides partial or complete light control and privacy when you need it. Like curtains, the fabric can be drawn open or closed for easy access and ventilation, but an important point of difference is that, even while closed, you can walk through Veri Shades® at any point while the fabric opens silently and closes effortlessly behind you.

Choose fabrics with an ultraviolet protection factor

Not just another curtain fabric, Veri Shades® fabric has been specially designed for low-maintenance living in the Australian climate. Available in an extensive colour palette that spans light to dark and cool to warm colours, the high-quality soil-resistant fabrics have the following features:

  • Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) 50+ to protect the people, floors, and furnishings in your home.
  • Unique patented design - sheer mesh on one side and contrasting opaque fabric on the other side. This is the function that takes you from sheer to private and allows full light control.
  • Beautiful classic and on-trend fabric designs from geometric meshes and leaf patterns to simpler net patterns or luxury finishes.

Guide to cleaning and maintaining Veri Shades®

Looking after your Veri Shades® is easy. Made from easy-care fabric, they’ll look great for years with minimal regular maintenance and a wash when needed.

  • Maintenance: Remove dust regularly using a duster, soft brush, or vacuum brush with a gentle setting.
  • Spot clean: Remove any marks or stains ASAP using a damp cloth and mild detergent diluted in water. Test a small area the first time you attempt this.
  • Washing: Preferably on a warm day, gently unhook the fabric and handwash your Veri Shades® in a mild detergent. Gently hand-wring them dry and either line-dry them or hang them back up in your window or door.

If needed, you can remove creases in your Veri Shades® with a cool iron or steam wand.


Do Veri Shades® provide insulation?

Heat and cold enter your home or office via glass windows and doors. Veri Shades® fabrics help to reduce the loss of heating and cooling by creating a barrier that keeps the internal temperature steady while preventing the external air temperature from entering your room.

Do Veri Shades® block out light?

Veri Shades® are made of a series of fabric panels that have a sheer mesh side and an opaque side. The opaque side provides privacy and darkens a room, particularly if you choose a dark fabric, however, if you need to block out light completely from your room, consider adding a blockout blind with your Veri Shades®.