Sumptuous rugs in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. Rugs are a gorgeous addition to any room with the ability to transform the entire look of any room or space. Check out the range of earthy natural like our jute rugs or indulge in a classic, plush, wool rug from small and subtle to large and bold.

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What are the benefits of rugs?

Interior design guru and Carpet Court ambassador Darren Palmer recommends adding rugs to your space for a variety of reasons. As an interior design element, they add softness, colour and texture to your décor and are the easiest, most affordable way to instantly update a room with the latest on-trend looks. Rugs also help define and zone a space - which is a big plus in homes that are open plan – by providing a unifying base to ground furniture and give a room foundation.

Rugs are also the perfect interior design choice if you’re renting, as they allow you to stamp your own style on a home.

Do rugs suit any type of flooring?

Absolutely. Rugs are incredibly versatile and look just as beautiful on a timber floor as they do on concrete or tiles. In fact, rugs are a great way to keep your floors looking as good as new by protecting them from damage such as scratches. They also help to absorb and reduce noises such as the sound and vibration of footsteps, which is ideal if you’re in a two-storey home or a unit.

What sort of rug should I choose?

Carpet Court has a huge variety of rugs to choose from, from traditional, jute rugs and round rugs to contemporary and modern rugs, in classic neutrals or bold colours. Before deciding which is the right rug and best style rug of for you, there a few lifestyle factors you should consider.

Think about who will be living in the space, how robust do the areas need to be to withstand foot traffic and moving of furniture? Also, if your family suffers from allergies, you should look towards a non-shedding floor rugs option. 

It is also important to think about if the area is a wet area such as a bathroom and make sure the rug is somewhat water resistant. You can also match the rug to your bathroom accessories, bath mats and bath towels. 

Wool rugs

Wool rugs are beautiful, resilient, natural fibre and a luxuriously durable solution for bedrooms and living areas. Wool is a traditional carpet fibre that has good natural fire resistance, and is soil and stain resistant, making it an ideal choice if you have kids and pets.

Synthetic rugs

Synthetic rugs perform exceptionally well in high traffic areas such as you dining room, living room. or even home office. Stain resistant, moisture repellent and easy to maintain, they’re a good choice for busy homes.

Alfresco rugs

Alfresco rugs are a brilliant way to brighten up your outdoor space and add a feeling of warmth and texture to your deck.