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Stunning in its simplicity, the Mercury range of panel glide, roller and roman blinds provides a beautiful canvas for any window. With an impressive palette crafted to match or accent the colour of your walls, Mercury offers unlimited design opportunities.

Stunning in its simplicity, the Mercury range of panel glide, roller and roman blinds provides a beautiful canvas for any window. With an impressive palette crafted to match or accent the colour of your walls, Mercury offers unlimited design opportunities.

Type Blinds
Features Blackout, Transparent
Blinds Type Roller, Roman, Panel
Width 300cm

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Care Instructions

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Mercury II blind fabric vs the planet Mercury

There are some interesting comparisons between the planet Mercury and our simply stunning Mercury II blind fabric:

Mercury is the second hottest planet – we think our Mercury II blind fabric is pretty hot too! Mercury the planet is dark grey in colour, and our fabric has a stunning colour palette consisting of many greys crafted to blend with today’s contemporary home colour schemes.

The planet Mercury has the most craters and the most wrinkles of any planet in our solar system. Here we beg to differ as our Mercury II is sleek and smoothly textured and definitely does not have craters or wrinkles!

Panel glide blinds

The Mercury II fabric is available to grace your windows in fashionable roller, roman and panel glide blinds.

An impressive and notable panel glide blind is totally suited to modern homes with large windows and sliding or bi-fold doors. Panel glide blinds operate the same way vertical blinds do, by sliding across a door or window cavity. There are some distinct differences however, namely that panel glide blinds have much wider panels than vertical blinds, and less of them. There are no dangling chains or cords because the wide panels are only attached at the top, and they are operated by a wand, not a chain.

The other main difference is that panel glide blinds are usually mounted outside the door or window cavity, stacking neatly against the wall when open, whereas vertical blinds usually slide and stack within the door or window cavity. The beauty of panel glide blinds stacking outside the cavity is that they allow maximum light and visibility through the glass.

What colours does the Mercury II blind fabric come in?

Just like the planet Mercury, the fabric offers several shades of grey which is a highly popular colour in today’s modern home décor.

Mercury II is also available in White, Chinchilla, Snow, and Cream. White is as you would expect, crisp and clean and well-suited to many white colour schemes providing a cool contrast to warm timber or carpet floors and furnishings.

Chinchilla is a gorgeous, natural, earthy shade in which the lightly textured fibres are beautifully obvious. Chinchilla will look stunning in a home with a neutral colour palette amongst other natural shades and textures.

Snow is light and uplifting, with a slightly warmer hue than White and Cream has a comforting warmth set to provide a relaxing ambience to your room.

Mercury II’s Silver, Steel and Cinder are delightful greys providing a gorgeous contrast to cool whites or bold blacks in the modern home. Silver is a mid-tone grey, while Steel is a gutsy charcoal with black undertones. Cinder is a divine alternative to both, with some warmth and depth.

Snowgum, Black, Ash, Stone and Ironbark are all sophisticated and varied shades of grey which, in a fairly plain fabric like Mercury II, step up to the plate and make a definite statement in your home.

What are the benefits of a simple design?

The delightfully simple Mercury II fabric relies on its magnificent colour palette to reinforce the belief that sometimes less is more.

There are no garish patterns or cumbersome textures to Mercury II – it is named after the smallest plant in the solar system after all. But good things come in small packages, and Mercury II is no exception. Let the colour scheme do the talking in a room where cool, simple design speaks loudly.

The simplicity of Mercury II’s design makes it an easy fabric to use on a dual roller in both a blockout and translucent blind. It is a fabric which won’t go out of style, nor will there be a risk of it being overpowering in a room with many large windows and doors.

What design opportunities does Mercury II provide?

Your home décor style won’t be limited or dominated by the Mercury II fabric. It allows other patterns and textures in the room to shine and feature. This is particularly appealing if you like to change your furnishing style now and again, because Mercury II won’t clash with new décor.

It provides an elegant backdrop in contemporary colours and won’t clash with trending fashion designs such as wallpaper, bold flooring or geometric patterns in soft furnishings.

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