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Give your windows the designer treatment with the superior quality Mantra range of light filtering and blackout blinds. Beautifully styled to suit modern interiors, Mantra gives your home a look of distinction.

Give your windows the designer treatment with the superior quality Mantra range of light filtering and blackout blinds. Beautifully styled to suit modern interiors, Mantra gives your home a look of distinction. 

# Colours available in Blockout only.

Type Blinds
Features Blackout, Light Filtering
Blinds Type Roller, Roman, Panel
Width 300cm

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Care Instructions

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Introducing the dual-purpose Mantra blinds

Ours is a country of extreme weather conditions with the majority of homes experiencing searing heat at times. When scorching sun directly penetrates your home, it can fade furniture and flooring, and heat up your interior to an unbearable degree. The solution is to use light filtering blinds to repel harmful UV rays and blackout blinds to insulate your home from the heat - and also the cold during winter.

Carpet Court supply and install a huge range of blinds which will deliver practical benefits as well as aesthetic beauty to your home.

The sublime Mantra range of light filtering and blackout blinds are styled not just to suit your modern interior but to protect it too. Mantra’s light filtering and blackout blinds are available in roman and panel glide styles to suit any window canvas.

Panel glide blinds

A panel glide blind is an ideal blind for the Mantra fabric as both are suited to contemporary design. For homes with larger windows, sliding or bi-fold doors, the panel glide blind is an on-trend alternative to the vertical blind.

There are some notable differences between the panel glide blind and the vertical blind. Panel glide blinds have wider panels than a vertical blind but less of them. They have no messy chains or cords linking the panels or controlling the opening and closing of the blinds. In a panel glide blind this is done by an attached wand, and the panels hang independently of one another.

Because it operates in the same way as a vertical blind in that it opens by sliding across a door or window, a panel glide blind is a popular choice for sliding, french or even bifold glass doors. It offers the benefit of stacking tidily against the wall to allow maximum light and visibility through the door or window.

Panel glide blinds can also stack inside your door or window cavity if necessary, although this is a less common method of mounting them.

Because of their substantial breadth a panel glide blind can make quite a statement and bring a certain style to your room. When opened they are neat and unobtrusive and allow a view to be fully visible through the door or window. When closed they make quite an impression.

Light filtering blinds

Light filtering blinds provide several benefits. They offer screening privacy during daylight hours and reduce sun glare. They are also an excellent blind for doors or windows which allow direct sunlight into the home because of their ability to prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your floors and furniture.

Light filtering blinds create a pleasant ambience, bathing your rooms in subtle, diffused light.

Beautifully textured with a broken linear design, the Mantra light filtering blinds are available in five contemporary colours to bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

Cotton is a lighter-than-air, barely-there white which is deliciously fresh and pure. Seagrass brings the fashionable combination of black, white and grey to your contemporary décor and Sesame is a blend of gorgeous, earthy browns with glimpses of white. Parchment is a stunning fusion of soft neutrals set to complement any interior colour scheme and Sea Pearl is exactly as it sounds – light, fresh and full of subtle pearly tones.

When a light filtering blind is mounted using a duo bracket in conjunction with a blackout blind, you have the perfect combination of day/night privacy, light and climate control.

Blockout blinds

Blockout blinds have an acrylic coating which delivers supreme light elimination and privacy. Their ability to keep a room nice and dark makes them ideal for bedrooms and home theatres. As they also prevent even so much as a silhouette from being seen, they are the perfect blinds for privacy in bathrooms and bedrooms.

A professionally installed blockout blind is an effective insulator for your windows and glass doors. They prevent ambient warmth from escaping during winter and provide a protective barrier to the summer heat.

The Mantra range has eight stylish colours in the blockout blind collection. Cotton is a fresh white with linear hints of black and Parchment is almost Cotton’s mirror image, with meandering, broken lines of black and hints of white behind. Flint is a bold black with flashes of white and Sea Pearl is a soft, subtle blend of natural pearly colours. Seagrass has a trendy fusion of blacks, greys and whites and Sesame has stunning earthy neutral tones. Opal is a fashionable greyish white with little by way of linear textures and Spice is a highly textured dark fabric.

What colours is the Mantra fabric available in?

Any of Mantra’s colours will bring a distinctive, modern vibe to your interior. All of the colours in Mantra’s light filtering and blockout blinds are currently stylish, designer shades used frequently in modern décor. There are light, fresh whites, warm earthy neutrals, and bold, dark greys and blacks.

Is Mantra a modern style of blind fabric?

It certainly is. Designed for homes of distinction with fresh, bold or earthy colour palettes, Mantra speaks loudly of modern, stylish, trending home design.

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