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Herringbone Flooring

Distinct in style using an eye-catching zigzag effect, herringbone flooring creates a timeless interior that is sure to be loved for many years. Originating in France and traditionally manufactured in timber pieces, the herringbone effect has now been mimicked in other flooring types including laminate flooring like Carpet Court’s Masterpieces collection. Learn more about herringbone flooring below and get a free, in-home measure and quote today.

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What is herringbone flooring?

Herringbone flooring is a distinct style of flooring which creates a zigzag, geometric effect often referred to as parquetry. The original parquet style has French origins. The word translates to ‘small compartment’ reflecting the classic placement of small rectangular tiles or pieces in right-angled rows.

Herringbone flooring can be constructed from different materials such as timber, laminate or ceramics. Historically, it has been manufactured from timber pieces which vary in colour and grain creating the unique, patterned effect. Woods such as oak, walnut, cherry and mahogany have been popular choices over the years.

Modern flooring styles see the eye-catching herringbone pattern in floating floor constructions, removing the need for the time-consuming and detailed installation process. The distinctive herringbone pattern is found in Carpet Court’s laminate flooring line in the Masterpieces collection. A beautiful design reflecting the classic herringbone look forms laminate planks which click and lock together to ‘float’ above the subfloor.

How to install herringbone flooring?

While herringbone flooring can be installed as a DIY project, it may be best left to the professionals. It requires precision and involves laying tiles or pieces directly on the subfloor in the herringbone pattern. In order to get a perfect finish, the subfloor needs to be in good condition and completely level. The herringbone pattern is then created by working from the centre of the room outwards using tape measures and chalk lines. If you intend to lay a timber floor or a tile floor with a herringbone pattern and you want a perfect finish, either engage an installer or seek detailed, step-by-step instructions before commencing installation yourself.

The simple alternative is to lay the best herringbone flooring available from Carpet Court, choosing from the range of styles and colours available in the easy-to-lay luxury laminate Masterpieces parquet floors collection.

How much to install herringbone flooring?

Our stunning Masterpieces parquet floors in a wide range of shades reflect a variety of natural woodgrains and boast a top class A6 wear and durability rating. This means they are exceptionally tough and the pricing structure reflects the premium product with exceptional wear and tear durability for lasting beauty and performance within your home.

In order to obtain an indication of what the product might cost minus installation, you can use our handy online estimator tool simply by selecting the colour of the Masterpieces flooring you like best, and selecting an approximate room size from small, medium or large. A price indicator for the parquet floors will then come up on the screen.

But to include the installation costs and obtain an exact figure it is best to contact us so we can provide you with a free, in-home measure and quote. Either click online or find your locally-owned and operated Carpet Court store using our handy store locator and call in to the showroom to discuss. Another simple way to arrange that free in-home measure and quote is to call us on 1300 CARPET.

Which direction to lay herringbone floor?

The direction the herringbone pattern runs is a matter of preference. Do you want the points to lead your eye to a certain destination, a focal point in the room? Do you want the room to appear longer, larger?  Typically, a herringbone tile floor or wood floor looks best with the points running in the longest direction of the room as you view it but there are exceptions to the rule. Your installer or tiler may take into account the best direction with regards to the cuts that need to be made and the aspect of the room along with other features. Generally speaking, in a rectangular room parquet floors laid lengthways is usually the best option for a perfect finish.

Where to find herringbone flooring?

As Australia’s largest flooring retailer with over 200 locally owned and operated stores right around the country, you can find the best herringbone flooring at your nearest Carpet Court store.

Within our Masterpieces collection there is a wide range of shades to suit a variety of home decors. Perhaps your formal dining room would look very elegant in a grey slate herringbone floor such as Espigna Grey. Or would your open plan living area lend itself to a light herringbone floor with a stunning range of shades within the woodgrain texture, such as those found in Espigna Chic or Espigna Cream?

What would suit your classic bathroom room best, a black herringbone floor or perhaps a fresh, white herringbone tile floor?

Speak with the friendly team at your local Carpet Court store to see what herringbone flooring options in different styles and colours are available to create a stylish base for your home’s interior décor.