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Wool Carpet

Wool carpets bring so much more to your home than simply being a visibly luxurious flooring solution. As a renewable resource, 100% pure, natural wool remains the preferred choice for many people when selecting a flooring product due to its longevity and style. For generations, luxurious wool carpet has stood the test of time. While innovative synthetic fibres are strong competitors in terms of performance, wool remains the most elegant, beautifully tactile, highly insulative and durable floor covering for Australian family homes.

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What are the benefits of wool fibre carpet? What are the benefits of wool fibre carpet?

100% pure wool carpet is an outstanding floor covering when it comes to supreme softness and an exceptionally luxurious feel underfoot. It is deliciously warm in winter and highly resilient while being aesthetically pleasing. Just as we choose a snuggly wool jumper to keep ourselves warm on a cold day, wool carpet is a fabulous insulator for your home, helping to keep those energy bills to a minimum.  

The natural waxy film on sheep’s wool makes it repel moisture, which is why wool carpet is ideal for family homes where spills and soiling is inevitable. Along with wool’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, the natural fatty acids found in wool inhibit static and the growth of mould and mildew. As a renewable resource wool carpet is environmentally friendly and is also a natural flame retardant.

During those early developmental years of your children’s lives, pure wool carpet is a safe, soft and comfortable floor for babies and children to commence crawling and walking on.

Are wool fibre carpets durable?

The durability of a wool fibre carpet is brought about by a number of factors.

The thin, waxy coating found naturally-occurring in sheep’s wool offers stain resistance, meaning that spills will remain on the surface for some time, rather than seeping down amongst the fibres. As this makes a wool carpet easy to clean, it is less likely to incur hard-to-shift stains which detract from the carpet’s appearance.

But a well-constructed, top quality wool carpet relies not only on the natural strength of sheep’s wool for its resilience, but on carpet pile construction which also make it difficult for spills and stains to penetrate. This is particularly true of a loop pile construction. Wool carpets manufactured with a textured loop pile have good moisture repellent properties while also providing benefits in terms of crush resistance. Cut pile wool carpets can also be good in this regard, as these carpets do not easily retain footprints or indentations and look amazing for many years.

A combination of these factors means that a pure wool carpet can withstand the daily rigours of family life and continue to provide luxurious comfort and superior performance well into the future.

Are wool carpets made from natural fibres?

It is possible to find wool blend carpets which are made from a combination of wool and synthetic fibres, but carpets made from 100% pure wool fibres are wholly natural. These carpet fibres are made from 100% sheep’s wool, which has many beautiful properties including natural warmth, softness and crush resistance along with stain and moisture repelling abilities.

What makes wool carpets ideal for all climates? What makes wool carpets ideal for all climates?

Pure wool is a highly effective insulator against cold temperatures, as well as being supremely soft and comfortable underfoot. Natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties along with fatty acids are found in sheep’s wool which inhibit the growth of mould and mildew. This means that wool carpet is not only an ideal floor covering for cold climates but a suitable product for use in humid or damp climates too.

Wool is a natural flame retardant so from a safety perspective it is ideal in family homes in both extremely hot and cold climates.

How do I care for wool carpets?

Keep your wool carpet looking fresher for longer by vacuuming weekly. In the case of spills or more serious stains, make sure you address them as quickly as possible. Try using hot water and a clean cloth in the first instance. Blot rather than rub the stain, working from the outside in to prevent the stain from spreading or the carpet from becoming worn down.

Treating wool carpets to a thorough steam clean at least once a year will also increase their longevity. Steam cleaning penetrates the carpet fibres, getting rid of dirt, bacteria and other toxins that can’t be removed with a regular vacuum to leave your floor looking almost as good as new.

Layering rugs over darker carpets can also help to minimise fading and wear and tear from foot traffic in busy areas, such as hallways and living spaces.

Placing a mat outside the home will also help to keep your carpets from collecting dirt and dust.

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