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Material cost

Stylish and timeless, you are sure to love the Masterpieces range of laminate flooring for years to come.

Available in seven stunning colours and resistant to scratches, chips, stains and water spillages, Masterpieces laminate flooring is a great option for busy family households.

Stylish and timeless, you are sure to love the Masterpieces range of laminate flooring for years to come.

Available in seven stunning colours, Masterpieces laminate flooring allows you to create warm and inviting spaces with colours such as Boho and Natural. If you’re looking to create a statement or add drama to your space, Masterpiece laminate in Grey or Noyer are the perfect addition.

Also resistant to scratches, chips, stains and water spillages, Masterpieces laminate flooring is a great option for busy family households.

Type Laminate
Length 1200mm
Width 300mm
Thickness 8
Budget $$$

Warranty Information

Airstep Flooring Masterpieces laminate flooring is sold with a domestic lifetime structural warranty from the date of purchase.

This warranty is offered to the original purchaser of the flooring and is not transferrable unless, in the case that a builder or developer purchases the flooring. In this case, the warranty is then transferrable to the first owner of the property.

The warranty covers wear through of the surface of the floor (show through of the HDF core) in a single area greater than 10mm² forthe lifetime of the product.

Further details can be viewed and download here.

Care Instructions

To help enjoy the longevity of your floor for many years to come, below are some simple steps that can be taken:

  • Use a rug or matt in high traffic areas. Relocate periodically to allow natural aging process of the floor surface. For new installations, avoid doing this for a least 1 to 2 months to enable a more even exposure to natural and internal lighting.
  • Remove any liquid spills immediately with an absorbent cloth or similar. This will also help prevent stains and possible damage to the plank core.
  • Laminate floors cannot be sanded.
  • Although this Laminate flooring has been designed for improved protection against water and moisture, it is not waterproof and excessive moisture is to be avoided.

The Masterpieces range has an innovative water protection coating that covers the complete top of the floor, including grooves, preventing water from penetrating the flooring.

This Laminate flooring is engineered to withstand moisture from everyday household spills for at least 24 hours. However, if detected, immediately remove all liquid spills, including pets ‘toilet accidents’ and never overflow the floor with water. As with all wood-based products, even this range with its increased resistance, will react to the wetness and as a result will expand or contract accordingly.

Although the flooring has been designed for improved protection against water and moisture it is NOT waterproof and excessive moisture is to be avoided.

More detailed information on caring for your laminate floor can be found and download here.

How do I know if laminate floating floors are right for me?

Installing floating floors throughout your home is a significant investment in your property’s value, so it is important to choose the right product. The key things to consider are environment, lifestyle and budget.

Environmental impacts include location, aspect and climate. If yours is a beachside property, authentic polished timber floorboards aren’t the best option because sand and varnish don’t work well together. A scratch resistant floating floor such as laminate is a good option for coastal homes.

North facing homes with floor-to-ceiling glass allowing direct sunshine will suit fade-resistant laminates and homes in humid climates suit laminate floors with water resistant core technology and water resistant protective outer layers. Protecting your interior from UV rays with blinds and rugs is still recommended.

Your lifestyle is a factor too. Homes with young children and pets require flooring which is robust and resilient to withstand the knocks, spills, stains and scratches which are inevitable in active family households. Laminate floors tick all those boxes!

Budget is a factor which is usually hard to ignore. Laminate represents an affordable solution with excellent quality, longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Is Masterpieces laminate flooring affordable?

Masterpieces laminate attracts a top class A6 wear and durability rating which puts into a higher price category than some laminates although still competitive with other flooring products. It is a robust, top-quality, low-maintenance flooring product boasting performance and supreme longevity. Masterpieces patterned finish is unique, allowing a herringbone or chevron flooring design once the boards are laid.

To obtain an indication of what the product might cost minus installation costs, use our handy online estimator tool by choosing the colour of the Masterpieces flooring you like best, and selecting an approximate room size from small, medium or large. Please remember that the price is indicative of the boards only, and excludes any additional materials and installation costs.

Alternatively the friendly staff at your local Carpet Court store would love to provide you with a  free, in-home measure and quote. To find your locally-owned and operated Carpet Court store, put your postcode into our easy store locator then give them a call!

How suitable are Masterpieces laminate floors for family homes?

Given the wear and tear inflicted upon the floor of an active family household, Masterpieces laminate with its top-class A6 wear and durability rating, is ideal for family homes.

Delivering a robust, no-fuss floating floor with a water protective coating and a quality finish resistant to scratches, stains and fading, Masterpieces offers a complete flooring solution for the busiest of family homes.

For families where allergies are an issue, laminate is a hygienic, easy-to-clean, low-allergy option where quick and easy daily sweeping with microfibre mop or soft broom keeps irritants at bay. A regular vacuum and wipe with a damp mop will ensure many years of premium performance from your Masterpieces laminate.

What colours are available in the Masterpieces range?

Available in eight stylish colours, Masterpieces can create both a timeless and elegant ambience or a contemporary, chic vibe in any home. Blending earthy, natural timber tones along with cool and sophisticated on-trend greys, each design brings a vibrant feel to your interior space.

Espigna Boho, Espigna Natural and Parquet Natural are calming colours while Espigna Cream and Espigna Noyer are lively, interesting floors. Espigna Chic and Espigna Classic are versatile colours adept at blending with a diverse décor, while Espigna Grey is ideal for modern interior where cool, ashy colours complement a fresh and inspiring décor.

Is Masterpieces laminate flooring easy to care for?

Laminate is a no-fuss flooring solution very easily cared for, even in a busy household.

Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to ensure many years of optimal performance. Regular sweeping or vacuuming to keep household dirt and dust from accumulating is necessary and a wipe with a damp mop will clean spills and stubborn marks or stains. Never steam clean or saturate your Masterpieces laminate floor and use only water and pH neutral detergent when mopping.

Can Carpet Court install my laminate floors for me?  

Of course! Speak with the friendly and helpful staff at your locally owned and operated store to arrange installation by the qualified installers in your area.