The buyers guide to rugs

For the widest selection of stylish floor rugs to enhance any room and to define any space, view Carpet Court’s Rug Buyers Guide. Shop our extensive range online today and enjoy free delivery across Australia, or visit a select store.


A Stylish New Rug Enhances Any Room

Rugs are a quick, easy, and effortless way to update and enhance any room or space. Add colour, mood, and texture to your home or any area with a stylish new rug.


Floor rugs can quickly and easily update any room in your home or any living space. Rugs not only bring a room together, rugs bring visual warmth and texture, as a quiet and subtle decorative bystander or as a bold and impactful centrepiece.

Carpet Court have a wide range of beautiful floor rugs to choose from. In choosing the perfect rug for your home or any space, consider:

  • The room or space, and its use
  • Lifestyle considerations (like children and pets)
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • The room’s look, colour scheme and style
  • The physical space
  • Other furniture, fixtures and finishes
  • Your location and climate
  • Your budget


Carpet Court’s extensive range of stylish and on-trend rugs vary in texture, colour, size and setting.

Traditional rugs bring the timeless craft of the Ottoman Empire, Orient and Middle East into your home. Ranging from bold and beautiful oriental to the more neutral and demure. This type of rug pays tribute to centuries of tradition woven into vibrant colours and natural textures creating timeless original masterful works.

Wool rugs are soft and luxurious underfoot, and beautiful to look at. Besides the aesthetics, wool rugs are also extremely practical. Because wool is 100% natural, it is environmentally friendly, repels moisture and is a natural fire retardant. Wool also insulates your home and keeps heat in on cold days. The lanolin in wool makes wool rugs spill resistant, perfect for young families and pet mishaps. Wool is also antibacterial. All this make wool rugs a superior performance rug that will endure the long-term while bringing a sense of comfort and luxury into your home.

Natural rugs are made from natural sources other than wool. Carpet Court’s natural rug range includes cotton, jute, sisal and a combination of natural fibres. Natural rugs tend to have an organic feel and are hand-woven by artisans in countries like India. Our natural rug range comes in bright, earthy and neutral colours.

Modern rugs are beautiful and versatile, available in many shapes, colours and sizes to suit modern living spaces and contemporary design, from vibrant and bold, to understated and calming. Carpet Court’s range of modern rugs are made from a variety of fibres, including 100% pure wool, natural and synthetic, as well as a combination of these fibres.

Outdoor rugs can serve to seamlessly connect your outdoor to your indoor spaces or as a stand-alone statement piece to enhance any outdoor area. Being spill-proof and water resistant, Carpet Court’s stylish range of outdoor rugs are hard-wearing but also maximise the aesthetic of a verandah, terrace, deck, balcony, alfresco area or pergola.

Custom rugs add a touch of understated personalisation and sophisticated style to any and every room. Carpet Court’s Bremworth collection of wool and synthetic custom rugs brings 50 years of experience and craftsmanship into your home. The Bremworth collection is available in rectangle, round and square shapes in a variety of on-trend colours, rug designs, rug styles and textures. Samples are available for custom size rugs.


In terms of décor, colour alone has the ability to make a bold ‘look-at-me’ statement or can subtly support another centre-stage piece. With over 280 colour options to choose from, Carpet Court’s range of floor rugs suits all settings and colour preferences. Keeping in mind the room look and purpose of the space, start by exploring our different colour palettes to find the perfect rug:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark
  • Warm
  • Cool


While all rooms are not created equal, beauty and style can rise out of any space.

Carpet Court’s range of rugs in a variety of shapes and sizes embraces a no-one-size-fits all philosophy and means that every room, from open plan to defined, can be stylish, irrespective of size and shape, with ease and affordability.

Our rugs come in many sizes, from smaller rugs for under coffee tables or the side of the bed, to area rugs for large open plan spaces or to define any area. Our shape options include:

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Round
  • Runner


From quirkiness and flair, to neutral or bold, a rug’s visual design is ultimately where it’s at. Carpet Court’s range of rugs caters to all tastes, with over a 100 designs that can create any lifestyle look and enhance every living space. Our range of designs includes:

  • Abstract
  • Floral
  • Geometric
  • Pattern
  • Textured
  • Solid Colour


Besides considerations like colour, style, durability, and ease of cleaning, there are also choices to consider around texture when choosing the right rug. Texture is how the rug feels underfoot and determines whether the tactile experience is soft or hard, rough or smooth.

Rug construction impacts on texture. A flat weave woven rug construction will give a very different underfoot and room feel compared to a high pile shag rug or luxurious wool rug. Rug construction and fibre also determine durability, water resistance and allergy considerations.

