Flooring to Keep You Cool Over Summer

Shelley CraftShelley Craft is one of Australia’s most accomplished lifestyle tv presenters and also a veteran home renovator. She is also a long-standing co-host of TV ratings smash, The Block.

Flooring for warmer months and humid climates

How to keep your cool in summer? Well, it all starts from the ground up.

Whether you are building, doing a summer DIY renovation or just wanting a quick change because you are sick of your home and need a fast freshen up, a new floor will make you feel light, bright and ready for the new year!

Matching your flooring to your climate – be it cool, tropical, humid, dry or a combination - is imperative for happy and healthy living.

My top 5 summer flooring types:

1. Vinyl flooring. The choices are endless - Vinyl plank, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, timber-look, stone-look or patterned. Vinyl flooring is incredibly durable, great for anyone on a
budget, and can be used in kitchens, living spaces and bathrooms. Vinyl is an excellent choice for areas in the home that receive significant traffic. Vinyl is not as rigid as some
flooring options, so it provides flexibility and will help with those who are on their feet for countless hours during the day or night. Carpet Court has a vinyl plank to suit your
aesthetic. Check out Carpet Court's Laneway.

2. Laminate. Perhaps giving you a more realistic timber look than a vinyl plank, laminate flooring is still hard wearing, incredibly versatile and cost effective. Laminate is made
with a photographic woodgrain layer on top to provide that realistic look. As the board is laid using a click or drop/lock method, laminate is a great option to DIY. If you make
a mistake during the installation process, you simply unclick and try again. Coming in many different designs, you are sure to find one that works with your home. Check out
Carpet Court's Big Country.

3. Engineered Timber flooring. It is really hard to go past the look, feel and quality of a true timber floor. There is even something romantic about it and timber certainly spells
quality. Each timber panel is unique and no two boards are identical, which allows the character to enrich the look in your room. Engineered floors are laid as either a tongue
and groove option or a drop/lock for more efficient installation. The timber flooring I am loving at the moment includes Precinct Oak.

4. Hybrid. Hybrid flooring is water resistant, meaning it can be used throughout most rooms in the home. Hybrid is a new category and developing at a fast rate, featuring new
designs including timber prints, stones and exposed aggregate. Hybrid flooring effectively takes the best attributes of both laminate and vinyl and combines them into one
floor with many options of applications and designs. It’s definitely worth exploring. Check out Carpet Court's Elements Hybrid Tiles.

5. Synthetic Carpet. If you really are in love with the look and feel of carpet - even if you live by the beach, in Cairns or Darwin - consider a synthetic carpet as it will be more
resistant to mildew and moisture, it is the perfect “summer” carpet if you will. There are some excellent options now and with Carpet Court’s premier Dunlop underlay, you
won’t be left feeling like you’ve skimped. In the case you would prefer working with a carpet made of natural fibres, such as wool, it will breathe better and feel light and fresh
underfoot – just ensure you lock in a dry clean every season. Ranges I am loving include UltraPet Basenji using UltraPet Underlay.

Get the Carpet Court Look

1. Vinyl Flooring Laneway in White Oak
2. Laminate Flooring Big Country in Shale Grey
3. Timber Flooring Precinct Oak in Indus
4. Hybrid Flooring Elements Hybrid Tiles in Tundra Grey
5. Carpet Basenji in Hymalayan Fur