Herringbone and Chevron

Herringbone and Chevron

Distinctly different herringbone and chevron floorboards provide timber-look quality in an affordable price range. Laminate floating flooring is the cost-effective alternative to hardwood, including the full Carpet Court installation service.

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Herringbone and Chevron flooring in Australia

Floorboards are an essential interior design consideration. Traditional and contemporary flooring designs for Australian homes include parquetry, chevron and herringbone patterns. Chevron and herringbone designs appear similar, but they are very different on closer inspection, each with unique visual effects.

Chevron Flooring is a design style consisting of alternating straight and diagonal stripes. The term ‘chevron’ refers to chevrons popularised in French military uniforms by Napoleon Bonaparte. Chevron patterns are gaining popularity in Australian homes and businesses.

Herringbone is a parquet floor pattern featuring wood strips laid in alternating directions. The pattern is named after the spine of the herring fish - hence the name herringbone. This style originated in 18th century France, and can be found in many classic residences.

Modern Carpet Court chevron and herringbone flooring is easy to lay, using the innovative click-lock floating floor system. This quality flooring offers the high-end appeal of natural wood flooring for a fraction of the price.

Difference between herringbone and chevron flooring

Carpet Court collections include ‘Masterpieces’, a highly desirable laminate flooring selection. The major difference is that herringbone ends ae cut square at a 90 degree angle, whereas chevron ends are triangular, resulting in a combination of angular planks and straight lines.

These distinctly different floor patterns are in favour with homeowners looking for parquetry flooring with a difference. Whatever type of flooring you are looking for, Carpet Court has the answers.

Installing your new laminate flooring

Chevron and herringbone flooring uses longer and wider planks than those used in traditional parquetry flooring, making them much easier and faster to install. The handy click-lock system is easy to master for DIY flooring experts. However, quality flooring deserves the best possible treatment, and hiring the services of Carpet Court installation professionals is money well spent.

Modern laminate herringbone and chevron flooring products from Carpet Court come with a long warranty, and are an effective way to achieve your design goals on time and on budget.

Why choose chevron flooring?

Timeless and elegant, chevron flooring makes a strong statement with its vibrant, patterned design in richly textured woodgrain tones. Colour variations, light and dark tones and the natural timber permutations are clearly visible in the Masterpieces chevron and herringbone flooring collection. The hardwearing laminate flooring has distinctive, luxurious appeal and is durable and easy to care for.

Chevron laminate flooring for your home a value added investment. This style of flooring adds visual impact and aesthetic appeal to any room. It will also add a sophisticated point of difference to your home over competing properties on the market.

Floating floors can be laid over some existing flooring, making the transition from your existing old and worn floors to fresh and beautiful chevron floors quick, easy and affordable.

Cost effective laminate flooring options for your home or office

Commercial laminate, vinyl and engineered timber flooring products are hugely popular. These floors are fast to lay, often without the need for a subfloor, making them a cost-effective solution for Aussie homes and businesses. Prior to purchasing herringbone or chevron flooring, ask yourself some questions.

  • Is your commercial operation a busy public business or private office space?
  • Do you want quiet footsteps with floating laminate flooring with underlay?
  • Are you looking for plank chevron or herringbone style?
  • Do you need flooring that’s easy to clean and maintain?
  • Do you want luxuriant wood patterns and tones for your premises?

Carpet Court offers an extensive range of durable flooring for commercial spaces, including laminate, hardwood timber, commercial vinyl and hybrid flooring options. Herringbone and chevron laminate flooring provides a first-class look for business, commercial, hospitality and care environments.

Styles and colours available to suit your space

At Carpet Court, we treat every customer is an individual. Every home and business is different, and it’s worth showing off your personal style with spectacular colours, tones and textures. Carpet Court herringbone and chevron styles include:

  • Herringbone
  • Grand Oak herringbone
  • Grand Oak Chevron
  • Masterpieces

Choose from a wide range at Carpet Court. The Masterpieces collection, for example, is available in Noyer Chevron, Classic Chevron, Natural Herringbone, Boho Chevron and many more popular styles. The choices are all yours at Carpet Court.

Make a difference to your space with a herringbone and chevron

The zigzag pattern of herringbone and chevron laminate and wooden floors is immediately eye-catching. Here are a few more considerations to help you make the right choice for your home or commercial space.

Benefits of chevron flooring include:

Chevron looks great - With a classic, timeless aesthetic, chevron showcases warm and natural appeal.

Chevron creates unique lines - The unique V-shape arrowed pattern creates a dynamic sense of movement to bring your space to life.

Chevron is versatile - Chevron is a versatile flooring pattern that works in both small and large spaces.

Chevron is cost-effective - Laminate chevron floors are available from Carpet Court at prices our competitors can’t match.

Benefits of herringbone flooring include:

Cost-effective - Herringbone floors are luxurious and affordable, thanks to modern laminate manufacturing methods.

Strength and durability - The herringbone timber floor pattern results in a floor that is strong and long-lasting, with an extended warranty to match.

Herringbone versatility - The classic aesthetic of herringbone offers beauty, warmth and a statement talking point.

Aesthetic appeal - Herringbone is an intricate and eye-catching design that creates a feeling of old world elegance and contemporary sophistication.

Pet friendly flooring options

Whether you’re building or renovating, new flooring will make a dramatic improvement. However, you will also need to take the needs of your pets into consideration. Carpet Court has the pet-friendly flooring solutions you are looking for, with qualities that include:

  • Scratch resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Comfort and traction for active dogs and cats

Speak with a Carpet Court flooring specialist regarding your pet-friendly flooring needs, and purchase with confidence.

Making your space look larger

By using herringbone or chevron flooring, you can create the illusion of greater space by choosing which direction to run the vertical line patterns. Create a sense of additional width or length in a small room by laying the laminate planks in line with the longest dimensions of the room.

Chevron flooring colours are generally mid to light shades of woodgrain tones, with the darkest being Noyer. Use lighter colours to provide a feeling of openness. Carpet Court options such as Boho, Chic, Cream or Natural will create a fresh, light and natural modern aesthetic.

Chevron and Herringbone are mid-tone colours with lovely warmth and contrasting light and darker shades. Both products will enhance the sense of space in any room.

Ordering your flooring at Carpet Court

Carpet Court is Australia’s largest flooring retailer with a huge range of flooring options. We have an Australia-wide network of retail showrooms where you will find the best floor coverings on the planet, and you can use our handy store locater to find a Carpet Court branch near you.  

Our showrooms showcase an extensive range of laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, hybrid flooring, engineered timber flooring, commercial flooring, rugs and carpets. A visit to Carpet Court is an eye-opening introduction to unlimited flooring solutions for homes and businesses.

You can also browse online, then contact us for a free measure and quote in your residential or office space. Contact Carpet Court today and speak with a flooring product specialist to get your project started!