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Flooring in Victoria

Flooring in Victoria

If you are considering laying vinyl flooring yourself as a DIY project, chat with the experienced and friendly staff at your local Victorian Carpet Court store for advice before your start.

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Is Spotted Gum right for my home?

What are the types of flooring available in Victoria?

Carpet Court offer an extensive range of high quality flooring products for your home or business. The friendly staff at your local Carpet Court flooring Victoria store are the perfect people to help you find the ideal carpet or timber flooring products along with high-performing laminate, hybrid and luxury vinyl sheet and plank flooring solutions.

Carpet Court’s pure wool and synthetic carpets are incredibly durable when it comes to fade, stain, soil and crush resistance while offering a super soft and luxurious feel under foot. Each local store owner-operator right around Victoria offer an extensive range of high quality carpets in a wide variety of colours, fibres and pile types to suit both modern and traditional environments. Wool is a great insulator, which means it is a fantastic floor covering for the colder Victorian climates. 

While many Victorian family homes include pets, choosing a pet-friendly floor covering can be challenging. Luckily our multi-layer hybrid floor in the Pinnacle Stainmaster Pet Protect range introduces an innovative floor covering for pet-friendly homes. Pinnacle Pet Protect offers a scratch-proof coating as well as a finish creating more traction for your pet’s paws to minimise slipping and sliding. It is pet stain and pet odour resistant too, which makes it a fantastic long term option for rental properties and family homes alike.

Offering the beautiful aesthetic of natural timber flooring, luxury vinylhybrid and laminate floors are all popular choices with Victoria’s home owners.

What are the latest trends in flooring Vic?

Current flooring trends described as ‘Botanics’ and ‘Moroccan’ are making themselves at home in Victorian households while Carpet Court’s top five flooring products also feature. Flooring trends include the beautiful Wayfarer and Bakers Creek pure wool carpets along with the super soft Illusion synthetic carpet.

In hard flooring the powerful front-runners in the popularity stakes remain the gorgeous shades of Coastal Spotted Gum in the multi-layer hybrid collection known as Pryzm, and another high-performing waterproof hybrid product called Aqua-Tuf, in Blackbutt.

The rich, warm hues of Moroccan themed flooring are highlighted in the Stockman’s Ridge Premium and Balmain Oak Wideboard timber flooring collections while Premium Oak is the perfect flooring product to blend seamlessly with your botanics-themed rooms.

Is Spotted Gum easy to maintain?

Which is better, vinyl or laminate flooring?

Neither and both. Neither vinyl nor laminate are essentially ‘better’ than the other, and both are better than the other in certain environments.

Laminate closely resembles the appearance of real timber for a fraction of the price. It is also a high quality, hardwearing floor covering which is scratch resistant, hygienic and easy to maintain. Your local Victorian Carpet Court store owners offer an extensive range of laminate flooring collections. They vary in design, colour and size and offer different finishes. One of the newer collections, ‘Masterpieces’ features eight inspiring colours imitating a parquetry design, while the ‘Big Country’ collection lives up to its name with extra-long 2200mm boards which are also 193mm wide and 12mm thick. For the budget-conscious the super affordable German-manufactured product ‘Superior’ offers five beautiful colours following current flooring trends.

Luxury vinyl sheets offer a choice of easy to clean modern and appealing designs while the vinyl plank water resistant collections are robust and hygienic with realistic timber woodgrain finishes, the perfect, affordable solution for those that love the timber look but not the price tag.

How to lay vinyl flooring?

In the same way as timberlaminatehybrid or vinyl planks click together and lock into place to float above the subfloor. This means underlay is not essential for vinyl plank flooring, but it is necessary for luxury vinyl sheet floors is which require a completely smooth surface on the subfloor to be laid without bumps and unevenness.

If you are considering laying vinyl flooring yourself as a DIY project, chat with the experienced and friendly staff at your local Victorian Carpet Court store for advice before your start. It is important to lay your luxury vinyl planks or sheet in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines for the best possible result.

If you’d like to peruse the fabulous vinyl sheet and plank collections at a Victorian Carpet Court near you, click here to use the handy store locator and find the friendly staff at the closest locally-owned and operated Carpet Court store to your location.

How to clean vinyl floors?

Luxury vinyl floors are easy to clean. Household dust, dirt and particles can be removed using a hard floor brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner. They can also be swept up with a soft-bristled indoor broom, or mopped with an electrostatic cloth or damp cloth. Harsh cleansing products aren’t recommended on vinyl floors, so it is best to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to ensure many years of performance and aesthetic appeal from your luxury vinyl planks and sheets.