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Discover the natural beauty of the stunning Flinders range of panel glide, roller and roman blinds. Inspired by the Australian landscape, the woven appearance and earthy tones add natural warmth to contemporary designs.

Discover the natural beauty of the stunning Flinders range of panel glide, roller and roman blinds. Inspired by the Australian landscape, the woven appearance and earthy tones add natural warmth to contemporary designs.

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The Adventurous Flinders Blind Fabric

Australians are lucky to live in a country where mother nature has provided some truly breathtaking landscapes for us to enjoy. The South Australian Flinders ranges are no exception. A panoramic masterpiece of visual beauty, the Flinders ranges’ vast, rugged contours remain powerful and inspirational, enduring many centuries of exposure.

Perhaps Carpet Court’s Flinders blind fabric was named after these formidable ranges, or perhaps it was named after Captain Matthew Flinders, the intrepid explorer. Either way, it is aptly named for the bold, never-say-die qualities of both and their ability to leave a mark on the landscape of life.

Panel glide blinds

The magnificent Flinders fabric is available in roller, roman or panel glide blinds. Of these, the blind best equipped to make a bold statement in your home is the panel glide blind. Well suited to contemporary homes with large windows and door openings, the panel glide blind is essentially a fashionable version of the well-known vertical blind.

There are some points of difference however. A panel glide blind has many less panels than a vertical blind but each panel is wider. A notable difference is the absence of chains, neither those linking the blind panels nor those controlling the opening and closing of the blinds are present in a panel glide blind. Panel glide blinds are controlled by an attached wand. This makes them much safer than vertical blinds and therefore ideal for homes with young children or pets.

Because it operates in the same way as a vertical blind in that it opens by sliding across a door or window, a panel glide blind is a popular choice for sliding, french or even bifold glass doors.

Panel glide blinds stack tidily against the wall beside your door or window opening, providing full access and visibility. They can also stack inside the door or window cavity, although this is a less common method of mounting them.

Because of their substantial breadth a panel glide blind can make quite a statement and bring a certain style to your room. When opened they are neat and unobtrusive and allow the view visible through the door or window to be the highlight in the room, but when closed they make quite an impression.

Is the Flinders fabric available in earthy tones?

In keeping with the natural beauty of the Flinders Ranges landscape, the Flinders blind fabric is available in twelve on-trend, earthy tones inspired by nature. This stunning, textured blind available in the light shade of Pearl boasts uplifting highlights and contrasting fresh tones sure be a real feature in your home.

Flinders Copper brings the beauty of gleaming, bold browns to your window canvas and the rich, earthy warmth of Slate is entirely comforting. Flinders Buffalo, Fungi and Black Hills also display warming, natural earth tones which create a gorgeous landscape in your own lounge room.

What sort of texture does the Flinders fabric have?

Evident in the rocky contours of the Flinders Ranges is the complete absence of smooth, matte finishes. Instead there is constantly changing, rugged and diverse cliffs of varied textures, colours and lights.

The Flinders fabric is a highly woven fabric in which the weave creates a pattern. Most obvious in the contrasting browns of Flinders Copper and Flinders Buffalo, the woven aspect of the fabric serves to create highlights and lowlights, bringing interest and diversity to the blind.

In the lighter shades of Snow, Antique and Ivory the woven pattern is still obvious as the weave attracts the light. In the strong, dark colours of Ebony and Slate the weave is equally able to pick up and make a feature from the contrasting dark tones.

Is the Flinders fabric a traditional or contemporary design?

Flinders is a fabric that is somewhat chameleon-like, in that it can absorb its surroundings and meld with both traditional or contemporary furnishings. Its beauty is in its woven texture and natural, earthy tones so it is well equipped to hold its own in any interior décor style.

It is easy to imagine Snow, Ivory, Cinder, Ebony, Slate or Silver in a modern, minimalist-styled home yet equally simple to see Pearl, Antique, Fungi or Black Hills in a country or beach environment in homes of more traditional design with a relaxed, comfortable ambience.

How do I request a quote?

The simple way to request a quote is to call Carpet Court on 1300 CARPET and speak with your local store to arrange a free, in-home measure and quote. It’s that easy! Alternatively you can always book online from wherever you are.

As Carpet Court have a huge range of blind fabrics and blind styles, it is good to peruse the website or visit your local store first, in order to narrow down your choices and gain an idea of which style of blind and which particular fabrics you want to receive quotes for.


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