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Choosing a rug can be a difficult decision, but it doesn't have to be a stressful one. While there are so many colours, styles, shapes and sizes available, it is great to know that a rug isnt a permanent solution to a home's interior. A rug can be changed and updated to suit any style, season or look and at Carpet Court, we have a different rug to suit any purpose. Browse our range of stunning hallway rugs and runners and make a statement in your home.

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What should you consider when choosing a rug for your hallway?

First impressions count, and hallway rugs have an important role in welcoming guests into your home – or not – if unwanted visitors are the bane of your life. But your hallway rug is also the first thing you see when YOU arrive home – assuming you’re not greeted by furry friends – so let’s go with choosing a rug that leans more towards ‘welcome home’ than ‘get lost’.

To create a welcoming ambience, consider the entrance to your home in its entirety, from your front porch through to the end of your hallway, and choose a rug which unites and complements everything along the way.

Think about the colour which best reflects the tone of your interior style, but keep in mind your hallway rug will receive the most dirt of any rug in the house.

A hallway rug receives a lot of foot traffic and you want it to stay put, not meander down the hall in a haphazard way. With this in mind, choose a rug with enough weight and density to stay firmly in place, or use anti-slip floor tape to secure it.

What sizes do hallway rugs come in?

The length of your hallway runner is important. It should encompass most of the length of the hallway but be aware of clearance beneath the door if you want it to start close to the entrance.

While we often think of hallway rugs as long runner rugs, contemporary house designs also have shorter, wider hallways so any rectangular rug may also be the right size for your hallway. Typical hallway runner rugs are between three and five metres long and approximately 80 centimetres wide, but equally suitable could be any of our rectangular rugs in various sizes.

Our gorgeous Evoke collection features traditional and abstract designs in both bold and subtle shades. Choose from a suitably-sized rectangular Evoke rug for short, wide hallways or a traditional hallway runner in a lengthy 4.0m x .80cm for your long, narrow hallways.

What are the benefits of using a hallway rug?

Hallway rugs are the perfect home accessory for protecting your flooring. A hallway rug can stop damaging high heels in their tracks, and trap dirt and debris before it infiltrates your spick and span home sweet home.

Aesthetically, a hallway rug sets the mood for the ambience of your home, reflecting your interior style and letting your visitors know what to expect right from the start.

What hallway rugs are the most durable?

Durability is an important factor when choosing a hallway rug. From high heels to grubby boots and sandy thongs, your hallway rug will cop the lot. Choosing a dense, short pile in tightly woven wool or synthetic fibres such as polypropylene is ideal because they are easy to clean, resilient and hardwearing.

What colours are ideal for a hallway rug?

Choosing the right colour for your hallway rug can be complex.

Of course a hallway rug should enhance the home’s colour scheme and blend well or contrast with the existing flooring. But as hallways don’t always receive a lot of natural light, you should be aware that your hallway rug may appear darker than you anticipate.

A light-coloured rug can be uplifting in a dark hallway, but as the hallway rug has the toughest job in the house when it comes to collecting dirt and debris, a light rug may not cut the mustard. Balance the need for a light and enticing entrance to the home with the practical aspects of being the first port of call for dirty shoes.

Getting back to those unwanted visitors… if they are getting out of hand try a bold red rug, the universal colour for STOP. RIGHT. THERE.