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Heather Nette King is a Melbourne-based interiors stylist and writer for many leading interior titles and newspapers. The hallmarks of her styling are colour and vibrancy, and she writes passionately about peoples’ homes and how they live in them.

Living the laundry dream

Doing the laundry is one of those curious household tasks – the thought of doing it is often worse than the actual execution. Yes, it takes time, but apart from doing some sorting, then some pressing of buttons, then doing a little more sorting, there really isn’t a lot to it, is there? Technology has made it pretty easy for us. In my own home, I am certainly not known for my love of domestic duties, but I have found certain ways to make even the dullest of chores more enjoyable. And, you guessed it – they involve making your chore areas more beautiful - in ways you may not expect. Here are my style tips for helping you get through those daily mounds of dirty laundry.

Elevating washing to an art form

I adore seeing art in a laundry. It’s unexpected, and apart from adding beauty to the walls, it can really elevate the space. I’ve seen inspirational artworks in laundries (“Keep calm and carry on folding”), wall sculptures, and framed kids’ artworks. Once, I even saw a very over-the-top classical work in an ornate gold gilt frame - it was a tongue-incheek statement, of course, but it really made the room a far more enjoyable place to be in.

Put on the coloured cycle

When I think about colour in the laundry, it’s not just about the division of the family washing into white, dark and coloured loads! It’s no secret that I adore colour. I’ve never met a wall that I didn’t want to paint, and I pretty much consider white to be only good for an undercoat! The almost universal prevalence of the all-white laundry has always puzzled me, as a hit of colour will create a joyous space that feels far less utilitarian and task-driven.

I love the idea of a moody, atmospheric laundry – I mean, why not? Laundries are often quite small rooms, so you can actually work with, rather than against, the small scale and create a cocooning, chore haven.

Adding colour to your laundry need not just be via a paintbrush. There are now some stunning, colourful ‘whitegoods’ available (we might need to change that word, right?). I’ve seen washing machines and dryers in vibrant orange, cherry red and even a very sophisticated and sleek black.

Add some bling to it

The trend for metallic accessories has been strong for some time now, with brass and platinum tapware adding an element of high-end luxe to kitchens, bathrooms, and even laundries. Again, this is a beautiful way of elevating the rooms that were previously forgotten in the style stakes, and now can be used to create rooms that you will actually want to spend time in. I believe we should approach our laundry lighting the same way we would the rest of our home – and a simple but striking pendant light, and even some contemporary wall sconces will up the glam ante, big time!

Hung out to dry

One of the most luxurious features a laundry can have is also one of the easiest to create, and that is a drying area. It doesn’t need to be a climatically controlled installation – just a simple rack hung above head height, on which to quickly hang your damp clothes, rather than lugging them outside to the clothesline. It may take things a little longer to dry than sunshine and wind would, but it also helps to avoid the urge just to put everything into the dryer – which was one of my new year’s resolutions as I am endeavouring to use less power in my home.

Finally, take a look at the most fabulous new laundry floors

Yes, modern laundries have come a long way since they were out-houses with troughs and boilers and rough concrete slab floors. Being a wet area of your home, they need suitable flooring that is sealed, and water resistant.

My top pick for a beautiful, yet also highly practical floor is Carpet Court’s new Elements Hybrid tiles, which are easy to install – just like click and lock floorboards. Hybrid tiles are a flooring option which combines laminate and vinyl flooring, resulting in a highly water-resistant product, so you can lay them in most areas of the home, but particularly in zones where other floating floors aren’t recommended, such as laundries. There are twelve styles to choose from, cleverly mimicking the look of polished concrete, terrazzo, marble and stone. My top pick for a beautiful contemporary laundry floor is Boulder.

Also, vinyl has come a long way in the style stakes, so if you like a really tough and durable floor, think about Carpet Court’s Burke & Wills, which is comes in some very pretty colorways such as the beautiful Australian species in Mallee Spotted Gum, Orana Blackbutt and the trending Cooper Oak.

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