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  • Rugs Clearance

    Rugs Clearance

    Quality rugs at reduced prices. Hurry, these rugs won't last.

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    1. Abode Diamond
      Rugs Abode Diamond
      Special Price $149.40 Regular Price $249.00
    2. Assos
      Rugs Assos
      Special Price $792.00 Regular Price $990.00
    3. Carnac
      Rugs Carnac
      Special Price $199.20 Regular Price $249.00
    4. Empire
      Rugs Empire
      Special Price $269.40 Regular Price $449.00
    5. Icon
      Rugs Icon
      Special Price $119.40 Regular Price $199.00
    6. Kids
      Rugs Kids
      Special Price $119.40 Regular Price $199.00
    7. Pandora
      Rugs Pandora
      Special Price $209.30 Regular Price $299.00
    8. Tobra
      Rugs Tobra
      Special Price $349.30 Regular Price $499.00
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    ^^ Rugs only available while stocks last. Selected colours and sizes available online, at selected participating stores only. #Terms and conditions apply. Online only. Courier return fees may apply.

    How do I choose an area rug?

    Carefully! A stunning floor rug can really put the finishing touches on a room and take your interior style from quite nice to sensational. To achieve that result you need to pay close attention to the following things when choosing your gorgeous new area rug:

    1. Fibre

    If you are choosing an area rug for your alfresco space, a polypropylene fibre is the most durable, resilient and easy to clean. Perfect for the outdoors, this synthetic fibre is UV stable, non-shedding and can be hosed down and dried in the sun. Carpet Court currently has excellent deals on polypropylene rugs including the Concept, Pandora, Empire and Ruby collections.

    When choosing indoor rugs you should consider the room and the environment. Is it a casual living room with lots of family activity or a less-used formal lounge or dining room? Is it an elegant master bedroom or a bedroom the kids also play in? Choose your fibre based on the level of luxuriousness and softness you desire, while balancing that with the degree of resilience the rug needs to withstand the wear and tear it will receive.

    For a formal area of the home, a pure wool rug such as Haven or Assos will create a luxuriously sophisticated ambience and 100% flat weave cotton fibres like Carnac can bring edgy style to modern decors. If a pure wool rug is not usually considered to be within your budget, check out the reduced prices on some of Carpet Court’s most luxurious wool rugs for a fantastic deal.

    Versatile rugs such as Abode Chevron and Abode Diamond are made from natural fibres which suit many areas in the home. Their jute and cotton construction does need regular upkeep however, and liquid spills should be wiped up promptly as the fibres don’t repel liquids naturally like wool rugs do.

    2. Size

    Size really does matter and when it comes to rugs the bigger the better! To make sure you get the size correct, measure the room or open plan area where you want to place a rug and take that with you when you shop at Carpet Court for your new rug. The helpful staff can guide you towards the right sized rug for the area.

    Carpet Court’s rug clearance sale is a great way to buy the biggest rug possible without breaking the bank. Their discount rugs represent huge savings, and big rugs + big savings = happy customers!

    3. Shape

    You can have a lot of fun playing with the different moods that various rug shapes can create in a room. The shape of the rug doesn’t have to match the room, in fact sometimes you can create some interesting dimensions by mixing up the shapes.

    Think square bedroom and a beautiful big rectangular rug placed width-ways across the floor beneath the bottom half of the bed. Drape a soft woolly blanket along the foot of the bed to soften the angles and create a soothing environment.  Or imagine a square, geometric patterned rug in an open plan rectangular-shaped living area, positioned in a way that draws the furniture into the space.

    As long as it fits into the space, you can do whatever you like with different rug shapes, even overlapping a smaller rug onto a larger rug of completely different dimensions. Funky and fun!

    4. Colour/design

    When choosing an area rug picking out the colours and designs is possibly the most exciting part! Of course you are going to match it to your décor, which isn’t so hard if you have fairly neutral textiles in your window dressings and soft furnishings. If not, go for a neutral rug.

