It's easy being green darren palmer

It’s Easy Being Green

Darren PalmerDarren has a broad portfolio, having studied fine art & graphic design, originally working in advertising and owning his own graphic design company. After succumbing to his true passion, Darren now operates his own interior design studio and has been a judge on numerous seasons of The Block.


2017 is Pantone’s year to be green. Whilst the “Greenery” swatch is a yellow-based, vibrant colour signifying natures green palette, it also welcomes other tones of green, from darker and more muted, to brighter. Think about introducing colours like lime for a lively addition, or for something more subdued try emerald or forest green.

For green inspiration in spring, all you need to do is look outside your window. Upholstery, soft furnishings and décor can all bring a welcome feeling of freshness and life to your interiors this spring.
Pairing your newly invigorated interiors with natural tones will produce a more minimalistic, but contemporary look. Whites or neutral coloured wall paint, and mid-coloured or walnut wood tones, pair perfectly with a green complemented or green-based palette.

get the look at carpet court with darren palmer

Get the Carpet Court Look

  1. PANTONE® 15-0343 TCX Greenery
  2. Balmain Oak Wideboard in Aged Oak
  3. Laminate Big Country in Evening Storm
  4. Hybrid Aqua-Tuf Longboards in Pilgrim