How to Get the Best Out of Your Hallway

Heather Nette King

Heather Nette King is a Melbourne-based interiors stylist and writer for many leading interior titles and newspapers. The hallmarks of her styling are colour and vibrancy, and she writes passionately about peoples’ homes and how they live in them.

How to get the best from your hallway

Hallways are all too often the last space in a home to be given any décor love. To me, this isn’t just a missed opportunity for flexing some creative design muscle, it’s also a lost chance to create another highly functional as well as beautiful ‘room’ in your home. Traditionally, hallways have been minimally furnished, with perhaps a console table, a rug or runner, a small art print, and a bowl in which to toss your keys when arriving home. That may keep it easy to vac and dust, but also, it may be a little dull. So why not approach your hallway just as you would any other room, and acknowledge that it can be so much more than a passageway for entering and exiting? Here are my top hallway design ideas.

The gallery wall

Thanks to our phones, we are taking more photos than ever before – but we rarely get to enjoy the memories. Why not print a load of them and literally line your hallway with happy snaps, travel memories and family milestones? Placing them side-by-side would make a striking scene along a long hallway, or amassing prints together with artworks, wall sculpture and hanging them ‘salon style’ would create a very contemporary European look. This is also a great narrow hallway decorating idea, as sometimes adding furniture pieces makes your hall seem like more of an obstacle course.

Library love

Another creative décor trick that would fall under narrow hallway decorating ideas is to make your hallway a minilibrary. You could use a series of low bookshelves and hang art above them, or really go for the full library look with floor-to-ceiling shelves. For a beautifully cohesive look, group books by the colour of their spines; or if you’re the super-efficient, highly organised kind, group them by genre, or alphabetically.

Don’t underestimate paint

No list of hall decorating ideas would be complete without addressing the incredible power of paint. A dark hallway with minimal natural light can be brightened with a bright white paint. A very bright hall can be made moodier and more atmospheric by choosing rich, deep hues such as a navy, forest green or a luscious red.

Look down and layer

Your hallway flooring decisions are important, as by nature floors are the high-traffic highways of a home. You will need to consider factors like wear and tear - will kids be running inside in muddy trainers or football boots? Do bedrooms run off your hall? If that’s the case, you’ll want to consider noise protection for sleepyheads. Do you have pets that skid to the front door to greet you? In that case you must consider durability. One of my best ideas for decorating entry halls is to start with a beautiful hard floor, be it timber like my current favourite, Village floorboards in ‘Berkshire’, or a hybrid tile such as the Elements Hybrid Tiles in ‘Fossil’. Then you can add a stunning hallway runner - my choice for an unpatterned one is ‘Loft’, or for a classic look, ‘Evoke’ range.

The hallway style statement

For all this talk about creating an extra room out of a simple hallway space, sometimes all your hallway needs to do is look stunningly beautiful. After all, if it’s an entry hall it will be the first hint your visitors get at what lies beyond, setting the tone for the rest of your décor. If you want to take this classic approach to decorating a hallway, I would highly recommend the timeless elegance of either Herringbone or Chevron floors from the Masterpieces. From rich dark timbers through to lighter oaks, they will instantly elevate your home and make a magnificent first impression.

Get the Carpet Court Look

1. Rug Runner Evoke in Grey
2. Laminate Masterpieces in Grey Chevron
3. Timber Flooring Village in Berkshire
4. Hybrid Flooring in Elements Hybrid Tiles in Fossil
5. Rug Loft in Black