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Investor Package | Carpet Court

Investing in property can be an exciting and profitable venture and there are many steps investors can take to renovate their property to the highest possible standard – to add value and increase the overall rental yield without running the risk of overcapitalising. Flooring is a great place to start, as this is one of the first design elements of a home people notice as they walk through the door. We’ve put together our Investor Package to make it easier for you to choose the perfect product. 

Comfortable, warm and inviting; carpets are a great choice. However, it’s important for investors to prioritise durability, quality, longevity and ease of installation. Try neutral ‘goes with anything’ and easy-to-clean carpets, such as Audition in Cyber Grey or Illusion in Starlight. If you want to emulate the luxury look of real wool on a budget, a polypropylene carpet from Carpet Court’s Audition collection is the way to go. While the fibres are synthetic, they create the appearance of natural wool and a similar softness underfoot for a stylish and comfortable flooring solution. Textured loop piles, such as those in the Audition collection, help to improve a carpet’s durability. The tightly looped fabric makes the fibres more resistant to pile-crushing from furniture, footprints and tracking, helping them to retain their shape for longer.

Hard-flooring is a sleek alternative to carpets, which can be ideal for investors as it involves less stress and less mess. It’s important to bear in mind the needs of your potential tenants, and with three out of five Australian households owning a pet, hard flooring may often be the preferred material to protect against stains and signs of wear from our furry friends. It’s also easier for tenants to keep clean and avoids costly carpet cleaning fees each time new tenants move in. Try Hybrid Sunlite in Blossom Oak or Hybrid Aqua-Tuf in Pilgrim to give your home a premium and durable flooring finish. Sunlite hybrid flooring has a selection of designs which replicate the natural hues, woodgrain textures and characteristics of real oak; and the Aqua-Tuf collection is quick and easy to install, 100% waterproof and can be installed throughout your entire home, including bathrooms and laundries. 

At Carpet Court we offer interest free terms on these selected products and more, making it easy to factor these costs into your renovation budgets.

Investor Package | Carpet Court

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Carpet Court's Investor Package

Australians invest in property in order to create wealth, so making informed decisions when upgrading your investment property is important. Whether you are flipping properties or creating a property portfolio for long term investment, key areas for increasing capital value include updating the kitchen, bathroom or household flooring.  While Carpet Court is not in the business of kitchen or bathroom renovations – aside from the floors of course – we’re certainly keen to make your flooring upgrade projects as easy as they can be.

If you’re updating the flooring in your investment property, you’re looking for resilient, durable, aesthetically pleasing and economical products – and you don’t want to spend endless hours doing so. At Carpet Court we recognise the significant impact flooring has on the visual appeal of a property, but we also understand that your time is precious. With this in mind we’ve created our Investor Package to make it quicker and easier to select the ideal flooring product for your investment property.


Carpets vs floating floors

While the thought of installing new carpets into a rental property may be illogical to some, advancements in modern manufacturing techniques have created durable, hardwearing yet soft carpets with remarkable resistance to spills and stains, crushing and even fading. Durable synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, triexta and solution dyed nylon are cost effective options for rental properties as they are resilient and easy to clean while being hard to tell visually apart from luxurious wool.

Carpets are warm and comfortable with great insulative properties which means they are appealing to older tenants and tenants with very young families. On the other hand, hardwood floating floors are hygienic, easy to clean, highly resilient and have a sleek, modern look popular with singles, couples and families with pets. So when deciding between carpets and floating floors consider who your tenants are likely to be.

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The benefits of modern carpets

Families love neutral, mid-tone or dark colours and easy-to-clean fibres, so we suggest carpets such as Audition in ‘Cyber Grey’ or Illusion in ‘Starlight’.  Audition in Cyber Grey offers a contemporary textured loop pile in a colour-fast, anti-soil synthetic fibre creating the appearance, texture and feel of natural wool for a budget-friendly price.

Illusion is manufactured in a resilient twist pile from high-performing solution dyed nylon fibres designed to provide a soft feel while being incredibly durable.  The mid-grey tones of Starlight are neutral, fashionable and resistant to fading, soiling and staining for many years of beautiful flooring.


The appeal of sleek floating floors

Easily installed floating floors are a popular, value-adding flooring solution with wide appeal. They are hygienic, easily-cleaned and hardwearing making them suitable for any investment property. Floating floors allow tenants to stamp their individuality on the home with the use of their own floor rugs, which also protect your investment. If your rental property will be pet-friendly, floating floors are a cleaner option than carpet.

For all-round, superior and long-lasting performance we recommend the 100% waterproof multi-layer hybrid flooring products Sunlite and Aqua-Tuf.

Sunlite hybrid flooring is designed with sun-proof and fade-proof technology, ideal for environments where the harsh Australian sun is prevalent. Sunlite resists the damaging effects of extreme temperature swings while being 100% waterproof and scratch resistant making it a hard to damage surface and therefore an ideal choice for rental properties.

Aqua-Tuf hybrid floors are tough as nails, delivering the ultimate resistance to spills, stains, water, dents and scratches which renders them perfect for investment properties. Aqua-Tuf can be laid in any room of the house, including bathrooms and laundries so they are a cost-effective option if you are reflooring the entire home.


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