Flooring in Western Australia

Browse the extensive range of affordable yet luxurious flooring solutions on offer at your local Carpet Court flooring WA store.

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  1. laminate_masterpieces_chevron_flooring
    Laminate Masterpieces
  2. flooring_vinyl_daylesford
    Vinyl Daylesford
  3. Hybrid_Tiles_Heartridge_Highland_Oak_Autumn_Harvest
    Hybrid Highland Oak
  4. Hybrid_Pinnacle
  5. Hybrid_Florence_Luxury_barnhouse_oak
    Vinyl Florence Luxury
  6. Laminate_Herringbone_Bordeaux_Oak
    Laminate Herringbone
  7. Hybrid_Tiles_Elements_Volcanic
    Hybrid Elements Hybrid Tile
  8. Hybrid_Sunplank_Aussie_Species
    Hybrid Retreat Aussie
  9. Hybrid_Retreat_Oaks_Lifestyle
    Hybrid Retreat Oaks
  10. Vinyl_BurkeandWills_MalleeSpottedGum
    Vinyl Burke and Wills
  11. flooring_timber_stockmans_ridge
    Timber Stockmans Ridge
  12. timber_stockmans_ridge_premium
  13. Village
    Timber Village
  14. Timber_Project_Oak
    Timber Project Oak
  15. Timber_Project_Aussie
    Timber Project Aussie
  16. flooring_timber_natures_oak
    Timber Natures Oak
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Why should I install Oak flooring in my home?

Which flooring should I choose in WA?

While Carpet Court’s network of over 200 locally owned and operated stores is constantly growing, there are numerous fantastic Carpet Court stores for you to shop at right across WA. Each store has a team delivering premium customer service with expert advice regarding flooring trends and in-depth product knowledge being a feature of all WA Carpet Court stores. When you need home or business flooring in WA, you can trust that you will find a range of inspirational flooring solutions at any Carpet Court store.

With an extensive range of inspirational designs, innovative flooring types and a complete choice of contemporary and traditional floor trends available, you will love shopping for timber flooring, vinyl floors, laminate flooring and many other floor coverings at Carpet Court flooring WA.

While luxurious carpet never goes out of style, popular flooring solutions in WA include vinyl plank flooring along with laminate flooring and a blend of the two known as multi-layer hybrid flooring. timber flooring is always in demand but many family homes are finding that luxury vinyl floors provide the same stunning woodgrain aesthetic and resilient properties at a more affordable cost.

What flooring is best for bedrooms?

While there are several suitable floor coverings for bedrooms, carpet is a popular choice for many reasons. Carpet is warm and soft underfoot, providing insulation for noise and temperature.  Regular vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers.

In modern homes the trend is to extend the same flooring throughout the house, using rugs and furniture to create defined spaces and provide a softer ambience as well as insulation. Floating floors work well in this regard, creating a seamless flow from room to room and a sleek, uninterrupted finish. Popular flooring solutions for bedrooms include vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring, offering affordable alternatives to timber flooring.

Does Oak flooring have easy maintenance?

How to buy the best flooring?

While each Carpet Court store is locally owned and operated which means friendly and knowledgeable service, they also offer fabulous prices courtesy of the Carpet Court Group’s bulk buying power. This means an extensive range of affordable yet luxurious flooring solutions are on offer at your local Carpet Court flooring WA store. That’s how you buy the best flooring for the best price.

Of course it is important to ensure that you choose the most suitable floor coverings for your home environment, lifestyle and budget while keeping in mind the latest in flooring trends. This is where Carpet Court’s local knowledge and product expertise becomes invaluable. New floors are a significant investment in your home, so you want to ensure they are durable and resilient within your home conditions.

How much do vinyl planks cost?

Vinyl planks vary in price quite substantially, as do many of the floor coverings available at Carpet Court. As a guide, use the website to choose an approximate room size for the product and colour you prefer. This will provide an estimate of the cost of the floor covering itself, but not the installation or additional materials such as underlay. For a large room it may cost you as little as $1200 for vinyl planks which can range up to just over $2,000 for the most luxurious collection in vinyl plank flooring.

Where should I look for flooring options in WA?

Of course you can shop instore or for flooring online at Carpet Court. Browse the website or pop your postcode into the store locator guide and see the locations of the closest Carpet Court stores to you. The extensive range of products makes it easy to compare carpets, floor tiles (at selected stores) and floating floor solutions in one easy location.

While timber flooring is definitely on most people’s radar, it doesn’t suit everyone’s budget. But laminate flooring provides a fabulous alternative which can often be hard to tell the difference. Vinyl floors are another option and multi-layer hybrid floors provide a waterproof solution for all areas of the home. Crave your creature comforts? Carpet Court have the most extensive choice of luxury wool and synthetic carpets of any flooring retailer in the country.

Shopping for rugs? Feel free to shop for flooring online at Carpet Court’s huge online rug store, or browse in store at selected Carpet Court showrooms.