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Modern Pastels | Carpet Court Modern Pastels | Carpet Court


The Pastel look, with its soft gelato hues is a key trend this season It's perfect for re-energising a dated interior with its light, soothing colour palette, say the forecasters.

“Colour is one of the easiest and most effective ways to transform a space, and this look has it in spades,” says Heather Nette King, Carpet Court’s style ambassador. “The Pastel look is serene and uplifting – ideal for a bedroom or living room – and really plays into the current wellness trend."

Or are you searching for something a little more edgy?

Style your home in Brooklyn Jam, which takes its cues from loft-living in industrial-style warehouses made popular during the gentrification of the highly populated borough of Brooklyn NYC.

Modern Pastels | Carpet Court
Modern Pastels | Carpet Court Modern Pastels | Carpet Court

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1. Luxe Palette Carpet in Tamora
2. Luxe Palette Carpet in Calla

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What colours are popular for a pastel theme?

Quiet and restful pastel hues such as muted shades of apricot, nude pink, lilac and mint are substantive colours within the pastel colour palette, while mauve, pistachio and cool pale greys are great accentuating colour choices. The secret to not ending up with an insipid colour scheme is to choose a hero colour and blend no more than three or four softly accentuating colours around it.

“With its muted apricots, mauves and dusty pinks, the Pastel look is undeniably feminine – but combining it with pared back, modern furniture and bolder accents of mint and pale grey will take it from cloying to contemporary,” says Heather. “Seek out furniture with clean, unfussy lines and soft furnishings in the gentler hues. Juxtapose curves with lean, sharp lines, and up the wow-factor with crisp gold highlights. Add in some little vignettes of coloured glassware and vases with dainty, delicate forms, plus touches of greenery."

Tactile, luxurious accessories and soft furnishings help to create balance when you opt for smooth textures such as silk, satin and wool, while natural fibres such as jute rugs or rattan baskets add contrasting textures for interest.

How can I create a pastel look with flooring?

The pastel theme works to create a relaxing ambience so opt for a light, neutral foundation with your flooring. The pastel theme works particularly well for bedrooms, where we seek to create quiet, comfortable retreats but it works equally well in our living spaces.

“Keep the look bright and airy with pale flooring. I love an ultra-soft, plush carpet such as Carpet Court’s Luxe Palette in Calla – a light, sage shade – looks and feels luxurious underfoot. Or opt for a lime-washed or pale timber flooring such as Carpet Court’s Precinct Oak timber in Loire or Laneway vinyl planks in White Oak, which gives you the look of timber but none of the maintenance,” Heather says.

In timber flooring, choose a light hue in bleached or pale blonde timber tones such as Precinct Oak in Loire, which is a refreshing light beige with subtle, cool grey hints within a lightly textured woodgrain. Alternatively, for a more affordable option try vinyl planks like Laneway in White Oak which is light as air, fresh as a daisy and the perfect vinyl plank flooring to look right at home in a pastel-themed environment.

Where can I get flooring for my pastel bedroom?

Carpet Court is Australia's largest flooring retailer with over 200 locally owned and operated stores, so it is easy to find a showroom with luxurious flooring for your pastel bedroom. Our huge range of flooring options includes many different flooring types to suit your home, budget and pastel-inspired interior themes. 

To find a Carpet Court showroom with a vast array of luxurious carpet collections and stylish timber flooring in subtle, soothing pastel tones, enter your suburb or postcode into the handy store locator tool.