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Impressive Ultra

Material cost

Please select a colour first and then a room size below for an estimate of material cost only.

Please note that any costs provided on this website are intended to be a guide only. For carpet and flooring, these are based on preset room sizes and do not include underlay, installation or freight.

For an accurate quote, please contact your local store.

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The natural look of oak really impresses in this affordable, stylishly hardwearing collection. Ultra easy to install, Impressive Ultra gives you a lifetime of easy, low maintenance designer living.

Type Laminate
Length 1380mm
Width 190mm
Thickness 12mm
Budget N/A

Warranty Information

All Quick-Step laminate flooring is sold with a 25 year residential wear warranty from the date of purchase.
The warranty covers wear through of the surface of the floor (show through of the HDF core) in an single area greater than 1cm² within 25 years. Quick Step laminate flooring installation instructions must be followed closely when installing your Quick-Step floor and Quick-Step laminate flooring care & maintenance guidelines should be followed at all times after your flooring is installed. Installation instructions can be found inside each pack of Quick-Step flooring and care & maintenance guidelines can be obtained by contacting your Quick-Step retailer (place of purchase) at any time.

The full brochure can be viewed and downloaded here.

Care Instructions

Keeping your internal environment “laminate friendly” is important. The area should be well ventilated, occupied and protected from extreme sunlight and extreme swings of humidity and temperature. Failure to provide such an environment can lead to fading, excessive expansion / contraction (gaps) or noisy floors. More detailed information on caring for your laminate floor can be found and downloaded here.

What’s so impressive about Quick-Step Impressive Ultra Laminate Flooring?

If you love the look of timber floors, but your budget won’t quite stretch to the real thing, Quick-Step Impressive Ultra is a beautifully sophisticated range of robust, hard wearing laminate floating floors that look and feel more like natural timber than ever before. This flooring range has a superior authentic colour, design and structure - including a super realistic bevel that mimics a genuine timber floor finish.

Simply touch a Quick-Step Impressive plank to feel the difference between this range and other laminates. When you run your fingers along the surface, you’ll actually feel the realistic wood grain texture.

Where can I install Quick-Step Impressive Ultra Laminate Floating Flooring?

Thanks to a unique water-repellent ‘HydroSeal’ coating, and special joint technology, Quick-Step Impressive Ultra is not only hyper-realistic, it’s also the most waterproof laminate flooring ever produced. This is good news if your home is open plan, and you’d prefer a seamless flooring look from room to room. Given the unique water repellent features of the Quick-Step Impressive Ultra laminate, it’s perfectly suited to areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

What shades are available in the Impressive Ultra floating flooring range?

Carpet Court’s Impressive Ultra floating flooring collection is available in six beautifully textured woodgrains that are true to the real characteristics of oak.

Stunning colours such as Soft Oak Light blends natural soft browns and pale ash greys to produce a beautiful and versatile shade with delicate, warm undertones. Soft Oak Light is one of those adaptable shades that can meld with a variety of colour schemes and work every time!

Soft Oak Natural and Classic Oak Natural provide that golden hue and natural warmth typical of a timber finish and Soft Oak Medium is a mid-tone colour sitting in neither the light or dark category, able to provide a subtle and elegant finish to complement any décor.

Any décor tips for deciding on which shade and finish I should choose?

The beautiful oak finish in this flooring range works really well as a backdrop for white or light-coloured walls, and plenty of natural light will showcase the exquisite, textured features of these floating floors. If you love a minimalist aesthetic, teaming Saw Cut Oak Grey with dark furniture and a muted soft furnishing colour palette will create a peaceful, cohesive environment.

If you love a more rustic feel and want to create a warm inviting space, darker flooring such as Classic Oak Brown is a good choice. Use it to provide a notable contrast to light coloured walls or furnishings, or to complement your timber furniture. Just be mindful that too many dark colours will give the room a sombre, enclosed feel, so make sure to add plenty of light touches.

If your space is a little small, consider lighter colours to give an impression of space and openness. Colours such as Classic Oak Beige or Soft Oak Natural will give you the lovely oak timber look you want without making the room feel closed in.

How hard wearing is Quick-Step Impressive Ultra laminate floating flooring?

Carpet Court`s Impressive Ultra laminate floating floors are very robust and solid, and designed to give you a lifetime of easy, low maintenance living.

Does Quick-Step Impressive Ultra laminate flooring promise easy installation?

Absolutely. As its name suggests, Impressive Ultra is also impressively easy to install and the perfect home project for enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers. Impressive Ultra laminate floating floorboards incorporate the easy “Uniclic” installation system, so you won’t require a ton of tools.

Following the manufacturer’s installation guidelines closely is recommended to ensure that your laminate floating floors are installed correctly so as to provide you with a lifetime of hardwearing, aesthetically pleasing floors.

Will I need special tools to install it myself?

No. In fact, all you’ll need are gloves, measuring tape, spacers, pencil, hammer, crowbar and a tapping block to click the floor firmly into place. A jigsaw is handy when you want to cut your boards to length or when you need to saw round shapes. Plus a bevel tool to measure the corners in your room will ensure that you cut the boards at the right angle.

I’m not an expert at DIY. Any suggestions?

If you’d like Carpet Court to install your new floating floorboards for you, saving you the time and the hassle, we are more than happy to do so! Visit your local Carpet Court store or call us on 1300 CARPET to speak to one of our flooring experts. We’ll have your stunning new floating floors laid in no time, ready for you to enjoy.

How do I keep my Quick-Step Impressive Ultra floating floorboards clean?

We’ve made sure keeping your new laminate floating flooring looking beautiful is quick and easy. Quick-Step Impressive Ultra laminate flooring incorporates bevelled edges, so you can sweep them with a soft indoor broom or mop with a microfibre mop, or even vacuum with a hard-floor brush attachment. If needed, you can then clean the floor with a damp mop too.  Never flood your floating floors with water, keep the mop slightly moist, and simply finish cleaning with a microfibre cloth to dry thoroughly.

Ready to see some samples? Then be sure to pop into your nearest Carpet Court store today.

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