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Choosing the Right Rug | Style Stories

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How do you choose the perfect rug for your living room, bedroom and dining room?

When choosing a rug, most people make the mistake of going for one that’s just a little too small for the room. When it comes to the size of a rug, the bigger it is, the greater the impact.

In your living room, you should aim to leave around a 200-300mm border around the edge of the room, so that your rug fills the floor space. The rug should be big enough to sit under the feet of all furniture in the room, to bring the overall aesthetic together and create a comfortable and welcoming feeling. Natural textures and earthy tones bring warmth to a modern interior and are the perfect complement to timber flooring – look to Carpet Court’s soumak weave wool range Ishka Rug.

To create the perfect cosy reading nook, try placing a generously-sized circular rug (around 2m diameter) under an occasional chair, styled with a reading light, a side table and a bookshelf adorned with your book collection. Opt for indulgent rug colours of burgundy, chocolate or mocha which can be found in Carpet Court's Oslo rug range or add casual elegance to your setting with Carpet Court’s Atrium Jute Rug range which is made from natural fibres.

In your dining room, you need to provide enough space for chairs to be pushed back comfortably, without your dinner guests being forced onto a tilt mid-meal! Rugs are great for anchoring the dining space, though they should always be made from appropriate fibres that will resist potential damage from food and beverage spills. Choose shapes that complement the shape of the dining table – rectangular tables work with rectangular rugs, and round tables with round rugs.

Finally, in your bedroom, you should aim for your feet to touch the rug when you step out of bed in the morning. Additionally, aim to leave enough width on either side of your bed so you can position your bedside tables on the rug too, if there is enough space. This space is all about giving you the ultimate luxury, to create a haven in which to relax at the end of a long day.

What’s the best way to choose the right style and colour for your room?

Think of a rug as a piece of art on the floor; it can either influence your overall interior decisions or complement the existing décor.

You could treat a new rug as the starting point to inspire your soft furnishings and colour palette. For example, if you choose a rug with a Moroccan terracotta colour scheme, you can highlight this with cream textured cushions to develop a relaxed, bohemian feel. Likewise, geometric high detail patterns might look just right in a room aiming for Hollywood glam, but less appropriate if you’re opting for minimalism. The City Rugs from Carpet Court are perfect for injecting a pop of colour into an otherwise neutral space.

The best thing to do is to research the style you’re trying to create and develop your own mood board to see which colours, patterns and textures work well together. Then you can have some fun and bring your vision to life.

What should you consider when placing a rug over a carpet , in comparison to placing a rug over hard flooring?

When placing a rug over hard flooring , it’s worth placing a non-slip pad underneath to secure it in place to avoid slipping.

Rugs can be a welcome addition in a carpeted room when used with purpose. The trick is to choose a rug that adds interest, texture, colour or pattern and helps delineate the space or tie in other decorative elements within the room. Carpet Court’s Skandi Rugs are versatile in style and can provide any room with a much needed update.

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Choosing the Right Rug | Style Stories

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