Darren Palmer has a broad portfolio, having studied fine art & graphic design, originally working in advertising and owning his own graphic design company. After succumbing to his true passion, Darren now operates his own interior design studio and has been a judge on numerous seasons of The Block.

Since the mid 2000’s, Boho style has been influenced by paring back the complexities of fashion to create a layered and relaxed look, inspired by beautiful destinations across the globe.


The Boho colour palette has had many iterations and colour schemes, inspired by countries across the globe. From bright colours in Turkey and Morocco to deep azures found in the Greek Islands, the Boho palette has featured a range of earthy tones and bright, rich colours over its time.

Currently, the palette includes earthy tones, such as deep blues, burnt yellows, ochres, rust and tan – a great place to start with any globally inspired palette. When looking for specific inspiration for your Bohemian décor, look at the colours and patterns used in your favourite exotic location.


Although inspired by a free-spirited approach, Boho room décor isn’t just about using found objects, upcycling or creating a mix of styles; by simply using the elements of décor found in boho style, you can create a luxe look.

The different elements to look for in Boho style depend on your location. For example, coastal boho is different to desert boho. Dream catchers and woven materials, such as linen or rattan should be used sparingly to avoid looking too cliché. Other artisan objects, such as woven wall hangings, dried palm leaves, or sculptural pieces will look beautiful – just be aware to not make your home a “themed” space, but rather a styled one.

If you’re looking for found items, anything that reminds you of a place less travelled or with some global influence will make a great inclusion. Patterns, colours and materials found in faraway places can add interesting layers to interiors.


An ideal Bohemian home is created within a well-worn environment, with natural timber boards or aged interior flooring. When creating a Boho interior from scratch, ensure the flooring used is as authentic as possible - think natural timbers or earthy fibers in soft flooring. Some picks for soft flooring include Carpet Court’s Far NorthDefined Charm and Lake Chalice ranges; and in hard flooring, Florence Oak.


Boho is a forgiving style, allowing use of a neutral base with relaxed furniture such as oversized or slouchy sofas to large coffee tables from India, Africa or Indonesia. Selecting pieces authentic to their place of origin can create a great contrast for a neutral Boho palette.

Canopy beds, rattan bedheads, soft sheer drapery and loose woven fabrics all add to Boho style, but don’t forget to layer pattern and texture to reflect your own taste.