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Carpet Court has a large selection of rugs to choose from - from traditional to contemporary and in neutrals tones or bold colours. Sustainable jute fibre rugs are constructed from renewable plant sources also used to make hessian and burlap. 

Carpet Court's Atrium Jute and Atrium Multi rugs are 100% jute, meaning they are durable, soft and family-friendly. 

Natural Jute Rugs
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What are jute rugs?

What are jute fibre rugs?

Sustainable jute fibre rugs are constructed from renewable plant sources also used to make hessian and burlap. The largest worldwide production of jute occurs in India with Bangladesh the second largest producer.

Carpet Court’s natural fibre rug collection includes beautiful, flat woven, 100% jute rugs and jute rugs blended with wool, cotton and/or leather for a variety of stylish looks with natural textured appeal.

Our 100% jute rugs include an incredible selection of twenty-one stunning designs in the Atrium Jute collection. Featuring a range of bold, bright colours and muted or subtle natural tones, varied patterns, diverse shapes and stylish designs, Atrium Jute are contemporary rugs designed for a luxury finish in quality natural jute fibres.

The Atrium Multi collection offer more jute rugs while others such as the highly popular Urban Flatweaves, Rustic Charm and crowd favourite Abode Diamond contain natural fibres blended with jute.

What are the benefits of jute fibre rugs?

Plant-sourced natural jute fibre rugs are renewable, biodegradable rugs which have eco-friendly appeal to the environmentally conscious home maker.

Jute rugs are inexpensive, denoting a price point significantly cheaper than 100% wool, pure cotton and rugs made from blended fibres. This means they are an affordable option for many family homes, adding interest and colour to the décor while protecting your hard floors.

Visually, a highly textured jute rug has an earthy, organic appeal which creates a casually elegant vibe in your living areas. Available in a broad selection of colours, shapes and designs, jute rugs can brighten a space or provide a natural, subtle base for other features in the room, blending seamlessly with diverse interior styles.

The natural tones of jute rugs make them perfect for placing beneath other rugs to create an on-trend, layered look.  

What are the benefits of jute fibre rugs?

What rooms would suit a jute fibre rug?

Brightly coloured designs also make a lively floor covering in children’s bedrooms and playrooms while the neutral shades with a hint of colour are perfect in casual spaces such as your kitchen, sunroom, casual meals area or family room.

Hand-woven, round jute rugs found in the Atrium Jute range introduce a softening aspect to your interior design, reducing sharp angles and defining an inviting space in which to relax.  

Imagine the super-cute Little Miss Daisy Multi or Miss Daisy Multi in the kids’ rooms or the Polo Black in your living room. Turquoise could add a splash of colour to your kitchen or dining nook while versatile Polo Bleached will work just about anywhere. 

Are jute fibre rugs durable?

Atrium Jute and Atrium Multi rugs are 100% jute, meaning they are durable, soft and family-friendly. They are also reversible, so if stubborn stains do persist, you can simply flip it over for a rug that looks brand new! The plant-based fibres have natural strength and resilience and offer a healthy option for homes with young children.

Are jute fibre rugs easy to maintain?

Caring for your jute rug is easy if you following the manufacturer’s care guide. Regular vacuuming is usually all that is needed to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating in your jute fibre rug. Take care to mop up liquid spills promptly. They should be blotted then cleaned with a dab of water and a clean cloth or soft bristle brush.