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If DIY looks like it won’t be your cup of tea, don’t worry because your local Carpet Court flooring NSW store has expert installers to tackle the job for you, just ask them in store.

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    Timber Precinct Oak
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    Hybrid Infinity
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    Vinyl Harmony Artisan
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    Vinyl Harmony Grange
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    Timber Oak Essentials
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    Hybrid Metropolis
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    Timber Settlers Run
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    Timber Habitat

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How is bamboo flooring made?

What is the most durable type of flooring available in NSW?

Choosing floor coverings from Carpet Court’s wide range of flooring products most closely suited to your environment and lifestyle will result in the product that provides the most longevity, whether that be high-performing multi-layer hybrid, laminate or luxury vinyl flooring. Of course timber flooring is a unique flooring product when it comes to displaying the pure beauty of authentic Australian hardwoods, and it has certainly stood the test of time when it comes to durability.

When we consider durability, we naturally think about hard floor coverings, but both wool and today’s innovative synthetic carpets are also incredibly durable when it comes to fade, stain, soil and crush resistance, so don’t discount them.

When contemplating how durable your new floors need to be, consider the sort of active wear and tear they are likely to receive. Do you have indoor pets who might scratch your floor coverings? Our unique flooring product ‘Pinnacle’ is a multi-layer hybrid floor designed with amazing ‘PetProtect’ features. It has a scratch-proof coating as well as a special finish to create more traction for your pet’s paws and it is pet stain and pet odour resistant too. Now that’s a durable floor for pet-friendly homes!

The scratch-resistant properties of laminate flooring make it another great option for homes with kids and pets while fade and crush resistant carpets with built-in protection to soiling and stains are super durable floor coverings.

Floor tiles – again another scratch resistant solution – are highly durable and can be found in selected Carpet Court stores around NSW.

Is it cheaper to install tile of laminate flooring?

The beauty of laminate floating floors is the ease with which they can be installed as a DIY project. Of course if you’re fairly handy about the home you can teach yourself how to lay floor tiles too, but laying tiles requires additional materials, time and tools, adding to the cost.

When comparing the cost of utilising Carpet Court’s expert installers to lay your new floors with a professional finish, laminate potentially has a cheaper installation cost simply because it is so much quicker to lay.

 The best way to be sure? Obtain a free measure and quote from the experienced team at your locally owned and operated Carpet Court NSW store.

What bamboo flooring options are available at Carpet Court?

How to lay laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is installed by a simple click and lock-together method. It then ‘floats’ above your subfloor – although it is anchored to itself – so it requires no nailing like traditional timber floorboards.

Your new laminate flooring will be accompanied by manufacturer’s instructions for installation, so if you’re undertaking a DIY project follow these closely to ensure a problem-free finish.

If DIY looks like it won’t be your cup of tea, don’t worry because your local Carpet Court flooring NSW store has expert installers to tackle the job for you, just ask them in store.

How to clean laminate floors?

Laminate floating floors are easily cleaned using a variety of methods. Household dust, dirt and debris can be vacuumed up with a hard floor brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner. They can be swept with a soft indoor broom, mopped with an electrostatic cloth or wiped with a damp cloth or mop. Harsh cleansers aren’t recommended on laminate floors, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guide for years of continued beauty and performance from your laminate floating floors.

How to choose flooring?

The Carpet Court website allows for the easy perusal of a wide range of carpets and unique floating floors including luxury timber flooring and high performing family-friendly alternatives. As the choice can sometimes be overwhelming, the Carpet Court website is a great place to gather the information you need to narrow down your choices. Once you have a few ideas in mind, the highly knowledgeable and experienced team at your locally owned and operated Carpet Court flooring NSW store can discuss your needs and help you to determine which is the best flooring solution for your home, lifestyle and budget.

Perhaps stylish timber flooring works best for your Sydney property, or maybe luxury vinyl flooring will be the most suitable product for your NSW family home. Floating floors in timber, laminate, hybrid or vinyl may work in your living areas while carpets may be the best option for your bedrooms. If noise and cold are a factor around your home, those flooring products will work well for you.

If you’re not sure where to find Carpet Court flooring in NSW, use the handy store locator to find the closest locally owned and operated Carpet Court NSW store to your location.