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Adding a rug to any space has a world of benefits. They add softness, colour and interest and are an affordale solution for refreshing a rooms interior style. When searching for the perfect rug, a common difficulty is understanding what type of rug best suits the space, this also includes its shape. Carpet Court provides an extensive range of rugs in different colours, materials and styles as well as different shapes to suit any space. From rectangular and circular rugs to runners for your entrance or hallway, there are so many to choose from. Explore our range of rugs today and speak with Carpet Court’s friendly and knowledgeable staff who will help you choose the perfect rug which you will love for years to come.

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How can I pick the right rug shape for my space?

The old school way of thinking was that the shape of the rug should be the same as the room. While that logic isn’t flawed and can still be applied, home stylists tend to think a little more outside the square nowadays, excuse the pun!

Not only do a range of rug shapes – square or otherwise - work in different spaces, they may even be layered to create flair, diversity and dimension in a room. Think of a rectangular rug in a neutral tone with a round, textured or patterned rug offset and overlapping, accompanying a round coffee or side table. Now that’s stylish!

What rug shapes can I choose from?

Carpet Court offer a variety of rug shapes. Of course you will always find your traditional rectangular rugs which work so well in most rooms, but there are also round, square and even star-shaped rugs to add a little quirkiness and flair to your space.

If you have a lot of sharp angles in your room, a round rug can introduce soft curves into the décor and create a gentler mood. Naturally the converse is true too. Round rugs also help to define zones and provide greater dimension in smaller spaces. You will often find a round rug beneath a cosy two-person dining setting in a contemporary unit or townhouse.

What are the most popular rug shapes for hallways?

Depending on the size, shape and length of your hallway, a runner is a popular way to define the space, set the mood and provide practical benefits too.

Hallway runners are typically long, narrow rectangular shapes. But if your hallway isn’t particularly long and narrow, a normal rectangular shaped rug can work well too. Most importantly, choose a shape which best suits the space and leaves a balanced perimeter of exposed flooring either side.

Consider the Evoke rug, available in a host of colours and patterns as well as rectangular, round and runner shapes ideal for long hallways.

What are the best rug shapes for bedrooms?Rugs

A luxurious rug is a great way to cosy-up a bedroom with hard floating floors, creating soft textures, warmth, and comfort underfoot.

Try a large square or rectangular rug placed beneath the bed and side tables extending past both on all sides. Small rectangular or round rugs either side of the bed work well too, and provide cushioning and warmth when you step out of bed, especially welcome in winter!

What rug shapes would suit a dining room?

Current rug trends are towards generous rugs that almost fill the room, leaving a stretch of flooring exposed around the entire perimeter. This is ideal for a dining room, and means the shape of the rug should reflect the shape of the room.

If you don’t want to fill the room with a rug, simply ensure the rug is large enough to accommodate all the chairs when pulled out for seating. In this case the rug can be the same shape but larger than your dining suite. If you have a round dining suite, a larger round rug is the go. If your dining suite is a typical rectangular six-seater, a larger rectangular-shaped rug will work well.

The important thing is to allow an absolute minimum of 60 centimetres of rug around the table to ensure that chair legs don’t get caught on the edges of the rug when pulled in or out.

Have some fun being creative with rug shapes, and introducing different dimensions, lines and curves into your décor.