The choice is wide when it comes to a rug’s texture – from pure natural wool to synthetic fibres, and a combination of blends in-between. Carpet Court’s rug collection is extensive in fibre options, rug design, rug style and colours, suited to all sorts of homes and lifestyles.

Natural fibre rugs

Versatile in look and enhancing a wide scope of interiors from casual to ultra-modern, our range of natural fibre rugs includes pure wool, cotton, jute and hemp. Our natural fibre range of rugs includes eco-friendly and reversible cute and trendy jute rugs, to resilient and luxurious 100% natural wool rugs, to sisal rugs sourced from renewable plantations. Other than wool, natural fibre rugs are generally inexpensive and many are non-shedding - popular for families with allergies or if looking for a more sustainable home. Carpet Court’s range of natural fibre rugs include our Skandi flat weave kilims made from 100% wool and Atrium Jute Polo which is 100% jute.

Synthetic rugs

Our range of synthetic rugs are manufactured for both performance and sensory enjoyment, made from polypropylene, viscose, sisal and/or polyester. Even though soft underfoot, our synthetic rugs are hard-wearing, stain resistant, moisture repellent, easy to maintain and wear better in the sunlight. Synthetic rugs’ durability makes them popular for busy households and high traffic areas.

Mixed blends of synthetic and/or natural fibres

Our range of mixed blends is available in a wide selection of rug designs and rug styles, and includes Visions, which is a wool and viscose blend, and Dasha made in India which is a mixed blend of 80% New Zealand wool and 20% polyester.


Size matters in choosing a rug. The size of the room or space, and the size of the rug chosen to enhance the space. Before shopping for your perfect rug, pause to think about rug size. Start with measuring the room or space. The rug size will depend on your personal style and vision for the room.

Will your rug take up the entire floor space? Area rugs are popular for bedrooms and living rooms with most of the rooms furniture placed on top, or at least the front legs of the larger furniture pieces. Will your rug define an area or areas within the room? Maybe placed stylishly under a coffee table or at the foot of the bed, or larger area rugs defining a dining table area.

Carpet Court’s rugs come in a variety of sizes, designed to enhance a space and bring any room together. Some of our size options are shared below, small to large, with hundreds of options in between.

  • Rectangle rug sizes include small 225x155 to large rugs at 300x400
  • Round rug sizes include small 120x120 to large rugs at 240x240
  • Runner rug sizes include smaller 400x80 to 1500x80 lengthier options


When it comes to outdoor rugs, durability is key because this type of rug need to comfortably handle the elements. Our range of outdoor rugs are hard-wearing and easy to care for, suited to all outdoor setting from patios, to decks, balconies and verandahs. Made from 100% polypropylene synthetic fibre makes outdoor rugs inexpensive, strong, weather resistant and spill-proof.

Carpet Court’s range of patterned and plain, colourful and neutral outdoor rugs can work beautifully to enhance and define any outdoor space, and also works to connect indoor and outdoor areas subtly and tastefully. As part of our rug offer we range ecofriendly rugs made with PET , these are great for outdoors and can be cleaned with ease.

Because our range of outdoor rugs are strong on design and durability, our outdoor rugs can also be used indoors for high-traffic areas and for busy households in kitchen spaces, rumpus rooms, children’s bedroom and playrooms.


While the rule of thumb is often to choose a rug that mirrors a room’s shape, your style and décor ideas may choose to push the boundaries or unravel them. Speak to a friendly Carpet Court consultant to learn more about our varied shapes and sizes in deciding on the shape and type of rug, and how the perfect rug can enhance and balance all sorts of rooms and interior spaces. Here are just a few thoughts to spark your décor ideas around rug style and rug design for different spaces.

Hallways: Runners are a practical and stylish way to welcome guests and also keep out the dirt, especially in busy homes. Rectangle rugs can also work well depending on the space.

Bedrooms: In general, when it comes to bedroom rugs, bigger is better. Large area rugs under beds, spreading outwards across the expanse of the room makes a room feel warm and luxurious. Depending on the size of the room, smaller rugs on the side of a bed can also provide comfort and warmth. A rug over your carpet adds a luxurious aesthetic to the room.

Children’s rooms: For children’s rooms, rugs serve to comfort, brighten and warmth. Durability is also important in children’s rooms, and easy to clean. Synthetic rugs are often a popular choice for kids’ rooms, playrooms and rumpus rooms.

Dining rooms: Very large area rugs serve to define the dining space. Even if size preference varies, keeping chairs around the dining table comfortably on the rug is practical and protects the floor under the rug.

