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Custom Size Rugs

Custom Size Rugs

Heather Nette King is a Melbourne-based interiors stylist and writer for many leading interior titles and newspapers. The hallmarks of her styling are colour and vibrancy, and she writes passionately about peoples’ homes and how they live in them.

Discover your dream rug with Carpet Court’s Custom Rug Range.

Finding the perfect rug for your space, including the shape, colour and size, hasn’t always been an easy task says Heather Nette King, interior stylist and Carpet Court Style Ambassador. Fortunately, the quest to find the right design solution is over thanks to Carpet Court’s Custom Rug Range - customised by you and created by Carpet Court. “The concept of creating a custom Carpet Court rug that’s perfect for your own space is underpinned by the knowledge that they are created from the highest quality New Zealand wool – which is world renowned,” says Nette King. “The rug won’t just be perfectly shaped and sized for your room, but the touch and feel are obviously superior, as is the longevity of the colour.”

When customising a rug, consider its impact on all elements within a room. “A well-chosen rug is incredibly important as it has the power to fully resolve a room and pull together many of the other decorating elements – the palette, the furniture styles, mood, even the composition of space,” says Nette King. “This means considering the size, shape and colour of your rug at the beginning of the design process, not when you’re shopping for accessories and décor items.”

Integrating a rug into a space is instrumental in creating zones. “The ability to define a lounge area, or a dining space helps make visual sense of large spaces. The right size and shape rug will help anchor the furniture and ensure the composition of your room is both sensible and practical, as well as being a delight to your eyes,” she says. “

"Circular rugs can be particularly stunning underneath round dining tables – they will really act to define and elevate that space. Rectangular rugs are obviously great for hallways, but they can also be used to create ‘walkways’ in larger spaces, to lead the eye and the foot traffic through a zoned room.”

Custom Rug | Felted Yarn

“In a lounge-room, I love rugs to sit underneath the front legs of a chair or sofa. I’m not a fan of the ‘flying carpet’ look that a too-small rug will resemble in a living zone,” she says. “Similarly, a rug that is too large for a space will work against other design decisions, by covering too much of the chosen hard flooring underneath, or by bumping against window furnishings that should gracefully touch the floor.”

There are five pile styles in Carpet Court’s Custom Rug Rage; Allure, Drift, Escape, Immerse and Indulge – each offering a nuanced design style, so you are sure to find one that is perfect for your home, says Nette King.

The two stand-out styles, for Nette King, are Allure and Indulge.

“I love how the chunky base yarn of New Zealand felted wool has been overlaid with a finer yarn, in Allure, to create a really interesting texture. This would be perfect for a high traffic area, such as a hallway or room divide.

“The super-robust felted wool, seen in Indulge, has a hand-crafted look to it – like a contemporary take on an ancient tradition. I love this one with a border and could easily see it in a lounge room or a home office space.”

According to Nette King, your rug must not ever be an afterthought. “You should consider it to be as important as the rest of the pieces in the room – from the furniture to the hard flooring, to the window furnishing and paint colour,” she says.

Carpet Court’s Custom Rug Range can be ordered online and delivered to your door in six – ten weeks; this may vary for regional locations. For peace of mind, sample swatches can be ordered and a guide to choosing the perfect rug can be found online.

Custom Rug | Felted Yarn  

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