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Fashion and function go hand-in-hand in the versatile Le Reve range. Customised to perfectly fit any window size, choose between blockout blinds for total privacy, light filtering blinds to allow light some light in the room, or a combination of both.

Fashion and function go hand-in-hand in the versatile Le Reve range. Customised to perfectly fit any window size, choose between blockout blinds for total privacy, light filtering blinds to allow light some light in the room, or a combination of both.

Type Blinds
Features Blackout, Light Filtering
Blinds Type Roller, Roman, Panel
Width 300cm

Warranty Information

Please check your warranty information with your retailer. Sumptuous rugs in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. Rugs are a gorgeous addition to any room with the ability to transform the entire look.

Care Instructions

Please refer to your product guide or store for the best advice on how to care for your window coverings.

What are Le Reve blinds?

Available in a roller, panel glide or roman blind, Carpet Court’s exciting Le Reve fabric is a versatile material manufactured in both blockout and light-filtering blinds. Ideal for any room in the house, blockout blinds in Le Reve - which translates to ‘the dream’ - are sure to bring deep sleep and sweet dreams to your household when installed in the bedrooms.

This woven fabric is highly textured and will bring luxury and sophistication to your window canvas while gracefully complementing any home décor. Le Reve is a fabric equally alluring in every room of the house in either a roller, roman or panel glide blind.

Panel glide blinds

Panel glide blinds are a sensational choice of blind for rooms of generous proportions with sliding or French doors and large window openings. Panel glide blinds are made with broad panels and are a simple yet effective design. Their design provides the same functionality as a vertical blind, but the wider panels offer a modern appearance in keeping with today’s home decorating trends.

Panel glide blinds open and close via a wand and slide across the door or window cavity to hang neatly against the wall. The allow maximum light and visibility through your glass doors and windows when fully open and are the perfect covering for a sliding door, as is the vertical blind.

Which colours are in the Le Reve range?

Carpet Court’s gorgeous Le Reve fabric is available in six stunning colours in a blockout blind. Choose from cool, grey Pewter to contrast with the on-trend whites in your home or continue the white theme with Shell or Crystal to create an opulent ambience. Sandy and Marble are whites with black undertones and deep, dark Mink offers a bold window canvas bringing richness to your colour palette.

In the light filtering blinds Marble is a sumptuous, earthy shade while lavish Mink has strong light filtering capabilities. Pewter has less oomph than Mink while still bringing the dark contrasting tones to your decor, and Shell has soft, subtle undertones bringing a graceful presence.

The different light control properties in the fabrics have an impact on the colours, so it is best to call 1300 CARPET to locate your nearest Carpet Court Store and see the stunning range of fabrics in person.

Blockout blinds

Blockout blinds are made with an acrylic coating and provide the ultimate in light elimination and privacy. They are the perfect choice for rooms where you need to exclude light, such as bedrooms and home theatres. Their blockout capabilities are so significant that even silhouettes can’t be seen through blockout blinds, so they are effective in rooms where privacy is important such as bathrooms and bedrooms.  

A blockout blind can be mounted on its own or on a duo bracket if a solar screen blind for daytime use is required. The combination of a solar screen blind and a blockout blind is really the ultimate in functionality, providing excellent privacy, temperature management and light control.

During the day a Carpet Court custom-made, expertly mounted blockout blind can darken a room to the extent that it allows ultimate viewing in your state-of-the-art home theatre. It is the perfect solution for young children or shift workers needing a darkened bedroom to sleep in during daylight hours.

During winter a blockout blind is an effective insulator, keeping your ambient warmth from escaping through glass doors and windows. In summer it provides a barrier against the heat transmitted from outside into the home.

Light filtering blinds

The Le Reve fabric in a light filtering blind provides daytime privacy, bathing your rooms in a soft, diffused light while reducing sun glare. A light filtering blind is a good choice for doors or windows which allow direct sunlight into the home, as they can reduce the impact of UV rays irreversibly damaging your floors and furniture.

Carpet Court’s light filtering blinds are also a great way to enhance the security of your property. They allow filtered daylight into the home and offer some visibility from the inside looking out, but they restrict people on the outside from looking in.

When mounted with a duo bracket in conjunction with a blockout blind, you have the ultimate in day/night privacy, security, light control and climate control.

Obtaining a quote from Carpet Court

Installing custom-made blinds to your doors and windows is the best way to ensure the perfect fit within your door or window cavity. This is especially important where light exclusion using blockout blinds is required, as the tightest fit means less light filtering in from around the edges.

Carpet Court will happily provide you with a free, in-home measure and quote. Simply visit your nearest Carpet Court store and speak with a friendly representative or phone 1300 CARPET to be put directly through to your local store. 

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