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Heather Nette King is a Melbourne-based interiors stylist and writer for many leading interior titles and newspapers. The hallmarks of her styling are colour and vibrancy, and she writes passionately about peoples’ homes and how they live in them.

Over the years, our appreciation for natural wood finishes and beautiful materials has grown. No longerjust a building material, natural wood has become a feature within itself, and many current interior trends rely heavily on it to establish architectural and stylistic moods within homes. As trends change, our appreciation for timber’s many attributes do too – from colour to grain and strength – so read on to see which wood finishes are capturing our hearts right now.


While it has its roots in rustic, rural utilitarian style, the modern farmhouse aesthetic has evolved into a far more refined and comfortable interior trend. The principles remain the same though – clean lines, simple materials, and function at the heart of every design decision. Timber is naturally the most popular material found in these contemporary takes on farmhouse style, with floorboards, wood panelling feature walls, and wood décor throughout. There’s an emphasis on appreciating the grain of the timber – the more knotted and textured, the better. My pick for this look is the stunning Nature’s Oak in Everest.


One of the most on-trend and elegant interior trends is celebrating the importance of texture and organic shapes. Textural, hand-painted wall surfaces and pale timber and timber-look surfaces form the basis of this style, while rounded and curved furniture pieces, hand-thrown ceramics and natural washed linens form the rest. Think of it as a delicate extension of boho interior design; still honouring the organic, whilst elevating the luxe. A perfect timber-look floor to achieve this style is Carpet Court’s Athena hybrid flooring option in the Natural Oak colourway, finished with the Colombo Wool Rug in Cream for that extra-textural layer.


If there is a key design out-take from the pandemic, it’s a new-found appreciation for the country we live in and a re-focussing on the beauty of our natural landscape. More people are opting for a ‘tree-change’ and with this, we are seeing the emergence of a style of architecture and interior design that sits perfectly amongst the landscape. Honest and simple interior styling featuring natural wood finishes pay homage to the surroundings. It’s an all-seasons look that perfectly adapts to freezing winters and scorching summers. An entry-level flooring product which harmonises perfectly with this natural setting is the Burke and Wills vinyl flooring in the Mallee Spotted Gum colourway.


A desire to escape to the beach is embedded in every Australian’s DNA. For those lucky enough to have access to one, and those who just wish they lived by the coast year-round, there is a particular aesthetic which recreates the summery vibes of life by the sea. Think white window shutters, white linen sofas, sea-shell collections, pale beige and blue bed linen and naive wood designs. My favourite part of this look is the pale oak floorboards, just like the Precinct Oak Range in Loire, best finished with the Atrium Jute Rug in Polo Blue.


Recently, collecting art has become an everyday pursuit, with homes that are inspired by art galleries continuing to grow in trend. They feature bright white walls, flooded with natural light, and are adorned with a curated collection of designer furniture pieces and striking artworks. The most popular flooring preference - a look that pays homage to the iconic converted warehouse galleries of New York City - is Carpet Court’s premium timber range, Terra Firma, made entirely from Australian-grown plantation Eucalypt and manufactured using only the highest quality hardwood timber. Coming in a matte or satin finish, it’s perfect for recreating gallery vibes at home.


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