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What kinds of carpets are suited to a household with pets, and why?

For those that have pets, in an ideal world hard flooring and rugs will be the easiest to live with. That said, there are spaces in your home where it’s most pleasing to have carpet, so to strike the happy balance between form and function, select the yarn that is easiest to clean and the most moisture resistant.

As long as the carpet has water resistant qualities, a plush pile carpet will be the easiest to clean.

Wool naturally includes lanolin so it provides a level of water resistance, but synthetic fibres are often even more forgiving to spills and soiling.

Comprised of ten colours and three pile types - Birman, Basenji and Akita, Carpet Court’s UltraPet ranges are luxurious underfoot and perfect for households with pets. The ranges feature cutting edge technology that works to protect against common household spills and pet stains, and has a 15-year guarantee for colour fastness, stain resistance and durability.

For a house with pets, what colourway would you recommend and why?

A mid-toned carpet is going to be the most forgiving in terms of wear and fading, but a carpet with lots of colour variation is recommended in a household with pets. Having colour and texture variation provides great wear and tear protection, though a cut pile surface can often be the easiest to clean. A cut pile, especially in a solution dyed nylon, can resist stains and damage, however it’s important to try and limit any stains getting pushed further into the fibre.

What does one need to consider when they’re planning on recarpeting an area of a home that is frequented by pets?

Before you think about aesthetics, think about functionality. If you set yourself a brief - such as a cut pile carpet made from SDN, and is mid-toned with colour variation - then you can easily search for the perfect product. Once you’ve found a product that fits your brief, then you can select the option that is the most aesthetically appropriate for your home.

When it comes to maintenance, how would one best clean up any mishaps caused by pets?

First, surface clean without agitating anything into the fibre. You can use an absorbent towel to lift off any soiling without pushing it into the yarn. If you’re unsure of the best method, speak to your local Carpet Court store to see what products they recommend for cleaning mishaps caused by pets.

Once you’ve cleaned the soiling, vacuum the surface and repeat any of these steps until you have the desired result.

What are your top three tips for maintaining pristine carpet in a household that has pets?

  1. Regular cleaning as above
  2. Vacuum regularly
  3. Obtain professional cleaning once or twice per year

What are the key benefits of having carpet in a home with pets, rather than hard flooring?

While hard flooring is beautiful, there are several benefits of having carpet in a household with pets. Carpets create visual softness within a home - a quality that is important in any home. It also creates physical softness and a sense of warmth within a home.

With innovative solutions such as stain resistant carpets, like Carpet Court’s UltraPet range, pet owners don’t have to sacrifice on style and still have the ability to inject style into their home while allowing for life’s little mishaps caused by pets.


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