Outdoor: Made from easy to clean, UV resistant and resilient synthetic fibre, our outdoor rugs in vibrant or plain designs enhance any outdoor space, balance outdoor with indoor, and are also suited to indoor high-traffic areas - especially with kids and pet ‘small’ foot traffic.


Most Carpet Court stores do not stock or sell the entire range of online rugs and custom size rug collection. To avoid any inconvenience, please check your nearest store to determine what stock they carry.

Whether you buy from a Carpet Court or order a rug online from us, ordering is easy with a variety of payment options, and delivery is FREE Australia-wide.

We want you to love your rug! if you don’t, or if you change your mind, you have 5 business days to return it to us from the date you receive it, no questions asked (There is a flat fee of $74.95 incl. GST to cover the returns’ delivery cost). The rug returns policy excludes custom size rug purchases, which cannot be returned because they are made bespoke for a specific customer. For more information about returning your online rug purchase see our Rug Return Policy page.


Delivery is FREE across Australia for all Carpet Court rug orders. After you’ve made your rug purchase, please look out for an email with delivery details within 7 to 10 business days of your order being placed (also please check your spam/junk folder in case it landed in there). If you don’t hear from us, please contact Carpet Court’s customer support. As custom rugs are made bespoke for you the delivery times are longer, for example 6 to 8 week lead times.

We use a courier service for our deliveries, so once your order is dispatched you’ll receive an email with courier and tracking information for your rug purchase. If you’ve ordered more than one item from Carpet Court, your deliveries may arrive from different carriers at different times on different days since they may be dispatched from different warehouse locations.


To ensure your rug stands the test of time, and remains looking lovely for the long-run, proper care and maintenance is required. By following a few easy steps, you can enjoy your rug for many years, without showing signs of early aging.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuuming your floor rug regularly lifts dirt particles so that dirt doesn’t get embedded in the rug fibres. We recommend vacuuming with the nap of the rug, with the width as well. Trim any loose yarns with a scissors, don’t pull them. Also occasionally vacuum the underside to remove dust particles settling in permanently.

Steam Cleaning

For steam cleaning, please hire a professional steam-cleaner. DIY options often leave a residue that can ruin your rug.

Spills and Stain Removal

When it comes to spills, Rule No.1 is to take action immediately. Start with using a blunt spatula to remove large particles. Then blot away excess spill with an undyed sponge or blotting cloth. Use a sponge with a mild warm water cleaning solution as the last step before leaving to dry. For coloured or stubborn stains, you may need to hire a professional cleaner.


To prevent wear and tear as well as fading from sunlight, it is essential to rotate rugs regularly. This also helps the floor underneath age at a similar rate to the rest of the floor. So it’s a win-win for all floor coverings to rotate your rugs.

Anti-Slip and Underlay Padding

To protect you rug and flooring and to ensure longevity for your rug, it is recommended to place a breathable non-slip underlay or rug pad beneath your rug. An underlay not only makes your rug non-slip, but also prevents unwanted movement which would increase wear and tear. A breathable rug pad also decreases moisture and the growth of bacteria and mildew. Carpet Court recommends an anti-slip rug pad like Supa Rug Grip to prevent slippage and sliding of your rug.


If you need to store your floor rug, always roll your rug and face the pile inwards (unless it’s a silk rug). Avoid plastic wrapping as plastic doesn’t allow breathability. Rather use acid free brown paper or clean fabric. To avoid the rug becoming damp, store your rug off the ground and don’t store anything on top of your rug.


From low pile rugs to plush shags, from flat weave rugs to wool, from traditional to contemporary, irrespective of the perfect rug you select, here are some rule-of-thumb pointers to help you make your choice.

Purpose/Use: Consider the space, foot traffic plus the resiliency required with pets and children in your home.

Allergies: Consider non-shedding fibres, or fibres such as wool, jute and cotton, especially for bedrooms.

Environment: High humidity or very cold climates? Wet area of a home or heavy foot traffic? Or even an outdoor rug!

Size and shape: Measure the room or space before making a purchase.

Colour and design: Once you’ve decided on a room look, make a statement or subtly enhance in deciding on a rug style or rug design.

Textures and fibres: Consider the tactile experience underfoot, warmth in cold climates, durability for high traffic, and allergies.

Anti-slip underlay padding: Prevent sliding and slipping between the rug and the surface its placed on, preserve the life of your rug and enjoy a bit of extra cushioning. Carpet Court recommends an anti-slip rug pad like Supa Rug Grip to prevent slippage and sliding of your rug.


Choosing the right flooring is an important decision and one that you will live with for years. Your floor or carpet is the very foundation of your interior space and often sets the tone for how the room feels.