Oriental Flavour

Oriental Flavour

Darren Palmer has a broad portfolio, having studied fine art & graphic design, originally working in advertising and owning his own graphic design company. After succumbing to his true passion, Darren now operates his own interior design studio and has been a judge on numerous seasons of The Block.

Variety is the spice of life and if you want to add colour, pattern and interest to your home, traditional patterns and motifs make a world of difference. Taking your decoration influence from a particular place such as the orient can add just the right edge and lift to an otherwise contemporary interior.

It’s not hard to find home décor inclusions that are inspired by the orient. Rain drums, Thai temple doors, and official hat chairs are easy and interesting additions. Using a piece of furniture such as a traditional Chinese-style coffee or console table will add an edgy look amongst contemporary furniture. The colours, often darker timber or black, add contrast as well as featuring interesting patterns to cut through the clean lines of modern interiors and add rustic charm.

The charm of blue and white porcelain can also add a lot to the décor of a home whether it be included in a lounge, dining room or kitchen. Layers of blue and white, Chinese-patterned porcelain-ware can add a lot of drama to a space - from plates to vases or even in the form of a lamp base. Storage vessels and terracotta horses can become central décor pieces on bookshelves, coffee tables or consoles and add integrity to your styling vignettes.

Traditional Japanese and Chinoiserie motif printed fabrics or fabrics that are inspired by nature such as the cherry blossom and “The Great Wave” iconic illustration, can be referenced easily in cushions for beds or sofas to great effect.

Oriental Flavour Hard-Flooring Suggestions

Get the Carpet Court Look

  1. Multilayer Hybrid Aqua-Tuf in Pewter 
  2. Hybrid Aqua-Tuf longboards in Mason
  3. Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Great Wave” 
  4. Darren Palmer | Golden Birch Cushion | Myer 
  5. Wedgwood | Wonderlust Blue Pagoda Tray 14.5cm | Myer 
  6. Fromental | Chinoiserie Custom Tar | Handmade wallpaper