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Vinyl Sheets

Made from 100% synthetic materials and designed to replicate the look of natural timber floorboards, it's no wonder that vinyl flooring sheets have been popular for a number of years. Interior designers particulary love them for their aesthetic appeal and vast range of colours and designs to choose. Visit your local Carpet Court store today and browse our range of vinyl flooring sheets. 

  1. Harmony Living
    Vinyl Harmony Living
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  2. Harmony Planks
    Vinyl Harmony Planks
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  3. Laneway
    Vinyl Laneway
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  4. Home Sweet Home
    Vinyl Home Sweet Home
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  5. Vinyl Sheet
    Vinyl Vinyl Sheet
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  6. Modular Living Plus
    Vinyl Modular Living Plus
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  7. Visions
    Vinyl Visions
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  8. Burke and Wills
    Vinyl Burke and Wills
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What is vinyl sheet flooring?

What is vinyl sheet flooring?

Luxury vinyl sheet flooring refers to a continuous vinyl sheet made from 100% synthetic materials with a textile backing, laid and attached in one piece to the subfloor.

Vinyl sheet flooring is a budget-friendly, durable and waterproof floor covering which can be laid in any room of the house. It is particularly well suited to wet areas of the home including kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

Displaying a range of incredibly realistic photographic finishes, Carpet Court’s luxury vinyl sheeting collection is the perfect choice for budget-conscious residential properties where the stunning visual appeal of natural timber or stone is desired. Its non-slip, easy-to-clean, durable properties also make it a popular choice of flooring within commercial premises.

What are the benefits of vinyl sheet flooring?

Vinyl sheet flooring is an easy DIY flooring project. The options for adhering your vinyl sheet to the subfloor include using transfer tape or permanent adhesive. Your vinyl sheet should be glued down if you want a permanent floor covering, which can then last as long as 25 years.

Using double sided transfer tape is a very easy installation method but not ideal in wet areas or where the subfloor has high moisture levels, but it is ideal if you need a less permanent type of flooring.

Advanced technology has created digital photographic imagery which makes it hard to tell floating floors apart, purely on a visual level. Of course vinyl is a more forgiving surface with greater warmth than tiles or hardwood floors, so while you can achieve the same luxurious aesthetic appeal as timber, vinyl offers more comfort and is more affordable than its counterparts.

For busy, active families, vinyl is a resilient, easy to clean, hardwearing and comfortable flooring solution which provides a fabulous, modern look without breaking the bank.

Which vinyl sheet flooring easy to maintain?

Is vinyl sheet flooring right for my home?

Ascertaining whether vinyl sheet flooring is right for your home depends on the condition of your subfloor, and your lifestyle. Other flooring products may have a harder surface than vinyl, so if very heavy or sharp objects are likely to come into contact with your floor, vinyl may not be the preferred option.

The best people to ask if vinyl sheet flooring is right for your home are the experts at your local Carpet Court store. These store owner-operators are experienced and highly knowledgeable about all things flooring. They will ask all the right questions about your home environment, lifestyle, subfloor type and condition and more, so they can give you the right advice.

Click here to find the nearest Carpet Court store to your location where you can call in and see a comprehensive display of vinyl sheet flooring.

Which vinyl sheet flooring easy to maintain?

Really easy! You can vacuum, sweep or wet mop your vinyl sheet flooring. Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions when using cleaning products on any floating or fixed floor covering.

Does Carpet Court offer other varieties of flooring?

Carpet Court is the largest flooring retailer in the country, not just because they have more than 200 locally owned and operated stores around the country but also because they have such a comprehensive range of flooring products.

Of course Carpet Court is the place to go if you want carpet for your home. Their stylish in-store displays will show you choices of wool or synthetic fibres, pile types, designs and colours. Choosing a stunning, luxurious carpet for your home is easy at Carpet Court.

Carpet Court also offer a choice of timber, laminate, bamboo and hybrid planks to transform the look of your home. Considering vinyl but not sure? Take a look at the hybrid collections which combine all the best qualities of vinyl flooring with the very best attributes of laminate, to make one super-floor which is versatile, beautiful and durable.