    The colour also needs to complement a couple of the main colours in the room and blend in with the tones in your flooring, or contrast completely such as a black rug on white tiles. If you have patterned or floral fabrics in the room, opt for a plain rug in a complementary colour, but if your décor is fairly neutral you can choose a rug in the same tones but in a design or colour which makes it the statement piece in the room.

    If the space is small a lighter toned rug will generally make the room appear more spacious. Dark colours define the space as being more intimate and inclusive.

    5. Price

    Price is often one of the most prohibitive factors when choosing a floor rug. What we like and what we can afford may be two very different things. But when you shop at Carpet Court’s rugs clearance sale, you can choose beautifully luxurious rugs at very affordable, reduced prices. And you know, sometimes the cheapest rugs can have the biggest impact when they fit perfectly with the size, shape, colours and ambience of the room.

    When you’ve been given a fantastic deal online or at your local Carpet Court store you may even find yourself able to afford a couple of new rugs, replacing those other tired and worn rugs that would otherwise have had to wait until the budget allowed it…

    What size rug should I get?

    That depends on the room and the space and what you are trying to achieve.

    In a living room the ideal rug is big enough to encompass all or at least the front legs of your seating furniture, and any side tables and central coffee tables. This allows the rug to define the space as an inclusive, designated area for relaxing and conversing.

    A dining room rug should be large enough to accommodate all the chairs around the dining table when they are pulled out and being used. The size of a dining room rug is actually more about practicalities than aesthetics, because a rug that is too small will catch the chair legs when they are moved in or out.

    In the bedroom the colours and textures in a rug can create a warm and relaxing mood. A small rug on the side of the bed is less likely to do that than a large rug encompassing the bed and the bedside tables with about a half a metre surplus all around. A rug of this size in the bedroom draws your focus to the bed and provides a comforting base which is soft and warm under foot while being visually soothing.

    A small rug can perfectly define a small area, such as a study nook in an open plan environment. To do this effectively it needs to be the right size to easily encompass the desk, chair and some space around them.

    How to clean a rug?

    The best way to clean a rug depends on the fibre. The stunning Carnac rug is an example of a rug that should be professionally cleaned, while our wool rugs Haven and Assos can easily be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and a wool fabric cleaner.

    Many rugs are a blend of different fibres which may include wool, cotton, jute, acrylic, polypropylene, nylon and others. Therefore, to safely ensure the prolonged good looks of your fabulous new floor rug, you should always follow the manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions. Aside from vacuuming of course, that’s always a given when it comes to frequent upkeep of your rugs! A good shake outside to get rid of embedded dust, pet hair and dirt doesn’t go astray either.

    And if you want to get twice the life out of your rug consider buying a reversible rug. You can simply flip it over when it begins to show signs of being a little weary for a brand new look!

    What are the best tips for home decorating using area rugs?

    So here’s what the experts say:

    1. Get the size right – too small for the space is a definite no-no!
    2. Place your rug in a way so as to include all or part of the main furniture on the rug to delineate the space.
    3. Decide whether you want the rug to complement the room in a subtle manner or be the star of the show, then pick colours and designs accordingly.
    4. Choose fibres, colours and designs that complement your décor, work with the space and are easily maintained in accordance with your lifestyle.
    5. Select a lighter colour to make a room appear more spacious and a darker colour to create intimacy and warmth.
    6. For a rug that won’t date, choose a traditional rug for a timeless piece which works with both contemporary and traditional interior styles.

    Where can I buy rugs online?

    It doesn’t get easier than making a rug purchase using Carpet Court’s fantastic online shopping facility. It provides detailed visuals on each rug, the range of sizes, shapes and colours available in each rug and extensive information regarding the construction, origin, care and maintenance as well as warranty information.

    When it’s time to pay there is an easy checkout process and a choice of payment methods including an Afterpay option along with free delivery to your door.