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Material cost

Please select a colour first and then a room size below for an estimate of material cost only.

Please note that any costs provided on this website are intended to be a guide only. For carpet and flooring, these are based on preset room sizes and do not include underlay, installation or freight.

For an accurate quote, please contact your local store.

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This floating timber floor is a hugely popular design for its ease of installation and maintenance. Unlike traditional floorboards or parquetry, Readyflor simply clicks together and floats across a floor, showcasing a stunning, seamless blend of timber.

Type Timber
Length 1820mm
Width 134 to 145mm
Thickness 14mm
Budget N/A

Warranty Information

Quick-Step Timber is sold with a Lifetime Structural Warranty that covers warping or twisting of any board for the life of the floor, in accordance with the conditions listed below and as a result of product manufacturing faults or defects. Warping and twisting refers to a board independently distorting when compared to adjacent boards. These terms do not refer to cupping or doming. Cupping and doming, refers to the reasonably uniform convexing or concaving shape across the width of the surface of boards installed. Cupping and doming, whilst extremely uncommon, are caused by factors relating to installation or the installation environment. As they are outside the control of the manufacturer, they are specifically excluded from this warranty.

The full warranty brochure can be viewed and downloaded here.

Care Instructions

Keeping your internal environment “timber friendly” is important. Immediately after installation, the area should be well ventilated, occupied and protected from extreme sunlight and extreme swings of humidity and temperature. Failure to provide such an environment can lead to fading, distortion of panels, excessive expansion / contraction (gaps) or noisy floors. More information on caring for your floor can be viewed and downloaded here.

Readyflor Timber Floating Flooring

Choosing a type of floor for your newly-built home or a home you are renovating can be a difficult choice, with so many great flooring options to choose from. Comfortable carpets, luxurious laminates, versatile vinyls and tasteful timber floors all have their place in Australian homes.

When making the right decision, you should consider your lifestyle, environment and budget. Floating floorboards are a popular solution with home owners not only because they suit family living by being easy to clean and maintain, but also because they look great, are quick and easy to install and are durable too.

Timber floating flooring is a fashionable option bringing the raw, natural beauty of wood which looks right at home in any environment, to not only blend seamlessly with the décor but enhance it.

While it’s hard to ignore timber’s amazing good looks, the benefits don’t stop there. Timber floating floorboards are not hard to keep clean and are extremely hardwearing for that long-term flooring solution you seek. As Australia’s largest flooring retailer, Carpet Court have a substantial selection of timber floating floors, so there is sure to be a colour and style perfectly suited to your home.

What are the benefits of timber floating flooring?

Timber floating flooring is hard to beat when it comes to quality, crafted floating floors. Floating floors such as our hugely popular Readyflor product are easily installed by clicking solid wood boards together which then float across the underlying subfloor.

Crafted from premium timbers such as Jarrah, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Tasmanian Oak and Blue Gum, Readyflor falls into the higher price scale but has incredible longevity and comes with a lifetime structural warranty.

Timber floating flooring is an investment in the long term, capital value of your home. It has excellent resilience, long-lasting durability and takes the everyday wear and tear families inflict upon their floors in its stride.

Is it easy to install floating floors?

Readyflor is one of our bestselling timber floors, not just because of its obvious aesthetic talents, but because it boasts such easy installation. Simply laid above your existing subfloor, the 14mm thick (and up to 145mm wide) timber planks are designed to click together and float across the subfloor. In no time at all your stunning new floor is laid and busily transforming your home with its rugged good looks!

Floating floors make good DIY projects but be sure to get installation advice and tips from the experts at Carpet Court first!

What colours is Readyflor available in?

The thing about timber floating floorboards is that the colours are all so stunning it’s hard to choose one! You can narrow the choice down by picking the tone most suited to your décor, and deciding whether you want light, mid-tone or dark timber floors.

From the rich, deep red of sophisticated Jarrah through to the natural, creamy tones of Tasmanian Oak, Readyflor comes in a selection of colours to suit every taste and home décor requirement.

The ever-popular Spotted Gum provides a spectacular blend of earthy browns to perfectly complement your neutral décor while magnificent Merbau brings a unique, subtle warmth to the room. Blue Gum and Blackbutt are poles apart – or should that be tree-trunks apart – with beautiful Blue Gum’s rich warmth contrasting to the cool, sophisticated elegance of Blackbutt.

Floating floors = low maintenance living

While not as resistant to spills as some floating flooring products, timber floating floors boast plenty of their own natural hardwearing qualities. With all of nature’s imprints upon it, the usual daily wear and tend of family living tends to blend with the knots and swirls and graceful texture of wood, making it a no-fuss flooring solution ideal for family living.

Easily swept or vacuumed with the correct attachment, dirt and debris doesn’t stick or embed itself so your timber floors will look amazing with little effort. Cleaning up spills promptly and caring for your timber floors in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions is important if you wish to ensure a lifetime of excellent performance and timeless beauty.

These days we are all about cramming as much as we can into our busy lives, so low maintenance living is a prerequisite for many home decorating decisions. Timber floating floorboards offer both stylish, versatile beauty as well as tough, durable performance while being quick and easy to clean and maintain.

When you're ready, you can book a free in-home measure and quote with Carpet Court to help you make your final decision. Alternatively, visit one of our 200+ stores today, where you will find our knowledgeable staff ready to discuss all the floating flooring options with you.

If you decide to install click-together Readyflor timber floating floors in your home, we will happily undertake the pre-installation work and lay them for you or provide advice on how you can tackle that DIY project on your own.


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