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Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring

For a classic look lasting a lifetime, you can’t go past the natural beauty and warmth of timber floors. Designers love timber for its ability to add character to any room. You’ll love its easy installation, versatility and low maintenance.

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    Timber Habitat
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    Timber Latitude 25
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    Timber Stockmans Ridge Premium
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Where can I find the highest quality timber flooring in Melbourne?

Within an eighty kilometre radius of the Melbourne CBD you will find over thirty locally owned and operated Carpet Court stores.  As Australia’s largest flooring retailer, of course you will find dozens more Carpet Court stores right across Victoria, with the growing network of over 130 stores spanning the entire country. Each and every Carpet Court store displays the highest quality timber flooring you will find from any of the flooring companies.

Shopping for top quality hardwood timber flooring in Melbourne? Take your pick because in all Carpet Court stores you will find the best Australian and European timber flooring products from industry renowned designers and manufacturers. 

Use our handy store locator to find any number of Carpet Court stores near your Melbourne location.

Who provides the best timber flooring in Australia?

Being locally owned and operated but backed by the biggest flooring retailer in the country with immense buying power, Carpet Court stores all over the country are equipped to provide the utmost service and quality engineered flooring products.

Consider the truly luxurious Stockman’s Ridge Premium timber floating floor. Available from Carpet Court in three rich and wondrous colours that reflect the warm, natural beauty of the Australian bush, Stockman’s Ridge Premium showcases the exquisite features of genuine Australian hardwoods in an extra wide 186mm width. This is a floor that is hard to beat when it comes to both quality and aesthetic appeal. Reflecting superior materials and workmanship, Stockman’s Ridge has a twenty-five year defect-free guarantee. There are fourteen acrylic coats of lacquer contributing to its superior dent and scratch resistance, qualifying this as a ‘fair dinkum’ high quality product.

With many more stunning timber flooring products to choose from, it is easy to find a colour and design to suit your home at Carpet Court.

Why should I use Carpet Court for my timber flooring needs?

While Carpet Court are renowned for having an extensive range of quality carpets, in actual fact one of the most popular lines is solid timber floors. Displaying genuine, traditional beauty and natural warmth, our timber flooring collections provide a solid foundation to your home with immense durability and style.

Whether your Australian home resembles an outback ranch, a beachside retreat or a city apartment, there are timber flooring options at Carpet Court to suit. With so many diverse natural timber hues, plank widths and lengths, and woodgrain patterns available there is sure to be one you will fall in love with.

Some home owners find it difficult to decide which of our beautiful floors they love the most. But once you’ve chosen the perfect flooring option for your home, the process gets easier. Your local Carpet Court store supplies and installs your hardwood flooring for you. Unless you’re a serious DIY-er, you will find our installers have many years’ experience and can provide a trouble-free, precise and prompt installation service which is worth utilising.

How long will my timber flooring take to install?

Generally speaking, installation will start within 2-3 weeks of your purchase date. At Carpet Court we offer furniture moving, door removal and refit, and old floor removal service for specified fees. Let us know if you need help with those things so we can factor them into your installation schedule.

Before and during the installation process your local Carpet Court store will keep you informed and up to date. They will talk through the process with you and advise specific timeframes for the installation of your luxurious new wood floor.

Does Carpet Court offer other similar products?

There are five floating flooring options available from Carpet Court: timber, laminate, hybrid, vinyl and bamboo. Each product has different qualities, so it is best to discuss your lifestyle and home environment with the experienced, knowledgeable staff at your local store across VICNSWQLDACTWANT or SA in order to choose the right floor solution for your home.