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Panel glides are a versatile and elegant shading option for large windows and sliding doors. Available in a plain style to match the simplicity of roller blinds and a plantation style to match the heritage look of plantation roman blinds or a classic style that is best paired with the crisp contours of classic roman blinds, there is a style of Panel glide blinds to suit most surrounding windows. Easily opened or drawn by wand control, Panel glides can be stacked past a doorway or large window to allow full access and view of your opening.

What are panel glide blinds?

These are essentially a contemporary version of vertical blinds but with much wider panels. Unlike traditional venetian blinds and roman blinds, these blinds do not roll up but instead slide across tracks in a similar fashion to vertical blinds.

What kind of décor would they suit?

If you’re after a modern, fresh and minimalist look for your room, then these blinds could be what you’re after for your windows. They are a great way of introducing subtle lines to your space in an unobtrusive manner. They provide the light cover that you need without dominating the overall style to your room or compromising privacy. Their understated elegance means that it’s no wonder they’re getting more and more popular each season.

What kind of windows are they best for?

The blinds can work with most windows but the bigger than average panels makes them a particularly good choice for larger windows and rooms. Whilst they can work in virtually any room, there is no doubt that they can appear more striking in more open spaces. The blinds themselves are made from flat panels of fabric and are very simple to use. The panels cleverly slide behind each other to take up as little room as possible when open. The blinds also work very well with glass sliding doors as they can be opened quickly and easily to allow access in and out of the room.

What colours are available?

There are so many colour options available that it’s probably easier to ask what colours aren’t available! To add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room, why not have some fun with the Chelsea, Vibe or Stanza ranges which give you a choice of vibrant purples and blues? For a contrasting neutral shade, take a look at Cadence, Concorde or Icon for a selection of tones rather than colours. Textured blinds can also add another dimension to a room and there are plenty to choose from.

Where can I get expert advice on blinds from?

Our Carpet Court stores do so much more than just sell flooring. We offer a large selection of blind fabrics and styles to make your custom made blinds. Pop into your local store where our professional staff will be able to help you navigate through the options and assist in helping you find the best window dressing solution for your home.

What are other options for blinds?